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Avatar n tn Hi Doc, I was in a small clothes store where there was a powerful laser system throwing green and red lights.i accidentally saw directly into the laser at a very short eyes felt the pressure and now i am having blurred vision ,watery eyes and increase in floaters.Did the laser cause damage to my eyes.kindly help.
Avatar m tn I am not a doctor but I am really hoping to get some responses regarding potential eye damage when being treated with the Palomar Starlux laser for hair removal. I will try to keep this short. Today I was being treated with this Laser and was wearing goggles to protect my eye. The opthamologist assisted was lasering an area on my stomach. She asked me a question about what area I wanted to have treated.
Avatar f tn I was doing a laser hair removal treatment (lightsheer diode laser) the therapist told me to cover my eye with my finger but clearly it wasn't enough, she zapped my eyelid and ever since then, my eye is red and sensitive to light but I can however still see, but I have had a constant headache. Going to see a specialist but cannot help but try to look for some more information or get advice. Can this be treated? Could my vision deteriorate? Or will it heal naturally with time?
Avatar n tn No such symptoms are not characteristic of laser damage to the eye, not at all. They are suggestive of dry eyes and contact lens problems.
Avatar m tn hi, i am a nurse and am currently working in a iv laser therapy clinic, and on the course of my work there have been instances wherein i was exposed to laser light indirectly(looking from the side) but with diffuse reflections of red lasers with 5mw of energy less than a foot from the side for approximately 5 secs, infrared laser of 50mw seen from the side about 1 foot from the source for about 30 secs non-continuous about 5 secs at a time no visible laser, diffuse reflective surface(scalp), and
Avatar f tn i have this very red vein in my right eye and i stopped wearing my contacts because i felt a sharp stabbing pain in my right eye this only happens to my right eye the red vein starts from the corner of my eye and extends out is there any way that i can get rid of it and home remedies or treatments?
Avatar n tn They gave drugs and drops (stroid based) and advised of taking injection in eye after a week and said laser is futile as there are no new blood vessels in eye. Later, my father was shown in a popular eye speciality hospital in metro city. They conducted visual field and some other test( some ..tono test) and found no damage to retina.
Avatar n tn Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar m tn I want to take this opportunity to mention one related thing - unlike retail barcode scanners, laser pointers DO have the ability to cause lasting eye damage. Laser pointers have become more powerful and cheaper in the past few years, and now are common in office and educational settings. Some parents let their kids play with them But people probably don't realize that the pointers CAN cause lasting retina damage if misused.
Avatar m tn However in your case from the symptoms that you have described i.e thin, red and shiny skin, this possibility cannot be denied. But on the positive note, since you used it off and on it should be mild and reversible. I don’t suggest the use of tretinoin without a medical supervision as it may cause more harm than good. Instead, you can apply some calamine lotion at the rash as it will help in soothing the skin. If the symptoms are severe then it will be best to consult a dermatologist.
Avatar n tn (Almost like a rubber band snapping) At this point, I have not only dark lines but also red lines in the tissue of my eye. Could this be a varicose vein? On the outside lower eye, I am getting dark lines that appear to be puckering under the eye lashes...most about 1/2 inch down from my eyelashes. Plus the rim of the lower eyelid appears to be splitting. (Only on the left eye...
Avatar f tn I have high myopia ( -17 and -22 ) and wear semirigid contacts. Went to ER yesterday because my eye was all red and taking off the lense was hard because my eye was dry and lense was kind of stuck. Also there wasa yellow sort of guey stuff in the corners of the my eyes. I've used contacts for over 20 years and this never happened. The affected eye is my " good " eye which has been treated for a detached retina. I've had laser ( apparently too much ) in both eyes.
Avatar n tn More than a week ago, I got poked in the eye while playing basketball and some white part of my eye was blood red. I felt some discomfort that day, but it went away the next day. I use some eye drops to clear up the redness. After a week, It cleared up, but there's a small red blood spot on my eye. What should I about it?
Avatar m tn I do not have red patches above my eye lids. Only patches I have are those you see in the photos. I do not have dry skin conditions sometimes on my eye brows and scalp. All I was advised was that using too much cortisone can actually make the skin thinner so it should be used very lightly and cautiously. I would try with and without cortisone if you are using a combination of medicines as this will give you a better idea if it is more or less effective for you.
Avatar n tn I looked again, and the entire left side of my eye is tinted red (like eye strain). I barely touched the eye, and a spot behind my eye brow exploded. It is still trobbing. Not doing that again.
Avatar f tn Dear deedee82, I would recommend that you seek the care of an eyeMD to determine whether you have any other damage to the eye/head. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar f tn we have noticed that when he looks at objects with both eyes or his left eye then he is saying that red things are orange and that his spongebob toy has gone green. However when he covers his left eye and looks just with his right eye then his colors are normal again. Could these things be related to head injury?
Avatar n tn There are many reports and findings of damage in my eye which I am not familiar with. I have entrusted the folks who get paid the big bucks to play doctor and not wrapped myself in conducting my own research on the net. But I am not at the end of the road and I am not satisfied. Living with this pain, loosing sensation in my face, the lack of vision and the inability to judge Distance is very bothersome.
Avatar n tn If you have damage in one eye and your are not having your "good" eye examined every year by an eye MD ophthalmologist then you are indeed foolish. Where there are hopeful techniques that at some point in the future that may help (stem cell transplants, nano-technology, electronic retinas there is nothing right now that is widely available or that works for most people. Best you try you best to keep you good eye healthy and in that you are deficient. Find an eye MD at www.aao.
Avatar f tn no multiple measurements will not damage the eye. 4. Yes a hard blows, and major accidents to the eye, a fall, automobile accident, etc can cause floaters. A compressed air tank exploding could damage the eye, the puff tonometer will not. It's like comparing damage to a house from blowing out a birthday cake in it to being hit by a tornado.
Avatar n tn HEY, the problem is the lack of hydratation around you eyes. Often you will have more significant red nose with red cheeks when you come out of the shower..or when you go outside during winter it's cause by the canal under your skin who hydrate all these area is like blocked and give all to your nose and cheeks around the eyes you suffer lack of hydratation..even you eyes will be sometimes dry. So its one of these reasons, me and all of you have raccoon white style!
Avatar f tn So after seeing my eye doctor, It was scheduled for me by the eye doctors office to schedule with my cataract surgeon for further evaluation on eye issues. My eye sight in my left eye was worsening after only a few months since my last visit plus, I have also been experiencing a great amount of glare in bright lights and the sun which continue to be hard to bear. The eye doctor said I have swelling in both eyes, some scarring, and The left eye has some bleeding.
Avatar f tn I have researched everywhere regarding the topic of having a popped blood vessel in the eye. The majority of things I read say that the blood should be absorbed in a couple of days. But I don't know why my popped blood vessel is different. I have had it for over 4 years now. It really bothers me during spring, because it starts itching and pulsing. It is on the side of my eye and it's just a red patch. The vessels seem to be clumped there. How can I cure it or get rid of it?
Avatar m tn I would recommend that you seek the care of an eyeMD to make sure that internally the eyes have not suffered damage. Time will usually heal these red spots. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
471354 tn?1221065794 head pain[rating 7-10+], inflammation with fluid build up (limbs, neck, face) and lobster red skin, mottling, spasmPast 6 mo increasing spread of searring burning, parasthesiae, allodynia distribution PLUS lymph swelling (Base of skull to behind ears, neck, upper back to T1, face forehead/temple/hairline/outer cheek); with unrelenting CHRONIC Neuropathic Pain{burning/searring/stabbing/electricity/needling} to body areas & functions.
134578 tn?1546634665 I'm hoping that lots of cats have surgery near their eye without losing the eye. My white cat, Basmati (his photo is in my pictures) has suffered this past couple of years from the sun. He is an indoor-outdoor cat because he sheds like a cheap rug and there is also some spraying going on among the farm cats and I think he's one of them.
Avatar n tn It started yesterday with a jagged colorful lightning bolt in my left eye and right now it's a jagged circle. It reminds me of the eye test they do at the doctor office. No pain so I'm thankful for that. It probably is from staring at a computer screen for 8-10 hrs a day.
Avatar n tn and in my right eye! I saw colors in the shape of triangles! Blue and red and like bright light I with it! I kept trying to close my eyes to make it go away, but it kept getting brighter and bigger. Started in my upper eye and moved down the side and the bottom! I actually went into my husband and thought I was having a stroke as well. Panic set in! With my eyes open that eye felt funny and it seemed I had no side vision. It passed in around 20 minutes!
Avatar n tn I do wear contact lens. I was thinking of getting eye laser treatment done do you know if this is a good idea if you have pingueculum, would it make them more noticeable?