Knee pain when going down steps

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Avatar f tn So im 17 weeks and last night I fell down the steps on my bottom. I didn't hit my tummy or my head. Just slipped an fell on my bottom pretty hard about 4 or 5 steps. There's no bleeding or any different changes besides my butt bone is so so sore and hurts. I have a doctor appt Wednesday so I didn't call. I'm not too concerned about the baby being hurt. I feel like everything is fine. Has anyone else expierenced this during there pregnancy an they were OK after?
Avatar f tn Coming down the stairs Saturday his knee gave way and he fell the last couple of steps down the stairs, this is worrying him. If I understand you correctly my husband knee could have arthritis in it and his x-ray and MRI would not show anything. Then how can they diagnose this condition? What questions should we ask the doctor? I look forward to your answers.
Avatar n tn the pain is the worst when doing steps up and down or just daily walking..gets very irriatated in upper rear calves in both legs..if i were to trip over the smallest thing and my legs were to bend back to a certain point the pain is horrible..also have a feeling of fullness,pressure in the knee area..while im at work in the morning and on my feet pain is more noticalbe in rear leg upper calf area..i think i might have did this at a local gym a year ago...
Avatar n tn GREAT advice. Going to an Orthospinology Chiropractor can help, too, especially coupled with your advice.
Avatar f tn I am fine walking around the house for a few minutes but than have to sit down as it feels like the knee is going to give out. When I get up from a chair it feels like I have something pulling in my knee and it has pain. I dont know what to do, I am unsure if I tore my meniscus again or If I am just bruised. I dont know if I should go have an xray or give it more time to see if it gets better. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should do?
Avatar f tn I jus noticed it getting painful over the course of a few days. I stopped exercise all together. I have some knee pain in a few different places around the kneecap and ITB and and uncomfortable "catching" sensation with every bend. I've went to 2 different doctors and had MRI and xray. MRI showed no damage but "just a little ganglion cyst in the joint 4mm". The first doctor just said it's just jumper's knee and rest with no brace needed.
Avatar m tn I still limp, although after the first 10 steps, once the leg moves a bit, I do better. Most of the pain is in the knee, the leg still swells at the actual fracture site, but the knee is the major pain area. How long should I expect this to continue? I was a very active person before this accident, walked a few miles a day, and now I feel like a slug! The pain has changed me, and I hate taking the narcotics...Please...any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn 2 weeks ago the left side of my left leg began hurting very bad, it feels numb and heavy. it often gets weak when i stand and go up or down steps. It hurts to sit for any amount of time, walking does help and it doesn't hurt but is always numb.. from my upper hip all the way down my leg but not to my foot and my knee feels tight and heavy. I thought it started with a bout of sciatica.. is this possible?
Avatar m tn Im having really bad sharp constant pain in my right hip shooting all the way down my leg.For about a year iv had pain in my hips to about the knee area on both sides.mostly the right.i would have a hard time sleeping on either side and its tender to touch like a bruise.i already go to pain clinic for neck pain so im on methadone and recently had a shot in hip for pain and sweeling that didnt work plus im waiting on x-ray of hip.
Avatar f tn I had a road accident in June 2008 and gradually have had tingling in my legs and sometimes arms, with pain in my right hip sometimes so bad I cannot walk, feels like a screw driver digging into my hip. The pain is now going down my leg around the right side of knee, feels very tight. When this happens I just have to rest then it gets better. worse for walking and sitting and exercise, better for rest and warmth. Sometimes my knee locks up and my right hand goes dead as well.
Avatar f tn Knee pain could be mechanical, your posture when doing these exercises could be leaving your knees damaged? You may need to have your balanced runners checked, maybe add some feet supports to correct the knee angles etc. It fixed my issue somewhat.
Avatar f tn About 2 weeks ago I notice my left knee just start shaking while walking and standing.. The pain is horrible within mins l it starts..going down the steps makes it worse and sometimes feels like my knee is going to go out on me.. I had 2 scopes in both knees and 2 acl tears with screws in my knees..
Avatar f tn So Tuesday afternoon I was in school and I was walking down these steps (only 4-5 steps) I missed the step and fell, I stood up all I had was a scrapped knee. The next day I get this random sharp pain on my left side where the top of your thigh is but to the side. That was wensday I felt it, Thursday I was fine but I food poisoning and passed gas but today I can't since I'm at school. Any advice what it could be? I think it's built up gas from today or I have have pulled something.
Avatar m tn ve noticed that when I plant my left foot and pivot on it to turn my body to the right, my left knee makes a popping sound. In the last few days I've noticed that I can feel something move in the same knee when I walk down stairs. It feels like it's located to the left (outside) of the center of the knee. The right knee doesn't have any issues. There is no pain involved but I'm wondering if I should be taking some sort of action (glucosamine?) to prevent a future problem.
Avatar n tn Hi there It's great that you can lift your arm - keep working on it :) Regarding your knee & that pain - I can really relate, except mine's the left one, so between us we have 1 good pair, LOL. As you mention your knee is really weak, do you also have any tightness/shortening of the calf muscle? I ask because there are a couple of reasons I get a sore knee. 1. Due to tight calf muscle - stretching it out frequently for a few minutes at a time really helps 2.
1396846 tn?1332459510 Yeah I have nerve pain all the time, it is just my leg only feels like it is going to snap when I really over do it. My hip it has its moments but with all of it together with no apparent cause makes me wonder if it is a flare. I can't use heat, heat makes me soooo much worse. Cold usually helps for me but we will see what tomorrow brings.
Avatar m tn i started to get a jolting sharp pain on my left knee i think coming from the knee cap or around the sides of the knee cap. it went away the next day but came back again few days later...... it seems to come when i just walk on the knee not every step but a certain pressure of my steps. Someone please help dancing is my Job and before i dish out money to a doctor i would like to try to understand what im dealing with. PLEASE HELP!
3147730 tn?1343154021 Or you just want pain medication, but that is not really going to solve the issue of your knee.
Avatar f tn Thank you for your reply to when will I walk again: My defect was on my bone under the kneecap. My doctor said that it was a hole the size of the end of his pinkie finger..he is an average size. I faithfully used the CPM for three weeks postop for six hours a day and put no weight on my knee for six weeks. During that time, I used a scooter to get around my house, then I began crutches continuously.
Avatar m tn Sometimes when I walk down steps or when hiking and change from downhill to flat or flat to uphill, during the first few steps I sometimes feel in my left knee something like it is being hyper extended. It doesn't hurt and there is no swelling or inflammation. It's just real annoying - and something I very much want to avoid. Sort of like how you hate to hit the funny bone in your elbow or accidentally crack your knuckles.
Avatar n tn Left groin,hip,thigh,knee pain. The pain seems to go all the way down to my knee. When I try to get up from sitting down and the first few steps I get the sharp pain. After several tests, I have just been told I need a hip replacement. The doctor told me that groin pain is common with hip problems.
Avatar n tn s gotten gradually worse in my left knee to the point that I cannot straighten my knee for the first two days of my period and going up and down steps is difficult. Then it abruptly goes back to normal. My periods are also extremely heavy on days 2 and 3 with some clotting. I've also noticed some discomfort and pressure on my right side above my hip bone and what feels like a lump of tissue right above my hip bone. It's not painful, but it's uncomfortable.
3055148 tn?1368211800 I still went up & down the stairs & I had stitches . I had a 9 pound baby. But you should just get some rest & not go up them to quick if you need to go up them.
Avatar n tn I had my knee partiallly replaced on the inside of knee. Was in a lot of pain in bursa sac area and along incision. My ortho tried 3 injections and the nerve continued to intensely burn, twirl and I felt like something cold was running down the inside of my calf. I felt this 24-7. 1 month ago the Dr. reopened the incision and clipped the nerve. I am now experiencing not as intense burning but like their are more nerves being hot. Will this go away.?
Avatar f tn I have been running more often, and longer then I used to and in last couple of days I have pain in my right hip. This morning I experienced clicking knee but I went for a run anyway . And it stopped for some time. I am wandering am I doing something wrong? I am looking forward to continue with my running habit, but should I slow down or pause after some time while running? I mean I don't run that long.
Avatar m tn I have chronic post op knee pain and swelling after 4 reconstructive surgeries. I am a machinist and must go up and down steps into and out of a large machine all day. I am seeing a pain management physician and have tried nerve stimulator, pain patchs and percoset. Currently I am using the knee patches but feel like the long term use of percoset is causing me to have other health problems, i.e. ?liver damage, erectile dysfunction, etc.
Avatar n tn Hey, this is kind of a small question, but I am really curious about it. Every now and then (maybe every other week), I will stand up and my right knee will feel like it is about to pop. It hurts pretty bad. It is the same tension/pressure feeling when you crack your knuckles, but without the resolve at the end. I'd say the pain is near the lower right part of my knee.
377012 tn?1283965435 okay so this morning DH,DS, and i were on our way out to wal-mart and as i was coming off the steps i slid and caught my heels on the steps and i went rolling down the steps and hit my son's tonka truck and it flipped up and hit me in the neck(but that just left a blood blister) my concern is my leg! i hit my knee and shin pretty hard! my knee and shin both are swelled and bruised badly and my foot and the lower part of my leg keeps tingling and sometimes goes numb for a few minutes!