Knee pain when standing up

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Avatar m tn I DO have discomfort in my chest, but only periodically, and only when staning up after sitting for quite a while. When i stand up quickly, i feel pressure in my chest and head, and my heart beats really, really hard. Not fast, but hard. It goes away after about ten seconds, but it is horribly uncomfortable when it happens. I know that I have orthostatic hypotenison. Could this be the cause of this?
Avatar f tn I am 35 weeks pregnant and I have had a lot of problems with my right knee. Yesterday when I was sitting and got up to knee suddenly unlocked and went out on me then I fell to my hands. Have anyone else experienced knee problems during pregnancy. I think it is because of my upper weight gain and my lower half can't hold it.
Avatar f tn I broke my patella about 6 years ago. Now when ever I'm standing it feels like something is crawling on the side of my knee. What do you think this could be?
Avatar f tn over the last 3 weeks I have been having alot of pain to the lateral side of my left knee. Mainly when I am standing from being in a squatted position. The pain is so bad I have to hold on to something and slowly straighten up. I can walk just fine. It hurts when I bend my calf to my thigh when I am shaving. I have been taking alot of IBU and applying ice. I finally went to see the doctor and they what to do an mri...Any suggestion?
Avatar f tn Pain in the back of knee when walking up and down steps. Also buckling and giving in while walking at times. I am a competitive gymnasts. The pain is right where you bend your knee in the back What could this be?
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Avatar m tn For the past couple of days now, I have been getting a somewhat dull headache on the right side of my head slightly above my eye. This occurs when I'm standing up and active, but when I sit down, it ceases to bother me.
Avatar f tn hi everyone. well its been four days since my surgery. yesterday i put the percs down. i am in so much pain thru this surgery. and because i took oxycontin so long i reset my brains preseption of pain. i don't get any relief from the percs even when i took two. so after fighting with my mom i choice to take nothing. i even resorted to spitting the pills out a couple of times. i was and am being stubborn. for my own good. and much to my sunrise its amazing how much pain one can truly endure.
Avatar f tn I twisted my knee and when it happen I heard and felt a pop on the inside of my knee. Also, now when I walk, I have pain and crackling on the outside, under the knee. When I am walking and I have to turn or piviot, I get a pain that runs the inside of my knee. And now I can just be standing there and my knee feels like it is really loose and feels like I hyperextended in, the knee pushes back. How ling should I wait to go to the doctor or should I continue to try and heal it myself.
Avatar f tn Since high school, after running track for 4 yrs, (7 yrs ago) I hav had knee pain. In the last couple of years it has gotten worse, radiating to my hip. It happens when I've been standing or walking too long, or if I'm cold. Could this be a trauma induced osteoarthritis?
Avatar f tn ‎Hi my name is Jedidiah. I am twenty one years old just three days ago I began to feel a pain In my left thigh it wasn't to serious and I felt it when standing up from a sitting position. Two days later once I stand up it sends a shooting pain from my buttocks down to my my knee and a bit down wards. I now feel it when sitting when lying down and when standing down which is worst. I don't have any injury around that area and I live in Nigeria.
Avatar n tn Ever since then I cannot knee on a certain part of that knee. If I do I get a sharp, burning, stinging pain that quickly subsides once off the knee. I can walk and run on it fine, and have not experienced any swelling or other problems. I cannot feel any abnormalities on the outside. The pain is on top of the knee. Even pushing on a certain area it is is sensitive. What do you think?
Avatar f tn I am unable to kneel as it feels like a massive burst of pain behind the knee into my calf muscle as if i have severly sprained it. When standing, if i transfer any weight onto my right leg, i get pain from the back of the knee right down my calf. It is a constant pain when any weight is bearing on it but if i kneel or bend the leg with weight on it, the pain is like a muscle pull and extremely painful. When walking there is no pain at all.
Avatar n tn it just seems like it happens randomly. Maybe i am standing up on it awkwardly. I guess it is possible it is a growing pain like my knees probably were as well over the last summer.
Avatar n tn I can hardly stand to bend my when I sit down..they do hurt some even when I am standing or sitting, but not as bad as when i start to sit down. I have had 2 back surgeries..the last in 2004. I have gained about 30 pounds in the last year. I have never had knee problems, and am wondering if it could be coming from my back .
Avatar f tn Hi there, I was riding a horse and my foot got caught on a panel and the horse kept going. This happened 3 days ago. It's hard to walk. I have swelling and pain on the inner side of my knee. I can bend my knee approx 45°. When I'm sitting or laying down I can straighten my leg but when I'm standing I can't seem to straighten it. My knee cap feels awkward when I try to. When I stand up from sitting i get an excruciating pain and blood rush feeling through my knee.
587778 tn?1261397118 In the last two months, I began having pain on the inside of my knee that is tender to the touch. Even when I palpate the bone it hurts. My doctor sent me for an X-ray and it reveal mild osteoarthritis.
Avatar f tn Last year all I did was swing my legs out of bed and stand up when extreme pain shot through my knee. For the next 2 weeks I was limping and the pain was pretty severe. It started 5 years ago with pain going up and down the stairs. I saw an orthopedic and he told me it was overuse. Just 5 months ago I went to see him again and he ran an MRI and an X-ray. The X-ray showed nothing and the MRI showed thinning of the cartilage.
Avatar n tn And have tried everything he has asked me too. The only thing that has worked for my knee pain that allows me to be pain free ,is pain pills, but I am afraid to ask him for them because of the immediate labeling(which even you are having as you read this) that comes from someone asking for a strong pain medication. Stay off the knee! I can’t, I have no desire to be stationary until I am dead.Limit your activities> I already do, no running, jumping, or hard impact sports.
Avatar f tn An MRI, x-ray, and Ortho visit has proven negative. When I stand I sometimes have excruciating pain. After standing still for a few minutes, the pain goes away. If I strecth, the pain is very evident. Medicines have not helped either.
Avatar n tn I have done this before with no problems when I was in High school but after standing for roughly 30 minutes I was in a lot of pain at my knee and radiating down my lower leg. I recently suffered a nasty fall of a horse and landed almost totally on my right knee. I have also been fallen on (by the horse) four times over the last 10 or so years the mpst recent one coming a week after the nasty fall.
Avatar f tn I noticed it happens when I shift more weight to the right leg- mostly when walking up and down stairs or when squatting and then standing up. It does not hurt when: I stand (even for a long time) or walk. It only hurts when bent and the pain gets worse if I am sitting with my legs bent for a long time. I can also hear/feel a quiet click sound when bending the knee. There has been no swelling, redness, heat and other signs of inflammation.
Avatar f tn it just buckles under my weight when i stand up, unlike my left leg which is functioning fine. then when i try to get up is when the tremors come, and the waves are reall short in areas of tingling up and down my leg over and over. not like ive ever felt my leg fall asleep before.