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963902 tn?1248362004 Good ! cycling is a form of Physiotherapy and also consult a Pysiotherapist in your area to teach you some strengthening exercises which you can slowly add while you feel good after cycling. Your surgeon can hep you find one, Take care!
Avatar m tn 3) Can I continue with sports such as cricket, cycling and swimming if I wear knee braces/supports? If yes then which kind of knee braces/support? (because I usually tend to injure my knee with the elastic knee supports more often than without it). 4) Would Yoga, magnet therapy or any kind of therapy help heal the knee joint? Thanks in anticipation...
Avatar m tn Hi, im a teenager who is in an elite cycling club. For several months my right flap inside my vagina had been throbbing and swollen. It doesn't hurt me, but it doesn't go away eitheir. I had a summer break from cycling for about two and a half weeks and even then the swelling didn't go away. Can someone please help me?
Avatar m tn I was getting up from a roll and I felt slight pain behind the patella probably due to the unnatural knee angle and all my weight being on the right knee. I've had this happen to me before, but in the past I stopped practising immediately, I rested and was fine by the next day. This time around I continued practising for another 1 hour (without significant pain though). Next day I was in the park balancing on the slackline carefully, avoiding much weight or sudden drops on the right knee.
587778 tn?1261397118 In the last two months, I began having pain on the inside of my knee that is tender to the touch. Even when I palpate the bone it hurts. My doctor sent me for an X-ray and it reveal mild osteoarthritis.
Avatar f tn if that doesnt work im supposed to just suck it up for a few years and wait till im between the ages of 18 and 21, the doctor said if im still experiencing the pain then they will preform surgery to fix the malalignment of my bones so my knee cap can glide. i feel like im too young to have these problems with my knees i dont know what to do. te pain is aking over my life and i hate it!!!!
587778 tn?1261397118 In the last two months, I began having pain on the inside of my knee that is tender to the touch. Even when I palpate the bone it hurts. My doctor sent me for an X-ray and it reveal mild osteoarthritis.
Avatar f tn I suppose my questions would be whether the bruises are from massaging too hard or if they signify damage to the knee. If it is damage, to which structures and what might I expect? I am just now gearing up for a lot of miles and don't want to keep having this pain. I took most of the month of October off to rest my knee and will lose all of my fitness if I continue to miss weeks. I know this has been a really long post -- thank you for reading it.
Avatar n tn One of My Friend has knee surgery, he is also suffering from same Problem. it really difficult to walk in pain. he had surgery in India. i must recommend you to have proper chekup. if you want i ask my friend to share details of his surgery to you.
Avatar m tn I am 16 yesterday as i was getting up from the floor i put pressure on my knee sideways and i felt a pop and then i felt a lot of pain and i couldn't straighten it but when i had it bent it didn't hurt a lot but today i woke up and i had slight pain in my knee but it feels better this has been happening for a while now but I'm not sure what is wrong.
Avatar f tn leg weakness (causes my walking to be more of a waddle) - numbness - calluses - knee problems (due to the weakness which would cause more pressure to the knees.) That's my theory but from the neuro's mind I don't have no problem even though he was the one that noticed the weakness.:( Sorry for the vent. Just had to get it out!!
Avatar f tn Doing crunches and planks won't get rid of that pesky belly fat, you will have to take up a form of aerobic exercise to burn fat. For a recovering knee injury I'd suggest either taking up swimming or even cycling.
Avatar n tn recently i have been diagnosed with condromalacia patallae.i have been sufffering from severe knee pain for the last 3-4 months.the orthopedics thought it could be a knee injury coz i used to workout daily 3-9 hrs a week.but i couldnt recall any trauma,anyways i got mri done which showed a meniscal tear and ruptured curciate.
Avatar f tn Hi. I am experiencing a noise from my knee every time I walk up stairs or hills. I've been doing some hill work lately and the noise is really starting to get to me. I don't think I had any pain or swelling (but now that I'm worried I feel it may be hurting a little. I'm not sure if this is real or perceived.). It is only in my right knee. Earlier today I felt that it was giving way but this felt minor.
Avatar n tn Do you think in any way that my knee pain/giving out could be caused from that or from something else?
Avatar m tn The outside of my left knee (the left side) clicks whenever I'm bearing weight on it and I bend it more than about 45 degrees. When I touch it, what feels like a bone just above and to the left of the kneecap pops out a little bit. My right knee (which is fine) does something similar but much more subtle and I can't feel it unless I'm actually touching it.
Avatar m tn I'm all over the show today. The one moment I am elated to heck and the next I am slithering around on the floor like a puddle of gooo.... The worse is the doubt about things I do/did and then the confidence in what I do/did, just to be dropped right down again. I am getting frustrated with my condition as well. I have come to realise that there is almost seven forums that I "fit in to" due to all of the difficulties I have. It's just driving me nuts ... bonkers ...
Avatar f tn I have long term back problems, and have had three spinal surgeries in the past. I have been left with walking difficulties and severe pain, last night I started to feel pain in my left calf, about 3 or 4 inches below my knee. The pain gradually increased through the night, keeping me awake for most of it. It eased off this morning, but is now starting to build again. About three months ago a similar thing happened, though the pain wasn't so severe, and it went away after a few hours.
Avatar m tn once i run, the knee gets warmed up n its ok, but later it starts paining, especially on inner side of knee and back. once i fold the knee, and then open leg, i have to press back of knee to straighten it up, wonder what has gone wrong?once i rest 2 days or so, it improves but recurs after every running session. what should i do?take up swimming or cycling, less susceptible to injuries?any suggestions,less going to doctor again please???
Avatar f tn When I was a freshman in highschool I had seen a Doctor about my knee problem, and was tolded that my knee caps were making new knee jionts by themselves. They had done surgery on my right knee. I was wondering what the medical name was for this type of knee problem.
Avatar m tn I forgot to mention when I stand or walk for a long period of time as well, the rest of my leg begins to ache, as well as my knee. The knee pain wasn't there in the past but it began to hurt recently.
Avatar f tn Hello. Last week I felt a pain in my right knee when walking downstairs. That happens sometimes and usually goes away the next day but this time it didn't and has been going on for over a week now. The pain is dull and not very strong. I noticed it happens when I shift more weight to the right leg- mostly when walking up and down stairs or when squatting and then standing up. It does not hurt when: I stand (even for a long time) or walk.
850029 tn?1238857820 I'm looking for suggestions. I am a personal care attendant for a young man with Autism. Actually, I do respite and he stays weekends with me every few weeks. I've known the young man and his family for 6 years. Every so often (6 months or so) the young man will seem to cycle like someone with Bipolor might. He seems to just loose all control of what he doing. I am so lucky that the kid is so well behaved that even at his worst, he actually pretty good.