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Avatar n tn sir,the visual acuity also is diminished.kindly help.
Avatar n tn No the lasers at a discotheque will not damage the eye. If you have floaters and watering eyes that's not the cause. If you can tear yourself away from "Saturday Night Fever" then see an ophthalmologist on Monday.
Avatar f tn I suspect you may be talking about some type of aiming or marking laser which would be very low power - sort of like a laser pointer? Anyway - I think it would be very unlikely that it could damage your eye - but again, I have absolutely no idea what the wattage, wavelength or beam size or duration of exposure. Perhaps you can do some research on those things and contact the manufacturer.
Avatar m tn I am not a doctor but I am really hoping to get some responses regarding potential eye damage when being treated with the Palomar Starlux laser for hair removal. I will try to keep this short. Today I was being treated with this Laser and was wearing goggles to protect my eye. The opthamologist assisted was lasering an area on my stomach. She asked me a question about what area I wanted to have treated.
Avatar f tn Well the photophobia is a sign of either there is a cornea damage or a viral thingie, The viral thing goes away by itself the cornea damage(ulcer) needs treatment ASAP I had a bad eye infection and have researched it deeply and that photophobia is symptom of a cornea damage, have it looked at right away.
Avatar n tn This last Saturday I got "shot" in the eye several times by a kid playing laser tag at my work. I went to a doctor Monday who found a small retinal tissue damage area and he referred me to another doctor. I went to the specialist today, (Wednesday), he told me he couldn't find anything wrong and that my symptoms must be being caused by something else.
Avatar m tn There are safety requirement for laser use. You should as the bar is a laser was used. Also, you should get your eyes checked your ophthalmologist. Dr. O.
Avatar n tn Class 2 laser product wavelength - 640-660Nm max output - 1mW complies with 21 CFR 1040.10 & 1040.
Avatar n tn mother is 77 years old.She has glaucoma on both eyes. Her right eye is almost blind.She underwent laser for both eyes recently.She said that the range of her sight became wider.According to her doctor she can"t recommend further laser because it might damage the remaining eyesight.Please advice.Thanks This discussion is related to <a href=''>Eye twitch</a>.
Avatar m tn I know this isn't exactly the same thing, but I had retinal damage that cleared up. Rather than laser, though, it was caused by a cryogenic probe used to protect my retina when the vitreous bag was being teased away from it (this is called cryoretinopexy). Anyway, it gave me a black patch in my peripheral vision that was about the size of my fist at arm's length.
Avatar m tn Is it possible that I have damaged effects of this treatment by heavy sneezing? Is eye discomfort normal after barrage laser?
Avatar m tn You used a relatively low power laser and the liklihood of damage is minimal. Even with eye protection you should never look directly at a laser. You need an opthamological evaluation. In my case the used a camera to take images of the back of the eye. The military protocol is for any soldiers involved in laser tests to have such an examination before exposure to lasers, so the image can be compared and contrasted with an image taken after laser testing.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have just come back from my yearly check up at the hospital (I have eye pressures consistently above 26 but not over 30) and my local hospital advised that they only treat over 30 and will actively monitor me for any damage/changes etc which to date I have none, visual field still fully intact and no nerve damage as yet with these pressures. Also to keep you informed my left eye is severely amblyopic so basically I use my right eye for everything!
Avatar m tn What I need to know is how many times does a person have to undergo YAG laser before it finally causes damage to the eye, more specifically the retina? My vision is constantly blurred, I see floaters, I see flashes of light, and to top it off my peripheral vision is completely gone. When people walk toward me from my left side it looks like they are walking through water. Also during surgery on my left eye, I heard my surgeon tell another doctor who was in the operating room that my iris moved.
Avatar m tn Hi, I am planing to do lasik laser eye surgery. I planed for surgery and taken appointment from doctor. But some people and my friend say this is not secure and there is chance of geting number again or you may losse you vision completely. I am confuse wat to do now. Please advice me what should I have to do.(My cylindrical power is high) please help as soon as possible.
Avatar n tn optical coherence tomography showed subretinal haemorrhage in right eye and undergone barrage laser photocoagulation in right eye. And my present vision is 6/12 in right eye i cant read most of the thing with right eye . Is there any treament.
Avatar m tn will my right eye (normal eye) gets affected due to mis match of vision ( left eye 6/12 and right eye 6/6) ? 2. why sensitivity is less in my left eye ( examples 1. I can watch sun during noon with out shrinking the lids on my left eye , 2. While chopping onions only few drops of tears are coming out after long exposure ) ?
Avatar n tn Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar n tn No such symptoms are not characteristic of laser damage to the eye, not at all. They are suggestive of dry eyes and contact lens problems.
Avatar m tn LASIK surgery can cause what ophthalmologists call "Ocular Surface Disorder" but goes by name 'dry eye syndrome". two types more severe is 'aqueous deficiency' no tears, eye feels like sandpaper and often dry mouth. Other is 'lipid deficiency" and the eyes water because tears poor quality. LASIK can cause either, mainly in females as dry eye problems much more common in women mainly post menopausal but can occur in males and young women.
Avatar m tn Is there anything else I can do? And is laser surgery for my eye sight a bad idea with this condition?
Avatar m tn my left eye was got damaged 4years ago in an accident. I had Barrage laser treatment done on right eye 1month ago.I had no problem with sight in my right it was absolute fine.but About 7 days later I noticed flickering flashes,lines,webs on the periphery of vision in Rt eye.
Avatar m tn Can a laser mouse for a computer cause permanent vision damage? I know that certain lasers can. I ask this because I recently bought a new laser mouse and looked at the bottom of the mouse because i felt something stuck when i moved my mouse. I looked at the lense where the laser is supposed to be. I have maybe looked at the lense where the laser is about 2-3 times each at different times. I did not pick up the mouse and put it directly infront of my face or eyes.
Avatar f tn that Friday had the left laser iridotomy done, and the following Friday, had the right eye done. Since then my distance vision is now roughly 20/40 right eye and 20/50 left eye. I asked the ophthalmologist why my vision worsened overall after the iridotomies and he replied he did not know. Now he is talking laser surgery because my IOPs are still not as low as they need to be.