Knee pain when going downhill

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Avatar m tn Hello, I have left outer knee pain when I try to pistol at about 45 degree squat and push weight and stretch knee outer side by crossing right knee. Pain is worsening when walking downhill. Its about three years. What the injury should be?
Avatar m tn If the pain comes on bending the knee as in walking step or running downhill or down a flight of stairs, then it could be due to Patellofemoral syndrome or runners knee. This happens due to mal-alignment of the knee cap on bending the knee (and hence any imaging study has to be taken with the knee bent), injury to the knee (you may have sustained it in past), flat feet, over tight or over lax muscles around the knee joint. All these aspects will have to be investigated by your doctor.
Avatar f tn When sitting, sometimes my knee area aches and I have to extend it and put it up on a chair. But it is much better when sitting down. I have no pain from the hip down to the knee. It is the knee and the anterior part of my lower leg. Also I feel tingling in the heel of my foot. I do not have cold or blue toes...either... When I had my herniated disc L5/S1, the pain was sciatic and went down the whole BACK side of my leg.
Avatar m tn Most of the time when I am walking around it feels like normal, however there are times that I feel excruiating pain in and around the knee. I have noticed most times it occurs is when i am bending deep with my knee I.e. getting into my car, going down stairs fast, bending down to pick something off the ground. However it does not always happen when I am doing these activities. When the pain starts the only way I have seen to relief the pain is to straighten out my leg.
Avatar f tn All I want to know is if my knees are healthy then why do my knees constantly hurt (I mean 24/7). I had an MRI done a few weeks ago when my knee pain got out of control but that also came out "normal." The only thing doctors (3) were able to identify was that I screamed with pain when they pressed the interior side of my knees (the part where they touch when I stand with my legs together, sorry I don't know the medical term for that particular part).
Avatar n tn Numbness of my left arm, twitching in neck, muscular twitches in lower legs, throbbing knee pain with a pulling in my left hip., changes in vision, numbness in head and face and one occasion of numbness in my tongue, persistant diarrhea for more than three days at a time at least twice a month. My stomach also feels very hard and I am very tender in my uterine and ovarian areas. And, oddly, sex is still painful even after 4 months.
Avatar f tn Hey guys, I feel my willpower slipping. I wake up in the mornings with the most excruciating back pain. Similar to the pain I felt after surgery. Today's my husband's birthday, my inlaws are coming for a visit and I downright feel like ****!! I don't even want to participate. I am the Head Fastpitch Coach for my daughter's 14U travel softball team and we resume indoor practice Tommorow, we have been off since the end of October.
1664773 tn?1321483545 I know your flustration as far as going to see a shrink. I told my doctor when she suggested one that there is no doctor out there that I could talk to other than this forum. This place has been a blessing for me. Us with Chairi are not nut's. I think it is stress related what you are going through, but how I explained it to my doctor was that I could handle pain in the leg, arm etc. having pain in the head day in and day out consumes us. She totally agreed.
Avatar n tn Believe it or not, my van ran over my leg 3.5 weeks ago. Long story short: I thought I had it in park, but it was in reverse. I got out and it started rolling away backward downhill & I tried to chase it down the driveway. I never made it inside & fell, getting my left left run over by the front tire. Ouch, to say the least! Miraculously there were no broken bones, but of course LOTS of contusions, swelling and pain.
3147730 tn?1343154021 Or you just want pain medication, but that is not really going to solve the issue of your knee.
535089 tn?1400673519 s quite a different thing to say that many people have post TX bone pain or stiff joints, post TX. When you wrote that your immune system was the culprit I wrote my guess. Perhaps you can "bone up" on some of the other posts made here with similar tag lines or key words. You may have to add or elaborate on the issues and tests you've had. You may have to go back and double check with the DR or their NP.
Avatar f tn Prolonged walking does cause pain that radiates down the leg either right or left because the lumbar spine is extended for the duration of the activity does narrowing the passage of the spinal nerve. Pain is also accentuated when going downhill. As for sleeping, have you tried lying down on your tummy with pillow, or side lying, and see if it alleviates the pain. If you havent seen a PT or a Physiatrist, I suggest you go see one.
Avatar f tn July '09 I slipped on gravel and twisted my knee as I was going downhill in a dogrun and I am still suffering; I had pysiotherapy immediatly and bought a tens machine, I ice and pedal my stationery bike; in April`10 started to feel it getting better and started to walk more and do more hsework and I am back to square one, it swelled up the next morning and ached like made I cannot stay like this after an xray I was told:- Joint space well maintained.
Avatar f tn The pain is 10/10 and I can only unlocking it by hanging my knee over my other leg while lying on my stomach relieving pressure on the outside of the knee. This all started beginning when I injured my knee sliding on wet grass my cleat got stuck and twisted my ankle. At first the locking would occur multiple times a week and was extreme. Mri’s including a contrast were clean. I no longer deal with the problem except for the fact I cannot preform the exact slide that injured it.
182884 tn?1259312906 I have constant pain, some pain worse than other days. my knee has not locked on me, but it hurts a lot when sitting, and even more when lying down then standing. I get a sharp stabbing pain sometimes otherwise it is a deep aching bone type ache, feels like the flu in your knee. It is also hard or hurts more to walk down stairs or downhill. I have never gone to the dr. for this, so of course I never used ice. I have soaked in a really hot tub of water as heat allways helps with my back .
Avatar m tn Sometimes when I walk down steps or when hiking and change from downhill to flat or flat to uphill, during the first few steps I sometimes feel in my left knee something like it is being hyper extended. It doesn't hurt and there is no swelling or inflammation. It's just real annoying - and something I very much want to avoid. Sort of like how you hate to hit the funny bone in your elbow or accidentally crack your knuckles.
5614780 tn?1413048079 he says he needs to know and me saying its his isnt enough and he wants a dna test, how can he say all this to me when ive only ever been faithful and truthful to him? :( how can he support me and the baby if he doesnt beleive its his?
Avatar m tn Those anxiety attacks really are limiting. I have what is known as GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder). My PVC's come on when I'm not having a bout with it. So you can imagine what happens when a PVC hits. It's not a fun experience. I'm truely sorry that you have this, I know how frightfull and debilitating these panic attacks are. There is a great book available. It's called "Coping with Anxiety" by Edmund Bourne and Lorna Garano.
Avatar m tn I have constant knee pain, swelling and my knee gives away. The pain is primarily on the inner side of the knee. I have had several kneesurgeries, one in the last 6months that was supposed to fix all these issues. I have been told its just arthritis, however after surgery i was told no signs of arhritis. a physical therapist told me i have a loose mcl. what to do?
1396846 tn?1332459510 I take my meds and I still have more problems arise. My leg, knee and hip are going downhill fast. I am to the point now where my knee is giving out on me on a regular basis, hip hurts like [email protected]@ when I walk and the muscle in my upper leg is so tight I feel like I have a rock in it. I know I seem to complain all the time but it is just going crazy for me for the past 6 months or more, it has been one thing after another and I am getting very FRUSTRATED!!!
Avatar m tn I was putting in padded flooring in my home gym for about 4 hours. Since then I've had pain in my right knee only when kneeling on my right knee (like when tying shoes). It's to the side of the knee and feels like something is being stretched laterally at first, before I get a sharp pain that feels like it's stinging/tingly. It is not completely on the side of my knee, but in the softer area to the side of my knee cap.