Knee pain from standing all day

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Avatar f tn hi everyone. well its been four days since my surgery. yesterday i put the percs down. i am in so much pain thru this surgery. and because i took oxycontin so long i reset my brains preseption of pain. i don't get any relief from the percs even when i took two. so after fighting with my mom i choice to take nothing. i even resorted to spitting the pills out a couple of times. i was and am being stubborn. for my own good. and much to my sunrise its amazing how much pain one can truly endure.
Avatar f tn Having lower back pain can cause your gait to be abnormal, which can cause the pain in your knee such as from tendonitis. Lower back problems can also cause pain and tingling down into the feet; I have this radiculopathy on my right side, with the occasional shooting pains down my back and right leg, and my right foot almost always hurts.
Avatar f tn ‎Hi my name is Jedidiah. I am twenty one years old just three days ago I began to feel a pain In my left thigh it wasn't to serious and I felt it when standing up from a sitting position. Two days later once I stand up it sends a shooting pain from my buttocks down to my my knee and a bit down wards. I now feel it when sitting when lying down and when standing down which is worst. I don't have any injury around that area and I live in Nigeria.
Avatar f tn Pain in the back of knee when walking up and down steps. Also buckling and giving in while walking at times. I am a competitive gymnasts. The pain is right where you bend your knee in the back What could this be?
Avatar f tn For quite some time I can be perfectly fine and suddenly this jolt shooting pain goes from ankle area to my knee (only front area). It last some 1/2 minute and goes away. Lately I am getting this session at times on my ankle and my knee. Now it is nothing that I cannot function with however there has been times were the pain if I am standing lose my balance (like my leg collapses).
Avatar f tn He did an ultrasound and drew off some more fluid and gave him another cortizone shot. The first doctor drew the fluid from under his knee and the second drew it from his knee cap. It has been several weeks now and his pain is back he still has a little swelling but now both his knees hurt. He wears a brace on both his knees now. He has trouble getting up if he has to get down on the ground for something. We are not sure what to do now because both doctors has told him all his test look fine.
Avatar n tn Osteochondritis dissecans, a torn meniscus, and synovial effusion are all frequently encountered in persons over age 40 with chronic knee pain. Rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and ankylosing spondylitis are a few rheumatologic conditions which may result in sporadic or chronic knee pain.1 When these medical entities have been eliminated as possibilities, a biomechanical causation becomes probable. How does a person develop "faulty biomechanics"?
Avatar n tn After one week, the Neurontin seems to be helping the frequency of the electric shocks that shoot from my groin to my knee, but my knee is still irritated, and will sporadically burn while resting, and when standing in one place. My concern at the moment is how debilitating can PHN get? Thank you!
Avatar f tn Yeah I have pretty bad knee, hip, and lower back pain. More than likely it's just from the extra weight from the pregnancy. I'm hoping it'll stop once I deliver, for you and me. I know how miserable it can be.
Avatar m tn I know that some times when the muscles are not all that stable it can cause the knee to shift, any where from a slight misalignment to a dislocation. It is possible that your knee is not properly aligned in the joint and is the cause of your other problems. As I said before though ask your doctor about it and get professional advice. I have had issues with my knees and some of my advice is collected from my own injuries and research but I am not an expert by any means.
Avatar f tn And now I can just be standing there and my knee feels like it is really loose and feels like I hyperextended in, the knee pushes back. How ling should I wait to go to the doctor or should I continue to try and heal it myself.
Avatar f tn I stand all day, have upper, side leg, right hip, and knee pain, all intensifys when I try to sleep. Have mild knee arthritis. Doctors say the pain is from my knee's, and the way I am standing to offset that pain. I have had cortisone shots, with mild relief, but enough to get me thru the work day. I was just diagnosed with Cystocele, partial hystoectomy was a few years ago. Was wondering it the cystocele is causing the other muscels to work harder, causing the painful legs.
Avatar f tn Now, I cut some palm branches off my palm tree yesterday at about one hour of standing and today washed and worked on my car at two hours of standing. NO knee pain whatsoever! This, after 6 months. The only caveat is the doctor said he does not want more than 23 degrees bending of the knee. Naturally, I cheat a little... The only thing I experienced, is that of a total of 13 surgeries, (hips, back, knee), the knee replacement gave a new meaning to the word "pain".
Avatar f tn over the last 3 weeks I have been having alot of pain to the lateral side of my left knee. Mainly when I am standing from being in a squatted position. The pain is so bad I have to hold on to something and slowly straighten up. I can walk just fine. It hurts when I bend my calf to my thigh when I am shaving. I have been taking alot of IBU and applying ice. I finally went to see the doctor and they what to do an mri...Any suggestion?
Avatar n tn there is no definitive test for fibro - they do tests to rule out other diseases - is the pain in your knee or on the outside of the leg at your knee or the inside of the leg near your knee and have they checked for osteoarthritis - you said behind the knee - do you mean behind the patella (knee cap) or at the back of your leg behind the knee - try to be very precise when telling the doctor where exactly the pain is coming from - i dont know much about ms but i know pain comes with it - i belie
Avatar n tn And have tried everything he has asked me too. The only thing that has worked for my knee pain that allows me to be pain free ,is pain pills, but I am afraid to ask him for them because of the immediate labeling(which even you are having as you read this) that comes from someone asking for a strong pain medication. Stay off the knee! I can’t, I have no desire to be stationary until I am dead.Limit your activities> I already do, no running, jumping, or hard impact sports.
Avatar f tn I am unable to kneel as it feels like a massive burst of pain behind the knee into my calf muscle as if i have severly sprained it. When standing, if i transfer any weight onto my right leg, i get pain from the back of the knee right down my calf. It is a constant pain when any weight is bearing on it but if i kneel or bend the leg with weight on it, the pain is like a muscle pull and extremely painful. When walking there is no pain at all.
Avatar n tn Ever since then I cannot knee on a certain part of that knee. If I do I get a sharp, burning, stinging pain that quickly subsides once off the knee. I can walk and run on it fine, and have not experienced any swelling or other problems. I cannot feel any abnormalities on the outside. The pain is on top of the knee. Even pushing on a certain area it is is sensitive. What do you think?
Avatar n tn Not until I woke up from terrible pain several hours later did I know I had done something wrong. The pain was definitely located where the clicking/popping seems to be most prominent, the outside lateral posterior of the knee. The pain slowly subsided until Saturday when it was gone, but the instability I experienced prior to the re-injury returned. I have had medical attention on it. I had an MRI on it just last Friday morning. The MRI only found a strained patellar tendon.
3147730 tn?1343154021 Avoid prolonged standing. All these will help reduce the pain and you can manage on the medications prescribed by your doctor. Take care!
Avatar m tn If I sit on a chair for a few minutes, then attempt to move my right knee, or stand up, I will experience excruciating pain all along my joint. It's mostly under my kneecap. My left knee is perfectly fine. The thing is, though, that it isn't because of long periods of inactivity. If I wake up in the morning and sit on a chair for only a few minutes, the pain will be just as bad as it would be during the rest of the day.
Avatar m tn However, I have had chronic pain of the right knee, buckling of the knee (for no apparent reason), with occasional numbness occuring from the knee or thigh down.