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Avatar n tn Hi Doc, I was in a small clothes store where there was a powerful laser system throwing green and red lights.i accidentally saw directly into the laser at a very short eyes felt the pressure and now i am having blurred vision ,watery eyes and increase in floaters.Did the laser cause damage to my eyes.kindly help.
Avatar m tn My right eye is exposed to green 100mw laser ( i buy it from a toy shop...). After it, there is unclear spot in the middle of my vision ( when i try to look at something it seems to be at central point where iam looking). 1. Shall this spot dissappear ? 2. Is iy very dangerous ?
Avatar m tn You used a relatively low power laser and the liklihood of damage is minimal. Even with eye protection you should never look directly at a laser. You need an opthamological evaluation. In my case the used a camera to take images of the back of the eye. The military protocol is for any soldiers involved in laser tests to have such an examination before exposure to lasers, so the image can be compared and contrasted with an image taken after laser testing.
Avatar m tn Hi, I accidentally flashed a laser beam into my eyes about 2 years ago. The color of the beam was purple. I remember playing with it and flashing it for about 25-30 seconds on my eye. After that I could see everything, but in GREEN. I tried to rinse my eyes with water. Nothing worked and I was afraid. So after 20 mins of me shutting my eyes I could see everything normally. I visited a doctor and she said there was no problem.
Avatar m tn I want to take this opportunity to mention one related thing - unlike retail barcode scanners, laser pointers DO have the ability to cause lasting eye damage. Laser pointers have become more powerful and cheaper in the past few years, and now are common in office and educational settings. Some parents let their kids play with them But people probably don't realize that the pointers CAN cause lasting retina damage if misused.
Avatar f tn we have noticed that when he looks at objects with both eyes or his left eye then he is saying that red things are orange and that his spongebob toy has gone green. However when he covers his left eye and looks just with his right eye then his colors are normal again. Could these things be related to head injury?
10887713 tn?1456094856 I also developed a cataract, which was expected. Cataract surgery May, 2015. Yag laser Aug 2015. Have been prescribed various eye drops over these many months. Currently on Acuvail 2 x per day. STILL have CME. May end up having surgery for this....Vision slowly worsening...wavy, less intense colours, etc. But my question concerns the fact that my right eye is sore most of the time. Usually just annoying but sometimes quite uncomfortable. Anyone else have this? Anything that can help this?
Avatar n tn There are many reports and findings of damage in my eye which I am not familiar with. I have entrusted the folks who get paid the big bucks to play doctor and not wrapped myself in conducting my own research on the net. But I am not at the end of the road and I am not satisfied. Living with this pain, loosing sensation in my face, the lack of vision and the inability to judge Distance is very bothersome.
Avatar n tn If you have damage in one eye and your are not having your "good" eye examined every year by an eye MD ophthalmologist then you are indeed foolish. Where there are hopeful techniques that at some point in the future that may help (stem cell transplants, nano-technology, electronic retinas there is nothing right now that is widely available or that works for most people. Best you try you best to keep you good eye healthy and in that you are deficient. Find an eye MD at www.aao.
Avatar f tn For the last 6 months or so I have been experiencing a progressive condition with my left eye. For a background, I am a 28 year old researcher. I work extensively on microscopes (laser scanning confocal microscopy). There are 2 main issues with the left eye: 1. I feel a pain on the top of my eye, 1:00-2:00 o clock position. It seems deep seated , above and behind the eye. If i press at the point the pain seems to get better but starts again as soon as i remove the preassure.
Avatar m tn well this is a bit off topic but when i was undergoing the surgery the doctor had told me to stare into the green light, but my eye kinda relaxed to much and went off focus for a second. Could that do any damage, or not give me the greatest results? Thanks, Mario.
Avatar n tn my questions are 1. is there any cause? 2. is there any treatment to this? 3. can it cause permanent eye damage? 4. they suggested it can last anywhere from 2 - 30+ weeks - is this really true? 5. can any drugs cause this? (i was slipped a drug in my drink at the bar on friday prior or is it just coincidence?) 6. they suggested that stress can induce this - could it be my stress regarding point 5? Thank you!
Avatar n tn There are no problems with frequent dilations of the eye in terms of permanent damage, etc. 2. Some people are very sensitive to the drops, especiall light colored iris (blue, gray, green) and the drops last longer than normal. If you will tell the ophthalmologist (EyeMD) and the staff they will often be willing to use only "half dose" of dilation. (we do this in our office all the time).
Avatar m tn I just had laser done on right eye today and vision is way better than my left already. Although my left eye was buckled 6weeks ago the vision is still quite blurry. I'm hoping that soon I can get new glasses and left eye clears up at least some. So don't be afraid to tell your doctor that they CAN sedate,put you out and also use gas.
Avatar f tn Major cells were damaged during the cataract operation leading to permanent damage to my right eye. Fortunately the cataracts in my left eye are not severe and after an interval of about one year to allow both eyes to adjust and work together, cataract surgery in my left eye will enable a major improvement in my sight.
Avatar n tn After that the most common would the inherent sensitivity of fair complexion individuals with fair skin, and blue, gray or green eyes. Pigment in the eye acts much like pigment in the skin to reduce sunburn and glare problems. After that there are intrensic factors some of which are not well understood including neuro-adaptive mechamisms, the creation of different types of optical abberation in the eye.
Avatar n tn I will bet you have green or blue eyes. Dilating eye drops can definitely last 4 or more days in young people with lighter colored eyes, especially if you got the 'retina level' dilation to begin with.
Avatar m tn It all healed fairly well and the black eye went away, but then the black eye sort of came back and has stuck around. It's not really bad, but it looks like I have a large dark circle, from lack of sleep or something, under my left eye compared to virtually no circle under my right eye. I'm only 24, so you can imagine this is kind of annoying.
Avatar f tn Ok, thank you for providing me with this additional information. I'll read into it. Should I be really concerned about this? I would like it not to effect my daily life thinking about the chance of losing my eyesight. To be honest, I'm worried because it is indeed 35% - that is very high. And, glaucoma does indeed lead to damage to the eyesight.
Avatar f tn I'm hoping for this rather than another tear. And if I was unfortunate to get another tear could it be treated by laser rather than eye surgery again?
Avatar m tn Doctor thinks the burning from the numbing drops was a result of the laser docking, the laser is held in place by suction and this eye was more irritated by the docking procedure. Doctor says I should now use 2.0 dollar store readers to read for 2 weeks and then 1.0 readers after that for another 2 weeks. After that, I will be using the accommodating muscles and the Trulign hinged haptics to focus. We are expecting, and hoping for, glasses freeā€¦.
Avatar f tn and one small tear in retina during its examination, She said the retina must be protected by laser (green one) from further degeneration. First laser treatment I had in October, second in November., a couple of days ago. Left eye is hurting after this second laser treatment, I dont know why? I have also more floateres than before in both eyes. I am really afraid about the future of my eyes. My life just begins.
Avatar n tn I have a nephew who is 13 years old diagnosed with Drusen in April- pictures show crystals-losing peripheral vision in his left eye RAPIDLY-has some in right but not as much. I am sick because there is nothing anywhere about children having this?.- we have an appt in Boston the end of June for him, we are from upstate NY.
Avatar n tn It has taken months and months for gradual improvement of the blue/green issue in the treated eye. I'm pretty sure the UV caused damage that has just taken a while to heal but there is also some color effect in my untreated eye from the cataract there which gives things a slight hue that I was unaware of until getting the lens replaced with the LAL.
333672 tn?1273796389 OCT stands for optical coherence tomography and is a test that uses a laser to look at the eye. For MS, they measure the thickness of the retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL), which may correlate with general brain atrophy and progression in MS. OCT has potential to be used to track progression of MS and to be used in the dx process. I have put of some pictures of the results I got at
338416 tn?1420049302 I have scotomas in my right eye too, and those seem to be neurological and due to damage to the optic nerve and tract. The OCT thickness measurements don't seem related to the visual field defects. In fact the the eye with Optic Neuritis actually has a higher RNFL thickness than the other eye. There is one area in my left eye that is dipping into the yellow.
Avatar n tn It used to bother me really, really bad because it looks so weird, so I wear a green tricolor contract to match my real green eye and you can hardly tell the difference, And finding out that David Bowie has this from a childhood accident on the playground, so I sing " I've got David Bowie eyes" (instead of Bette David eyes" and it makes me laugh and feel better.
Avatar f tn The visual acuity of the Left eye (one with ghosts) is less than that of the right eye independent of the loss of acuity due to ghosting. My right eye is now 20/20 far, and requires +1 diopter lens for reading. The left eye is about 20/60 due partly from the ghost images, and maybe 20/40 if I squint, or otherwise look through a horizontal slit to block the ghost images. The left eye is OK with +1.25 for reading, but does not achieve the sharpness of the right eye even then.
Avatar m tn I have to go back at the beginning of February for a refraction eye test to see how short sighted I am at that time, presumably to assess for laser treatment. I did read it takes about 3 months for the eye to heal following surgery, so will just have to be patient and hope things improve.
Avatar f tn Whites in the right eye appear pure white compared to a slight yellow/green tint in the left eye. Seeing whites on a sink, a t-shirt, or the white of a cat's fur is stunning in the right eye!