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Avatar n tn I had a laser procedure today to correct purtscher's retinopathy, or bleeding in the retinia, with abnormal blood vessels having forn=med and broke. Is there anything I should or should not do??? I was given no after care instructions, just told to come back in 6 weeks. My face hurts like a sinus infection, my eye itches like an allergic problem (I'm allergic to all "cains" and they used something with some in it) Can I take motrin?
Avatar m tn The right eye has perfect vision and the haze I am experiencing is due to the longsight in my left eye. She has suggested laser treatment in my left eye to 'tweak' it . As my eyesight is 20/20 distance could laser treatment alter this? I have paid a lot of money for surgery and do not wish to compromise my distance vision but want the reading vision promised.
Avatar n tn D., M.S.
Avatar m tn I had two Lentis M Plus lenses implanted to improve my vision. I was told I wasn't suitable for Laser correction because my cornea's were to thin. I had the first implant on May 12th 2010, in my right eye. I had the second implant on May 19th 2010, in my left eye. From the time of the transplants up untill now, I have suffered with the normal post-op conditions. In late june I also developed Cystoid Macular Oedema.
1436598 tn?1332900133 make sure you have enough money not only for the surgery but also for the aftercare. The eye drops are expensive and you will need them for quite a while. Also, assume that you will have the dog that has the complications that they warn you about. If you don't then great! But prepare for the worst.
Avatar n tn They do the operations a week apart normally, although if there are any complications they will not do the second eye until they are happy with the first one. The aftercare from OE is excellent in my experience with them. Derrick Hannan and his team have been superb. An example of this was that for a couple of days after the first op, I was experiencing light flickering in my eye. I was concerned about this and contacted OE who assured me this was normal.
Avatar m tn My intention of getting prices is for comparison of the higher and lower quotes, and to do a search of the patient reactions, at these levels. I personally have talked to people in Maine who have had similar implants by their local surgeon, and are very happy with his "work". Their per eye cost for their iol implants was considerably less expensive, than in Ct. Is there a chance of price fixing when it comes to iols?
Avatar m tn I'd also be curious to hear any comments from anyone who has the newer lenses like the Synchrony (which I heard may not be available for a high myope, around -9 worst eye) or multifocals that may be better for intermediate vision than the ones in the US (e.g. AT Lisa trifocal, FineVision, Lentis MPlus). I do most of my reading on a computer and would prefer to risk needing correction for near rather than intermediate.
Avatar m tn Before the cataract in August 2011 I had Laser PRK to correct Hyperomy (I had +1.75 in one eye and +2.25 in the other) The surgery didn't succeed and in May 2012 had to be done a second time. Second time was better BUT I got cataract because of the extensive use of Cortisone and Desametazone, so my vision was spoiled. So at the end of June 2013 I did the cataract surgery using PhysIOL Finevision trifocal lenses.
Avatar n tn I'm also going to buy some of the treats for him(I feel terribly that he's not going to be able to enjoy them for some time after this though) This was a real eye opener to me. I feel like I've failed him. After this he's getting dental care daily even if he's in a bad mood.
363682 tn?1299492962 My pain is always in the same spot, which is over to the right of my right eye above the forehead. I never had this occur until about a year and a half ago. It doesn't matter if its wine, beer or mixed drink. I do suffer with TMJ, take hydrochlorithiazide for having one high blood pressure reading and have degenerative disc disease (common). I am 52. I basically was reading these posts that caught my eye to be assured that there wasn't some underlying disease that I wasn't aware of.
Avatar n tn Jaymers-I would not recommend going back to work right away. I believe you can claim disability through your employer. Each state varies. I was alotted sick leave for the first 5 days and the additional 5 were covered under state disability benefits. Also, look into FMLA. (Google it for more information.) The first week was a struggle to stand up and getting out of bed was the worst.