Knee problems going down stairs

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1551754 tn?1294144767 I'm 28 and have mild CP. Recently I have been having problems with my knees, I'm thinking it's because of the way I walk but wondering if others have had the same problem. We live in a town house so I have to go up and down stairs several times a day. When I'm going up my knees ache and pop it's quite annoying. Going down is not as bad I just seem to have more stiffness.
Avatar m tn With constant nagging pain and swelling. And problems kneeling,squatting,bending, and just going up and down stairs. I saw another orthopedic doctor today. He suggests microfracture surgery on my knee. But that entails 6 weeks on crutches, and 3-6 months of PT afterwards. I need to think about that!
Avatar f tn now that ive lost 82 lbs, im having more knee pain than before the surgery. I would occasionally have knee pain when I was extremely overweight whenever going up & down stairs. Now that I ve lost the weight, my knees hurt more often & I have to be careful when stepping up or down stairs, or bending over to pick something up off the floor. Is this because im not working out at all? Im not physically active at all & im wodering if this knee pain is because ive lost a lot of muscle?
198727 tn?1352054382 Ill be going up the stairs and all of the sudden it feels like i spilled something on my knee. It can be either side. I will get to the top of my stairs and look down to wipe off my jeans...and there is nothing there that is wet. I have even gone as far as to pull my pants down to check to see if something has leaked out of my knee...because thats what it actually feels like...a leak in my knee? It happens 6-10 times a day now. The spasms in my face are still happening as well.
Avatar f tn I began experiencing pain in my left outer knee when climbing stairs. About every other day for about a year, I was climbing up and down stairs,2 to 4 times each, equivalant to about three stories.I fell about 2 feet off a platform at work and was jarred quite a bit, it hurt for awhile then the pain went away. I now have left groin pain that radiates to the outer left knee. The groin pain is constant with a burning sensation. No problems when lifting leg straight up.
1239564 tn?1268168890 Takes me a long time to negotiate the stairs when going down them. Sometimes feel like my leg will give way. Feel a little crunching too.
Avatar m tn I have noticed most times it occurs is when i am bending deep with my knee I.e. getting into my car, going down stairs fast, bending down to pick something off the ground. However it does not always happen when I am doing these activities. When the pain starts the only way I have seen to relief the pain is to straighten out my leg. The pain usually lasts for about 15-20 mins and then I am good. Recently I have had a few episodes that make my knee hurt for a couple days.
Avatar f tn m carrying him up and down our stairs. he is only 4 months old, but it fills like my legs are going to buckle from underneath me. they usually always hurt but more when I'm walking up and down the stairs. at night i drench my knees in icy hot. as for background i used to be a dancer and i once had water in my knees they gave me ibuprofen and I never went back to the doctor. not sure if i should go to the doctor again. just curious as to what could be causing this pain.
Avatar n tn It seems to run along the edge of the knee cap. At first the pain was only when I walked up and down stairs and had to put all my weight on one knee but now I can hardly extend my knee without getting sharp pains on the inside of the knee. Also, not sure if this is relevant, but there is a painless bruise on the middle of my knee right below my knee cap and I have no idea where it came from. Any ideas?
Avatar m tn I'm 32 and I've never had any sort of leg, knee, or joint problem. Lately I've noticed that when I plant my left foot and pivot on it to turn my body to the right, my left knee makes a popping sound. In the last few days I've noticed that I can feel something move in the same knee when I walk down stairs. It feels like it's located to the left (outside) of the center of the knee. The right knee doesn't have any issues.
497951 tn?1209829733 I have knee problems and will most likely need a knee replacement on my right knee eventually. Also, I have heard the excuse about *scar tissue.* I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right wrist in Oct. 2007, and it still bothers me and the doctor blamed it on scar tissue. I don't know. I'll be honest, I don't really know what to tell you. I have a lot of joint and muscle pain and other problems with blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.
Avatar f tn I need advice on what to do about the pain in my knee. I got into a small accident while biking last weekend. While biking along the main stretch of town, I collided with the side of a pick-up truck backing out between two buildings. He couldn't see me and I didn't see him until it was too late. Neither one of us was going very fast and there wasn't even any damage to my clothes from where I hit the pavement, so I figured the bumps and bruises were going to be the end of it.
Avatar f tn Just fell down. I didnt hurt my belly at all but scraped my knee really bad ;/ ouchh o started crying soo much nd then i started to laugh when my boyfriend was putting me bandages lol has any one fell during their pregnancy ??
Avatar f tn About 3 weeks or so ago I got up outta my chair to go upstairs and thought i was just sitting wrong because it hurt a little going up the stairs, but coming down the stairs it felt like the inside of my knee was just on fire and immediately swollen. i ended up dropping everything and almost falling down the stairs, being a mother with very limited transportation i just loaded up on tylenol and rode it out hoping i just pulled something...
Avatar f tn My knees keep popping and cracking every time i move. I cant go down stairs without them giving out on me. When i put my hand on my kneecaps they just constantly pop and its like their rubbing against bone or something. They pop so loud when i go up stairs that anyone near me can hear them cracking and popping. They dont swell they only hurt when i have to walk alot or any time i have to go up or down stairs. Which is very often? Any suggestions to might be wrong?????
1187071 tn?1279369698 m concerned with is whether it is really because of you walking in your socks on the stairs or whether there is something else going on that is causing you problems, such as possibly blood pressure problems or other issues? Are your stairs carpeted or wood?
Avatar f tn I am sorry about your knee problems. I too have knee problems which were made worse by physical therapy. The one thing I have found that helps me is a good chiropractor treating my knee. Since you are on maternity leave I suggest that you also may want to find a good chiropractor to also treat your back.
Avatar m tn Right knee tries to buckle going downstairs and it is hard to straighten the knee when going upstairs. Could this be nerve damage? I am 76 years old and have had peripheral neuropathy in both legs and feet for eight years and had a mild stroke that damaged my right side two years ago. I have no trouble walking on level ground and have resumed playing golf.
Avatar f tn The pain is worse when I am sitting, climbing or coming down stairs, and extending the knee from 90 to 180 degrees. I have major weakness in the joint when standing (almost feels like it's going to "give out" if that makes sense). In the past 3 weeks it has started "popping" when I attempt to extend it. It cracks and makes funny grinding noises. When it's popping and grinding it hurts the worst. The right knee is perfectly normal.
529142 tn?1214352259 In august 2008 I was fitted with a nerve stimulator to the main nerve right side of head, I abut due to medication neurotin 900mg 2 times a day also oxycontin 20 mgs 2 times I am woken at night with burning pain on both my knees this has accured since I had a fall in March, my left knee suddeningly started paining and giving way then swelling at the back and front of knee, going up and down stairs or bending down very painful with swelling.
4981292 tn?1381256805 I need tips on how to shave down stairs lol. Its getting harder each time and I hate it. So any one have any good tips ?
Avatar f tn A few years ago I had an un-diagnosed condition where my left knee and right elbow were so painful I could barely brush my hair or walk down stairs. At that time I also developed erythema nodosum on both of my shins and ankles. I saw several doctors but they didn't know what was going on. It went away on its own after about 2 months, but I still feel remnant pain in my knee and elbow occasionally. Now I don't know if this is related but I am having more joint issues.
Avatar m tn I'm 32 and I've never had any sort of leg, knee, or joint problem. Lately I've noticed that when I plant my left foot and pivot on it to turn my body to the right, my left knee makes a popping sound. In the last few days I've noticed that I can feel something move in the same knee when I walk down stairs. It feels like it's located to the left (outside) of the center of the knee. The right knee doesn't have any issues.
Avatar m tn Good evening/morning abhijeetvikram, Sorry I have not replied sooner after you were kind enough to reply to me. It has been six weeks now and the last two days I felt like the pain was slightly better but I cant' walk up or down stairs without going sideways lol I can't seem to put pressure on my knees at all. When I do come down the stairs sideways I get popping sounds and it feels like my knee caps are grinding away.
Avatar f tn I'm A bit worried, I fell down a flight of stairs,luckily I fell backwards but I'm still worried. What should I do ?
Avatar f tn ve had bad knees since I was 10 that mostly made it painful to walk up/down stairs and do any exercise that put a lot of weight and pressure on the knee, but I don't think this issue has anything to do with that.. just giving some knee issue history.