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Avatar f tn I suspect you may be talking about some type of aiming or marking laser which would be very low power - sort of like a laser pointer? Anyway - I think it would be very unlikely that it could damage your eye - but again, I have absolutely no idea what the wattage, wavelength or beam size or duration of exposure. Perhaps you can do some research on those things and contact the manufacturer.
Avatar n tn This last Saturday I got "shot" in the eye several times by a kid playing laser tag at my work. I went to a doctor Monday who found a small retinal tissue damage area and he referred me to another doctor. I went to the specialist today, (Wednesday), he told me he couldn't find anything wrong and that my symptoms must be being caused by something else.
Avatar n tn No such symptoms are not characteristic of laser damage to the eye, not at all. They are suggestive of dry eyes and contact lens problems.
Avatar n tn Hello Bob, the amount of light used by an ophthalmologist (Eye MD) for a comprehensive medical eye examination will not cause eye damage. Eye discomfort is a totally different matter and most people (including me when I have my eyes examned) find the lights uncomfortable at times. Some even brighter lights are used if pictures of the back of the eye are necessary. It is possible to damage the eye with lights.
Avatar n tn detached retina (the area that was pulled off had its sight pathways severed and now they must reform), laser scars or cryo (freezing) scars (the retina ophthalmologist try to place these away from the center of the eye and try not to over-lap the scars to minimize damage, blockage of the retinal artery or veins and inflammation of the optic nerve. Once the retina is re-attached recovery is generally SLOW.
Avatar n tn If I have trouble reading something I simply close my left (blurry) eye and my right eye will show it clearly. Did my eye get permanently damaged? Can this be corrected somehow?
Avatar m tn I'm about to undergo preventative laser surgery to lesion the area where the lattice degeneration has occurred. Just wishing to know whether the laser will permanently damage my vision, cause problems with night vision, blurry vision, or any other problems? What can I expect immediately after the surgery? Will it be painful?
Avatar n tn Hi, First, thank you for this very informative forum. Second, my situation is as follows. I had a vitrectomy about 1 year ago for severe floaters. The vitrectomy included a 360 degree prophylactic endolaser cerclage of about 1000 burns on on the peripheral retina in order to avoid retinal detachment. The problem is that since the operation the laser burns have been causing several very disturbing problems, including: 1.
Avatar m tn An eye pressure of 22 is not necessarily abnormal. Treatment with drops or laser will be influenced by patient age, optic nerve and visual field status, thickness of the cornea (pachymetry, since a thick cornea will give artificially high pressure measurements), race, and family history of glaucoma. I would recommend careful follow-up with your doctor, since glaucoma usually has no symptoms.
Avatar n tn I have been told I do not have any glaucoma damage, but my pressures were above the desirable range (over 22) and the drops are for prevention. About a year and a half ago I developed a dry eye condition in just the right eye. This was resolved (after trying lubricating drops for awhile) with permanent cauterization of the lower tear duct. (The plug kept coming out.) Last winter I developed a severe inflamation with bad redness in both eyes.
Avatar m tn It is only after using topical steroids for a long time that this side effect results. However in your case from the symptoms that you have described i.e thin, red and shiny skin, this possibility cannot be denied. But on the positive note, since you used it off and on it should be mild and reversible. I don’t suggest the use of tretinoin without a medical supervision as it may cause more harm than good.
Avatar m tn I also have severe dry eye and light sensativity that current doc said I had before all the problems , and the laser and surgery may have contributed to getting worse . He felt that we should stay on current regiment for now. OOps almost forgot taking meds for Occular Rosecea which he says also makes symptoms worse.
Avatar m tn Your right eye (RE) obviously sustained major trauma with blood in vitreous, injections and laser. Likely some of the damage was permanent and you might expect it not to be as strong as LE especially under stress and prolonged use. It's also possible you may have had damage to the muscles that move the eye or hold the eyelid open. Since these changes seem new I would suggest you contact your ophthalmologist to see if an office exam is needed. Good luck with your examination.
Avatar f tn I had the last laser surgery done on my left eye on May 19, 2009. Since then I have noticed that when I am in bright light or it is shining in my eyes, I see what looks like a piece of fuzz when I blink my left eye. It is only in this eye. At first I thought I actually had a piece of fuzz on my eyelash but realized this was not the case. It has continued since then and is irritating if I don't have sunglasses with me. Please advise me of what I should do or what this could be.
Avatar f tn email me @ ***@**** feels like there is something in my eye too every day i have this feeling? can steroids drops cause damage to an eye?
Avatar f tn My issues are this, is the reason I might not get my eye sight back because the time between the tear and when he fixed it caused damage to my eye? I am scared that if I my right eye develops problems and this eye's vision is reduced I will be blind. What if anything can I do to make sure my right eye stays healthy. Also once the surgery on the left is done, can my glasses be adjusted so that I can read with it. I am an accountant and I depend on my vision for my livelihood.
Avatar f tn Subsequently, right eye was operated on Mar 16, 09. Experiencing similar problems with the right eye, this time in the right corner of the eye. Also, my left eye QUIVERS - on occasion - and during these times, vision is impaired. I have discussed this numerous times with my doctor and he can only recommend having accupuncture (which I had this past Friday) with no favorable results.
Avatar m tn Central serous retinopathy is a serious problem. It does not always resolve and can require laser RX, it can settle with the retina wrinkled and cause reduced vision and distorted vision. It can in unusual cases be associated with choroidal neovascular membranes. Note I did not say it would a blinding disease, i said it could threaten your sight which it can. Also it could just as easily have been idiopathic or hisplasmic choroid neovascuarization.
Avatar n tn Dilation will not have caused permanent damage unless you have looked directly to sun or very intense strong lights like laser radiation.
Avatar n tn Dear Cats3221, I would recommend that you seek the care of an eyeMD to determine the extent of damage. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar n tn If you have damage in one eye and your are not having your "good" eye examined every year by an eye MD ophthalmologist then you are indeed foolish. Where there are hopeful techniques that at some point in the future that may help (stem cell transplants, nano-technology, electronic retinas there is nothing right now that is widely available or that works for most people. Best you try you best to keep you good eye healthy and in that you are deficient. Find an eye MD at www.aao.
Avatar n tn It was not until I saw my Myeloma Specialist at the cancer hospital here in Toronto Ontario, that she was able to tell me the eye problems were from something called Hyperviscocity Syndrome, a rare symptom of my cancer by my extremely elevated protein levels in my blood, which caused nerve damage in my eye. She did not know if it would get better. I still have the night vision problems, have been told I will most likely develop cataracts. I am so tired of wearing glasses.
Avatar n tn When I was in hypohell getting ready for RAI my eyes got so blurry i had to wear myreading glasses all the time.and I had laser eye surgery a few years back so I was kinda bummed.but now I am on cytomel and syn throid they are much better now.
Avatar n tn There are many reports and findings of damage in my eye which I am not familiar with. I have entrusted the folks who get paid the big bucks to play doctor and not wrapped myself in conducting my own research on the net. But I am not at the end of the road and I am not satisfied. Living with this pain, loosing sensation in my face, the lack of vision and the inability to judge Distance is very bothersome.
Avatar n tn I had rezoom lens right eye 4/27, left eye 5/17. June 21 right eye started bothering me with blurriness & fogginess. Went back to eye doctor Friday, June 23. He said right eye "decided to swell". Put be back on Pred Forte 4 times a day for a week, 2 times per day next week. Is this common with cataract surgery? After week of 4 drops Pred Forte per day, vision still blurry, foggy. Is this the rezoom lens doing this or is "swelling" common?
Avatar m tn Following an episode of severe eye pain in my left eye, I was prescribed Tobradex, which I took almost a week. Upon follow-up my ocular pressure in both eyes was very high (29 mmHg), but this has been brought way down (15 mmHg) with Cosopt. We don't know if the elevated pressure was a response to the steroids or predated them. The last time I had tonometry was 2003, when it was 20 mmHg. Although the pain in my left eye is gone, I periodically feel small spasms in it.
Avatar n tn She had no syptoms, this was a routine eye exam - she was not having any problems when she made the appointment. These syptoms started after the appointment, at which they discovered no problems other than she was in need of glasses for driving.
10887713 tn?1456094856 I also developed a cataract, which was expected. Cataract surgery May, 2015. Yag laser Aug 2015. Have been prescribed various eye drops over these many months. Currently on Acuvail 2 x per day. STILL have CME. May end up having surgery for this....Vision slowly worsening...wavy, less intense colours, etc. But my question concerns the fact that my right eye is sore most of the time. Usually just annoying but sometimes quite uncomfortable. Anyone else have this? Anything that can help this?
Avatar m tn However, you had no symptoms in the right eye- I would follow and and treat if symptoms occur. An inferior acute horseshoe tear has less of a chance of leading to a retinal detachment compared to a superior one. A laser to a retinal tear does not cause problems with dry eyes. I would not use the eyes (prolonged reading) for about a week. It takes about 9 to 14 days before the laser scars down the the tear. What IOL did you finally decide on for the left eye? Dr. O.