Knee pain going to shin

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Avatar f tn I have pain in my left shin. It starts just below my knee and goes down to about 4 inches above my ankle. I have the pain when I'm sitting and sleeping. It can be bad enough to wake me at night. It's not a muscle pain but feels like it's the bone itself that hurts. I only have it in my left leg. I don't have the pain during the day while I'm working or walking only while sitting or sleeping. I do spend time on my feet at work but less than I used to.
Avatar n tn If I will do yoga in the morning then whole day I will get shin pain and knee pain also,mostly below the knee and side of the knee cap.I have a swelling from last 1 year below my knee cap and above the tibia.It is not growing but as usual the with the same size.And the shin area ,mostly side of the tibia area is sore to touch,if by mistake i will bang that area the I will get severe pain .
Avatar n tn My sister had a petela and ligament reconstruction, plsu numerous other things done because of tears etc. found after going into the knee. Less than one week after surgery and after going to Physical therapy twice she started having a burning sensation on the shin below the knee that was operated on.
Avatar n tn I need relief from horrible pain in my knee from the Synvisc shot? The pain is thruout my leg but mainly my shin, hurts worse than shin splits. Any advice?
Avatar f tn ve now also started getting pain with walking in that shin (have always had problems palpating that shin and causing pain, now it hurts even just to walk). Should I get this checked out again, or is this fairly normal for a blow to the knee? Sorry so long, but I wanted to make sure the details were clear!!!
Avatar f tn Good Afternoon to all, I am wondering does any one get hip,leg, shin and knee pain during the nite? I get this and it wakes me, and I have to keep turning over all nite to relieve the pressure. During the day the pain in my leg from the knee down on the outside of my knee and shin is painful which causes me to limp alot...going up stairs is very painful.This is only in my left leg...a couple of months ago I had stabbing pains in my right shin which for some strange reason has gone away .
Avatar f tn Was hopping this was going to make it better,but actually it has made it worse.Am in more constant pain then before the replacement,but guess I need to give it more time.
Avatar m tn Around this time, I started feeling a sharp pain in the anterior and lateral part of my right shin ONLY when my right knee is in flexion (approx 100 degrees into the flexion). Also, this pain becomes more pronounced if during flexion, I point my toes straight forward, rather than at a small outward angle. This pain originates just below the knee and goes as far as my ankle on certain occasions.
Avatar f tn I landed on my right knee/shin although my shin took most of the fall. Instantly the area went numb, two days later I went to a and e to get it checked and they said that it would take weeks for the feeling to come back and bruising to go. Initially it only jury if poked :) Today I have been experiencing a seering pain within the shin when my leg is bent like when sitting anxieties only relieved by walking or lifting the leg straight.
Avatar n tn ask your Dr. to do a bone scan. this will show them what is wrong with your knee. I learned the hard way.
Avatar n tn I really want to get back out there as soon as possible. Whenever i try to run the pain turns in to like a ring around the entire part of the shin. I dont think its a stress fracture.. any ideas.. anyone been through some thing like this?
Avatar f tn t done anything (knowingly) to injure it. The pain is below my knee cap where it meets the shin bone. It only hurts when in motion...walking or using stairs, or anytime I have my weight on it. I have to limp because the pain hurts so much. Some days are worse than others; some times there is very little pain. When sitting down there is no pain, and I can move my leg around with no pain while sitting. My knee pops occasionally but nothing new.
Avatar f tn However, if the pain is over the upper area of tibial shin, then we have to rule out minor stress fracture or shin contusion(inflamation) Hope you are able to decide where lies the problem? Best treatment is some anti-inflamatory medicines and rest.
Avatar m tn I suffer with severe pain from knee down to my foot, on the inside of my shin. It is very knotty as you run your finger up both my shins. The pain is 24/7, and i can only stand for short periods. If I crouch down then the pain is worse and causes pins and needles. Do you have any idea of what this may be?
Avatar f tn Pain and swelling after cortisone shot can be due to infection or due to bursitis. Apply ice, rest your leg, take pain killer if you have been prescribed one and call your doctor immediately. This needs urgent investigation if it has persisted beyond 24-48 hours. Hope this helps. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar f tn Now if i have a really long day with alot of standing or walking my shin will start to ache really bad and the pain radiates up to my knee. The other day i was walking and it felt like i was being stabed in my shin and it made me lip bad every time i took a step but then it complety went away after afew steps. I was woundering if this could be a musle problem or more of a bone problem?
Avatar n tn I have been left with irreversible nerve damage on my shin, and calf and fluid around my knee. I am unable to kneel and have a haematoma in my calf that still causes pain if touched. Oh and my left leg is 3cm thicker than my right leg now just due to all the damage. Turns out I hadn't damaged any muscle but the fat that protects your muscle was all torn and crushed. Im grateful I still have my leg!
Avatar n tn It's hard to say what caused the original condition or injury. (New or improperly fitted shoes, an activity you weren't used to, etc.) However, it is not uncommon for pain in one joint to lead to pain in other joints and adjacent soft tissues. When you have pain in your foot, for example, the nearby muscles and tendons tense up in an unconscious effort to "protect" the affected joint (or joints - the foot has dozens). It's no mystery, then, why that area of your shin.
Avatar m tn s never my left knee, shin or my right hand etc. The nerve pagthway that transmits pain center info data to my left foot has been damaged by MS.
Avatar n tn If it is just slight swelling and little redness it might be due to your ligament, tendon problem. You have to go for an examination to come to a diagnosis. Take intermittent anti inflammatory drugs till you go to your orthopaedician. Take care!
Avatar f tn s been like a month maybe more and now not only is it hips and knees i have sensation of pain all through my legs especially down by my shin area and ancle and my knee pain went from hurting when i bend it to aching when it wants and cracking ones in awhile i don't no for sure but i think my shin area in some spots is sore but yeah my legs ache to i hope it's scatica becuase i just had a full blood and urine test and everything was negetive so i hope arthrtis or nerve but i don't no.
Avatar f tn Icing is usually helpful with pain, but it is difficult to ice the knee without special equipment. You may be able to find an icepack fit to the knee at your pharmacy or chemist. And resting the knee includes elevation, but not full extension, so keep a little bend in the knee by placing a pillow underneath. Best wishes.
Avatar f tn Just below the knee of my left leg I get severe pain that causes me to almost have it go out from under me. It comes and goes, but lately its more often. It does not involve the joint itself, it is the very top of thelower leg on the front. It is not swollen,noris it red. I have fallen on the ice a couple years ago striking that leg on the edge of a porch step in that area. I am 150 pounds over weight which I am sure aggrivates it.
Avatar f tn About three months ago, i got into a collision in soccer and smashed into another girl. Her knee slammed into my shin bone just below my knee. The pain was horrible but i figured it was just a bruise and it should be gone in a week. After about a week, my shin was still slightly discolored and i had started to loose feeling in the top layer of skin in that area. About a week after that, a huge lump had formed and it became extremely sensitive.