Knee pain from standing all day

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Avatar f tn Hi Nora, I saw your other post where you said the top of your feet hurt and you are standing for long periods during the day? I'm not a doctor, but maybe the standing is causing all of your problems? Standing is worse than walking around. Maybe some supports in your shoes would help? Might be a low back issue, too. A disc issue in your low back from standing all the time might cause the knee and foot pain - I don't know. Keep after you pcp to help you figure it out and get you some relief.
1400304 tn?1280736690 Hi and thanks for using the forum. Your knee pain is most likely from standing on your feet all day. Long episodes of standing can put pressure on your knees, hips, ankles and feet. Make sure that you are wearing comfortable, supportive shoes. I know some hairdressers/barbers that have a cushiony mat that they stand on behind their barber chair so that it absorbs some of the pressure on your legs.
Avatar n tn unless i do it for an extended period of time(2 miles or so), then it will get pretty severe and will continue to ache for the rest of the day, including when i am putting no stress on it at all. I just moved and since i just got discharged have no insurance and my discharge papers have not arrived with the rest of my stuff yet so i cant go to a VA hospital, any advice would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn He did an ultrasound and drew off some more fluid and gave him another cortizone shot. The first doctor drew the fluid from under his knee and the second drew it from his knee cap. It has been several weeks now and his pain is back he still has a little swelling but now both his knees hurt. He wears a brace on both his knees now. He has trouble getting up if he has to get down on the ground for something. We are not sure what to do now because both doctors has told him all his test look fine.
Avatar n tn Once I was able to start walking again I noticed immediately I had pain in the front of my joint while standing (behind the patellar tendon). My leg couldn't, and still can't go as strait as my good leg. Its range is ~3-5 degrees short of my right leg, and when I reach that limit I feel a terrible pinching/compression pain. I define my pain as being essentially only when I try to stand with my leg strait.
Avatar m tn I know that some times when the muscles are not all that stable it can cause the knee to shift, any where from a slight misalignment to a dislocation. It is possible that your knee is not properly aligned in the joint and is the cause of your other problems. As I said before though ask your doctor about it and get professional advice. I have had issues with my knees and some of my advice is collected from my own injuries and research but I am not an expert by any means.
1308443 tn?1302696921 But you can't stop walking from class to class. For a few tips, stay hydrated, stretch atleast once a day (suppose to do it twice) and keep your muscle strong.
Avatar f tn Then i started having pain in my right knee which felt the same way as my left knee when the pain started, it turned out to be that i also developed a plica in that knee to and tore something i forgot what it was called, and my recent surgery was in november and i tore the same thing from before, i dont remember the name of it, i know it started with an L though.
Avatar f tn and because i took oxycontin so long i reset my brains preseption of pain. i don't get any relief from the percs even when i took two. so after fighting with my mom i choice to take nothing. i even resorted to spitting the pills out a couple of times. i was and am being stubborn. for my own good. and much to my sunrise its amazing how much pain one can truly endure. and this morning i walked all by myself to bathroom. no walker no crutches.
Avatar f tn I have knee pain in general as well since I'm standing at work all day. I plan on going back to the docs this week. My question is has anyone experienced this and what are possible injuries/conditions causing this.(so far, I'm thinking another meniscus tear.
Avatar m tn If I sit on a chair for a few minutes, then attempt to move my right knee, or stand up, I will experience excruciating pain all along my joint. It's mostly under my kneecap. My left knee is perfectly fine. The thing is, though, that it isn't because of long periods of inactivity. If I wake up in the morning and sit on a chair for only a few minutes, the pain will be just as bad as it would be during the rest of the day.
Avatar n tn And have tried everything he has asked me too. The only thing that has worked for my knee pain that allows me to be pain free ,is pain pills, but I am afraid to ask him for them because of the immediate labeling(which even you are having as you read this) that comes from someone asking for a strong pain medication. Stay off the knee! I can’t, I have no desire to be stationary until I am dead.Limit your activities> I already do, no running, jumping, or hard impact sports.
2086555 tn?1332514156 Trying to determine what is causing me to have such severe pain in both knees that whenever I kneel onto ANY surface it feels like I've either been hit with a baseball bat or swords have been shoved into my knees? It's all I can do to stop myself from screaming. It's so debilitating that I can't garden, pray, fall or pick anything up.
186737 tn?1269888260 What can possibly be causing the problem with my legs, considering the results of the tests that I mentioned above. Also, are there any tests that would be good to run before the myelogram or if the myelogram doesn’t show a reason for the problem either? Can you tell me what can be causing the pain?
Avatar n tn I hate pain meds...but now just take them for sleep...I deal with the pain all day. My big issue is the shower takes me so long to get in--I actually in with my brace on then take it off before my little daughter puts the shower on. My leg starts to turn purple (poor circulation i suppose) and I'm panicked the whole time...because I already fell once 7 days post surgery trying to shower. I suppose it will get better. I don't know if I should be using ice still.
Avatar f tn Eventually this went on long enough for me to investigate it in the light of day and poke and prod all over my knee cap, finding nothing. Then I noticed it acting up when I would kneel in church if I put my weight on it. Finally it took my full attention when I was kneeling on a hard floor at work to open up my bottom file cabinet. A sharp, intense pain shot up the right side of my knee cap and it about knocked me over.
Avatar n tn If I EVER find an answer for it I promise to post it all over the web because, as much as I have searched for the cause, all I have EVER found on the internet are questions from those made desperate by their pain and the lives that are passing them by. NEVER ANSWERS!!!!
Avatar n tn I was sore when I went to bed but I thought it was because I had overdone my exercising earlier that day. I could not bend my knees at all and standing/walking sent the must excruciating pain through my knees. Went to ER and was told that I had an advanced stage of Osteoarthritis. Always ignored the mild knee pain for years because I only noticed it after working out and assumed it was from that...
Avatar m tn Also, the left knee pops about 40 times a day when i am standing. So my questions are 1. Why does only one knee pop? 2. What does all this popping mean?
Avatar n tn Osteochondritis dissecans, a torn meniscus, and synovial effusion are all frequently encountered in persons over age 40 with chronic knee pain. Rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and ankylosing spondylitis are a few rheumatologic conditions which may result in sporadic or chronic knee pain.1 When these medical entities have been eliminated as possibilities, a biomechanical causation becomes probable. How does a person develop "faulty biomechanics"?
Avatar m tn I am not able to partake in any of my favorite activities, I am uncomfortable all day, every day at work, I have trouble sleeping, and I am out of ideas.. Thank you for any help!
Avatar n tn Do you have access to a gym? Or is this for at home exercises without any equipment?
Avatar f tn Well as the summer progressed I was still having problems so I called the physical therapist in my hometown to see if there were any physical therapeutic exercises I could do and he told me some. But first of all he asked me what did I do to my knee so I was trying to explain to him what happened and he told me that it takes a couple months for a sprained knee to heal. Well it's been four months already and it still bothers me when I do strenuous activities.
645390 tn?1338558977 Don't forget to give yourself a moment to say the reality either. It isn't fair, it's not fun, and it is very very hard to stay positive in the midst of pain and sickness. Allow yourself to feel those emotions (you're allowed), but then take a deep breath and keep moving forward. Look in your little boys eyes and remember how much you love him and how much joy he brings you. Give your husband a hug, and feel the warmth that he brings your heart. You can do it!
Avatar m tn If you want any information about knee replacement just ask! I had both replaced by one of the top doctors. His name is Alfred Tria.
Avatar n tn I have had three knee surgerys in the last nine months and still can't function normally. all of the pain and swelling that everyone has describe is my situation to a T. My hands are tied because mines a workmans comp case and of course all their concerned about is getting me back to work and all i want is to be able to walk and be out of pain and take care of my daughter. I can only bend to a painful 90 degree and this is after three surgeries. I just had my third one on jan.
Avatar f tn Well, the joke was on me when I went to see the new pain management doctor on New Years Eve. Here I was thinking that it would be a doctor who would help me. NO. Not even a slight chance! We had our initial conversation in his office. Where I explained what happened and he immediately said "i can tell you now that I will not prescribe your medication" he then said "come in the exam room" This doctor barely examined me.
Avatar f tn The other day while standing still, I suddenly turned my right knee to run away from a bee. As soon as I did this, I felt lot's of pain in my knee. I have no swelling, but do have pain when walking and when going downhill or downstairs. It seems now that my leg is a tiny bit unstable. Or maybe I am just very afraid to twist it again? Either way, I am having trouble walking and keeping balance, seeing that my knee hurts. AND...I keep injuring it over and over.
Avatar m tn I am 22 years old and I have participated in sports most of my life, I was overweight(30-60lbs) from 18-20 years old, I had knee surgery on my left knee to repair my miniscus when I was 17 and follow up up with as much rehab as I could afford(roughly 3 months).
Avatar n tn Within a week of a new weakness starting, I would start to have joint pain in the muscle normally supported by those muscles, because of the increased wobbliness causing unnatural pressures and grinding within the joint. I now use soft knee braces every day to prevent this pain. 6. Muscle atrophy: this is less obvious than it otherwise might be, because it's the same on both sides (meaning, I no longer have a normal comparison).