Knee problems while running

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Avatar n tn Do you have any instep problems?? My foot rolls out when I walk and this was giving me problems in my knee when I walked. I went to a 'propper' athletics shoe store and actually spoke to someone who knew the ins and outs of all the shoes. They fited me with a pair of joggers that counteracted my rolling out and I immediatly noticed the difference in my knee while walking.
Avatar f tn hello ty for responding to me i think i did this from running or either walking bit to fast and i havent bang my knee any where at all so i think u prob right about tendonitis but i will be going to see my dr regarding this as well.
Avatar m tn I started noticing that after running for 3 to 5 miles, I get bruises on my knee (the left knee has darker / larger bruise than the right knee). The bruises only hurt like a bruise when I press down on them. But they are not particularly painful when I walk or run the next day. I run about twice to 3 times a week. Question: Is this someting that I need to pay more attention to or is there any knee exercises that I can do? Thank you!!
Avatar f tn My knee is stiff and painful today underneath the knee cap where the pes anserine tendon inserts and to the inside of the knee cap (medially). I also have pain in the middle of the back of the knee, is especially sharp if I push into it. In terms of comfort and daily activities, I am having no trouble walking except that my knee will get a little swollen (very slight) and stiff if I walk a lot.
Avatar f tn ve learned to deal with it the best that I can. For a while I was into running, and would average about 3 miles per run without having an asthma attack. I injured my knee though and had to take about 6 months off. I'm ready to get back in to running, and I went to the track the other day to get a run in. After 1/8th of a mile I felt like I was going to die. It was like I never ran a day in my life.
1470596 tn?1286713970 I had this problem and realised thanks to my physio, that I overpronated when running. This can cause knee problems which is why I needed to buy shoes with arch support which stops the foot rolling inwards. For walking you can buy orthotic insoles but I would not recommend running with these. I use Adistar Salvations to run. A good running shop will check you for pronation before you buy. Also this might seem obvious but are you stretching before and after running.
Avatar n tn Likewise, I sometimes even find it hard to walk. It was really painful to move my left knee each morning. I don't feel the pain while I'm still sleeping and I can't even find any bruised. And my knee isn't swelling. I don't think this is normal. I need some help too.
Avatar m tn I am an active 57 yr old woman who dislocated her knee at 17 and subsequently had two surgeries on that knee due to cartilage problems. After avoid almost all sports, I took up tennis 10 years ago without any knee problems. Two years ago when I tore a tibial tendon and was told there nothing that could be done for me, I got custom orthodics, started working with a trainer to increase muscular leg strength and lost 30 lbs.
Avatar f tn It feels like my knee (the issue is not my knee) is locked and hyper extended when I walk at times. This comes and goes without much warning. The faster I work, the worst it gets and the slower my speed the easier it gets. Sometimes I can't even walk fast even if I try. I had it so worst after my first Zumba fitness prior to my diagnosis which ended me in ER.
Avatar n tn I got my knee problem initially while running as well. It doesn't mean it happened because of what you did that day, it might have been building up for awhile. I don't know why you haven't seen an orthopedist to get an MRI and see if there's a meniscus problem, which it sounds like it might be, or to see if it's just tendinitis. Hopefully, it will just require physical therapy to rehab, but I don't think at this point it's just going to go away. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I have been running 3 miles a day fro 3x a week, until recently because i have been experiencing really aching pain in my knee and if i keep running it becomes really painful like i have torn something, and sometimes my knee gives way too, if i stop running and walk the pain wears off for a while, i have had an 6-8 week rest, but it still hurts when i try to bend my knee, it pulls really tight and hurts, haven`t tried running fully yet, sometimes the knee hurts really bad , it hurts in the back
Avatar m tn 20 years ago I had my acl and cartlige repaired on my right knee while in the military. Now I have issues with my left knee. Can favoring my right knee all these years have caused these issues ? I had an MRI done and it reveals some tearing in the cartlidge and other ligaments.
16237877 tn?1446544835 About 2 years ago, I started running for the reason to get fit. But suddenly I happened to get knee pain whenever I ran or just walked. I thought that it was a sign of me doing something wrong when I run. I tried changing my shoes, but that didn't work. Finally, I had to go for a knee pain treatment at Physio Now Mississauga. The therapist there evaluated my knee. I was asked to wear a custom knee brace for a while. That helped a lot with pain.
Avatar n tn My 13 yr. old daughter has started experiencing lower stomach pains while running during PE and basketball practice. She has been unable to complete the required mile and says the pain is quite intense. She ran track last spring and was able to run more than that without any problems. She also played competive summer basketball without any problems with the running. She is 5' 7'' and weighs about 125 lbs.
Avatar f tn Not sure but I've heard round ligament pain can effect all your joints, not just your hips.
15695260 tn?1549593113 I guess I should have added, much of my posts are for others reading threads, not necessarily something that is a problem for the person posting. If the person posting isn't having a problem, I might point out to someone reading that doesn't mean it's necessarily a model for someone else. We're different. You're obviously built a lot stronger than most. You have strong willpower.
Avatar f tn It may be that you do have tendon and soft tissue problems; other problems may be bone degeneration as in osteoarthritis. Stop doing the running whilst you are unwell so as not to cause further damage. Are you wearing the correct footwear to support your feet? Wearing incorrect footwear can cause problems. Gentle exercises so as not to get stiff would be a good idea and a physiotherapist would tell you what exercises and the amount you need to do.
1308443 tn?1302693321 Hi am almost 16 (4 days away) and I've had knee problems for 2.5 years the doc told there is nothing I can do just wait it out. A year and a half ago he said it would be over by the time I was 16. I went back again in september and he told me maybe another year or so. This has become really frustrating because they seem to be getting worse. Has anyone else had this problem? How should I go about treating it?
Avatar n tn I have the same problem. I have had chronic knee problems starting in my freshman year of high school (4 years ago), when my knee cap shifted out of place almost an inch. I did 2 rounds of physical therapy which helped my knee get back into place. A few weeks later I fell on it very hard, against the side of the bath tub, and it caused me to pull my siatic nerve. My bad knee and whole leg went numb for about 2 months.
Avatar f tn However, yesterday when I was running, I suddenly started getting sharp stabbing pain only on the outside of my right knee. My knee is NOT swollen at all, I can easily bend my knee and pushing all over it causes no pain. It only stabs when I'm jogging on that leg. Today it was way worse. It's not bad when I walk, but it's over the top when I run. The hip/upper femur pain is constantly present, but worse when I sit.
Avatar f tn When I have it resting in front of me and I press on the kneecap, it seems to “rock” back and forth, while popping. The other knee does not pop and seems much more secure. The pops don’t really hurt, but it is uncomfortable. I know I have been favoring it more since it has been injured, so could that be the cause of some of the pops and pain? Will it make a difference if I see a doctor now or later, at this point? Thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn After that, running and jumping has caused much pain in my knee. I went to an athletic trainer and they told me I had tendinitis and to ice and take ibuprofen. It continues to be very painful during practice. I can feel rubbing and clicking in my knee when I walk. What is wrong with my knee? Should I still be playing basketball or will it make it worse?