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Avatar n tn I am beginning to think the problem is in my knee rather than my hip. I have a difficult time going up the stairs and much more going down. The knee feels weak when I step up and when going down, it hurts across the front of the knee. I am feeling very discouraged and like I will never be able to walk normal again. I have an appt with my OS mid March and I am going to suggest they xray my knee and perhaps try the snyvisc to see if there is any improvement in my ROM.
Avatar m tn The best way I can describe the symptoms is to ask you to imagine climbing up 30 flights of stairs and then imagine how your legs would feel. Well that is how my legs feel every day now, some days are worse than others but the pain and stiffness are always present. Let me clarify the symptoms... When I say "stiffness" I do NOT mean inflexible but rather that the muscles of my legs are **resisting** moving as if I was wearing a set of very heavy shoes.
Avatar f tn It is not a continuous pain but its like a shooting pain when I bend my leg (like in the bathroom or climbing stairs etc). I mentioned this to my Dr and she checked and said the ligaments are perfect and there is no swelling. But I want to know what this pain is if everything is perfect. I am 32 yrs old and it is getting hard for me to sit on the floor or get up. This is obviously not normal. Please let me know what care I need to take. Thanks.
Avatar n tn At first the pain was only when I walked up and down stairs and had to put all my weight on one knee but now I can hardly extend my knee without getting sharp pains on the inside of the knee. Also, not sure if this is relevant, but there is a painless bruise on the middle of my knee right below my knee cap and I have no idea where it came from. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn It is a common cause of deep knee pain and stiffness in younger women and can be associated with pain and stiffness after prolonged sitting and climbing stairs or hills. While treatment with antiinflammatory medications, ice packs, and rest can help, long-term relief is best achieved by strengthening exercises for the quadriceps muscles of the front of the thigh. I would suggest to get a workup done for the knee joint by an orthopaedician with X-ray and MRI.
Avatar n tn In addition, I have a simular pain on the knee cap of the right leg, only occationally, most prevelent when applying pressure while climbing stairs or walking up hill. I have not had any falls or trama to either location that I can recall. Topical pain relief products do not work, and Aleve dulls the pain, but does not remove the pain. Does anyone have any ideas as to diagnosis or possible relief?
Avatar n tn Unfortunately martial arts studies increases my knee pain which has become more or less constant. Climbing stairs and bending/crouching is extremely painful, and my knees grind (you can see and feel the grinding) and pop/lock constantly. I've seen my general practitioner who thinks it is patellofemoral syndrome. Physical therapy did not help and I have a stomach disorder that makes taking NSAIDs very difficult.
Avatar f tn Eventually, I noticed, oddly, that it seemed to be worse on particularly sedetary days -- I never noticed any trouble walking, climbing stairs, climbing hills, etc. But it was driving me crazy (and getting into my bed, which is high, was becoming something I did very, very carefully -- whenever I forgot and kneeled on the wrong knee, I was guaranteed to get me that shocking feeling.
Avatar f tn I began experiencing pain in my left outer knee when climbing stairs. About every other day for about a year, I was climbing up and down stairs,2 to 4 times each, equivalant to about three stories.I fell about 2 feet off a platform at work and was jarred quite a bit, it hurt for awhile then the pain went away. I now have left groin pain that radiates to the outer left knee. The groin pain is constant with a burning sensation. No problems when lifting leg straight up.
Avatar n tn Pain can be felt when climbing up the stairs, jumping, running and standing for prolonged periods. In addition, pain can be felt behind the knee cap. I've had blows to the front and side of the knees before when playing soccer. The Orthopaedic diagnosed me with having Patella Tendonosis. However, I'm seriously starting to doubt the diagnosis. Patella Tendonosis is certainly not a long term injury and does not repeatedly give aching pain for 1 yr! Any idea what it might be?
370181 tn?1428180348 Not a question, but I work as a nursing assistant on the Orthopedic/Surgical Unit of a large hospital. Many of our patients have just undergone hip and/or knee replacement surgery. I have been able to scrub in on numerous procedures and just want to put it out there that if any of you are about to undergo this surgery or are thinking about it, I am NOT a doctor, but I can answer a great many questions about the procedure and the recovery.
Avatar f tn I have minimal swelling above the knee cap but no redness, warmth or presence of a fever. The pain is worse when I am sitting, climbing or coming down stairs, and extending the knee from 90 to 180 degrees. I have major weakness in the joint when standing (almost feels like it's going to "give out" if that makes sense). In the past 3 weeks it has started "popping" when I attempt to extend it. It cracks and makes funny grinding noises.
Avatar n tn They went up the stairs, and so did this monter. Climbing/Crawling as fast as I could up the stairs, the top of my knee cap (Patella? area) of my knee got "caught" (slammed into) the curve of the next step up. It felt as though my knee cap slammed downward towards my shin/ankle area. A loud POP sounded and my knee instantly went numb and within about 6 seconds looked as though it had 3 ounces of liquid piling up in it. Within about a minute, a bruise was visible.
Avatar f tn It feels like I need to recharge my leg’s energy after every short distance of slow walking, then I can walk again another short distance. Also, when climbing stairs or even riding a bus, I need the support of my arms to push myself up ‘coz my legs are too weak. I do feel pain on the hip joints and right leg after a short-distance walk-rest-walk-rest series. And since I can’t stand on tip toe, all my body weight lies on my heels, thus the heel pain.
Avatar m tn Today however after a session on the recumbent bike I found even walking unpleasant, and climbing stairs almost impossible. I still can't go down stairs comfortably unless I am having a very good day. However I will need that ability when I get home from getting the right knee replaced. For the moment I will have to give the recumbent bike a pass.
Avatar f tn Leg muscles ache and feel heavy when I do a small amount of housework. Difficulty getting up from chair and climbing stairs, I am so tired of people thinking it is all in my head and I need to exercise more. I really hope my neurologist will give me an answer. All he has said is that I could have a rare muscle wasting disease. My comments are for those who are in limbo as to what is the matter with them. I hope they help.
Avatar n tn this can cause pain when the pressure is maximal between the patella and femur is the greatest with the load being applied to a bent knee like when climbing up and down stairs, getting up from chair or floor, squat, kneel etc. Therapeutic options include exercising your quadriceps. Other possible causes can be overuse of knees, poor form during physical activity, not warming up or cooling down or inadequate stretching.
Avatar f tn Pain in the knee and hip could be hip related. I had pains in my knee for ages, tried everything until my bone doctor took an X-ray of my hips. I was bone on bone on the right hip, with the pain "reflecting" down to the knee. Think of hitting a long pipe on one end and feel the vibrations on the other. Same thing with the hip-to-knee pain.Also had pain in the right groin which tipped the doctor off that it was the hip. The awkward gait comes from trying to compensate for the leg pain.
Avatar n tn I found this forum while searching for complications after knee surgery. I am amazed that so many people have the same problems I've had. I had bilateral knee replacement 6 yrs ago & nearly died of kidney failure shortly after the surgery. Have had continual swelling & pain with the left one - after series of cortisone shots (which didn't help), 3 rounds of physical therapy & now just had arthroscopic surgery to see what was inside...some scar tissue but nothing outstanding.
Avatar m tn I'm a 52 yo F, healthy, moderately active (nothing that would cause overuse or trauma.) I've never had knee problems before. Started after I slept on a short couch with my feet up - I might have overextended my legs. Ice and topical ointment (Blue gel w/Emu Oil, Tiger Balm) help; heat makes it worse. Not sure if Motrin or Aleve have helped - might be calming it overall but doesn't help with the intense spurts of pain.
98474 tn?1240108874 I am at that point right now. Climbing the stairs in my house is difficult. Good thing I have decent upper body strength. I have rollator and a cane. I was dx'd in February and have been on Avonex. My doctor sent me to PT and changed some of my meds. I had my 3rd PT today. She said my knee strength seems to be a bit better but my hip and ankle strength is worse. I go back to PT one more time before I see my doctor again.
Avatar m tn I have recently discovered a popping sensation in my knee (sometimes painful, other times not) that the ACL was reconstructed 14 mos. ago with an allograft. Climbing stairs has now become painful again also. I have over the last month or so started a relatively sedentary job which is significantly reducing my physical activity. Is this new pain a serious concern or could it be that my quadriceps have just become too weak again due to my recent sedentary lifestyle?
Avatar m tn its never been painful but now it feels like i am carrying a bag of fluid with me when i walk. also having problems walking and climbing stairs. what shall i do. have tried pain killers and voltarol(diclofenac) cream.. but nothing has helped. recently went to holidays in india and it became totally ok noswelling for 6 weeks but now back in london and its swollen again. my analysis if someone asks is that when i dont eat properly and stress out too much then the knee swells...
Avatar f tn A typical person has an average heart rate for the day of 110 beats per minute that increase to 150-160 with walking or climbing stairs. IST is one strong possibility and is very difficult to treat. Once reversible causes are ruled out like thyroid or adrenal problems, it is probably worth seeing a pediatric electrophysiologist to see what they think. I hope this helps and good luck.
Avatar m tn There is however, no pain when I am at rest or asleep. I have had no sleeping problems whatsoever. My muscles ache when climbing stairs but there is no loss of strength. The same is the case with my hands which ache on exertion but without loss of strength. Jogging and light jumps are also not a problem. There are however certain points on the thigh where there is sometimes some light pain. However, it is only momentary and goes away.
Avatar m tn There is however, no pain when I am at rest or asleep. I have had no sleeping problems whatsoever. My muscles ache when climbing stairs but there is no loss of strength. The same is the case with my hands which ache on exertion but without loss of strength. Jogging and light jumps are also not a problem. There are however certain points on the thigh where there is sometimes some light pain. However, it is only momentary and goes away.
Avatar n tn 16, 09 with trembling knees and tight calf muscles and started having problems with walking, climbing up (weakness) and walking down (balance) the stairs, and started walking on the toes. If I was sitting on the ground, I could not get up without using my arms and upper body. I managed to keep going with my studies until April 09 (since I assumed that all problems were related to general weakness) without realizing the severity of the problem, lost my balance and tripped a couple of times.
Avatar n tn -Muscles burn with lactic-acid type burn feeling with use or holding a position. For example, arms burn when folding laundry or holding a cell phone. Legs burn climbing stairs. -Muscles cramp, including diaphragm muscle. For example, left hand/triceps will cramp if holding a cell phone, and diaphragm will cramp when bending over. -Atrophy of right masseter and right side of face, left triceps, left wrist, below right knee, near right elbow, and glutes. -Tremor in hands. -Loss of hand dexterity.
Avatar n tn This all happens while resting. This scenario also happens in a magnified manner after climbing a short flight of stairs. This has happened after climbing stairs immediately after getting up from resting throughout my life, but never this often. When I was 13-14 yrs old the doctor performed an EKG but found nothing irregular. It has been within the last few weeks that it has worsened to a daily occurrence and happens outside of physical activity.
Avatar n tn My knees do not hurt but the crack and creak when I go up and down stairs or when I squat down. I know this isn't normal for someone my age, and I am worried about my future. Is this something I will have a lot of trouble in my older years? My mother is concerned and I guess I should be trying to find the problem. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? I do plan on questioning my doctor about it the next time I go to see him. Thanks for any help.