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Avatar m tn Is the pain under your knee cap or tendon? From what you are saying it sounds like your saying under your knee cap. You could have patellofemoral syndrome; very common for cyclists (read your bio). Try this website.
Avatar f tn The pain occurs mostly above the knee cap and slightly along both sides. I have never had any knee injuries nor do I remember injuring it prior to when the pain began. I made a doctor's appt for February 22nd but it seems to be getting worse and i'm not sure if I will be able to handle the pain. I have minimal swelling above the knee cap but no redness, warmth or presence of a fever.
Avatar f tn Could be the meniscus. Could be a knee cap problem. Could be the patella tendon. Could be a cyst. But could bes don't help, you need to know so you can treat it.
Avatar m tn He also will be drilling holes in my knee cap to allow bone marrow to help repair the tendon. I am just curious to whether or not this sounds like a proper next step to try and provide me with some pain relief. I have also thought about getting a second opinion from a civilian orthopedic to get their opinion.
Avatar n tn It includes the articulation between the tibia and femur (leg and thigh) and the patella (knee cap) and femur. The most common knee problems in running relate to what is called the "patellofemoral complex". This consists of the quadriceps, knee cap and patellar tendon. What is now called patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) has also been called runner's knee, anterior knee pain, or chondromalacia of the patella.
Avatar m tn x-rays show obvious knee cap deteriation ( less than 50 % of the other knee in size ) and an old MRI report said slight sublexation- I have two questions untill I get a different referral from my PCP ( although the doc stated the obvious about the knee cap he did not even bother to allow me to show him what happens when I bend my knee and it wobbles and crunchs and did not even offer a brace solution to my falls ) 1.
Avatar n tn The medial collateral ligament, lateral collateral ligamentous complex, and popliteus tendon are within normal limits. The visualized quadriceps tendon and patellar tendon are intact and normal in signal. Patellar alignment is anatomic. There is grade 1 chondrosis with heterogeneity and low-grade fraying/fissuring along the medial patellar facet. Impression: 1. Complex tear of the posterior horn and body of the medial meniscus. 2. Tricompartmental chondrosis as described.
Avatar n tn When I went into the doctor, she said she was shocked because the only thing she saw was a possible meniscus tear and a strained or sprained tendon that helps the knee cap. She said with how sore I am she was expecting the MRI to find more. She said she wanted me to do pt for 2 weeks and then go see another doctor within the practice because of how sore and unstable it is.
Avatar n tn I have had chronic knee problems starting in my freshman year of high school (4 years ago), when my knee cap shifted out of place almost an inch. I did 2 rounds of physical therapy which helped my knee get back into place. A few weeks later I fell on it very hard, against the side of the bath tub, and it caused me to pull my siatic nerve. My bad knee and whole leg went numb for about 2 months.
Avatar m tn I have a hard boney bump on the outer side of my left knee cap. I only started to notice the bump after I've increased my running miles. The bump has only recently started to give me pain while I'm active. It is not painful to touch, but it hurts really bad when I climb stairs or bend my knee. What could be the problem?
Avatar f tn But then up and pain subsided. Possibly knee cap moved back in place. Now then in morning knee lil swollen, pain when walking, no bending or squatting which would lead my proffessional opinion to be you over streched tendons, possibly a slight tear. Use an ice pack for 2 days twice a day 30 mins each. No more weights till Friday. If everything returns to normal leave the squats out for an additional week. However by this Friday if knee is still the same, go see family doctor.
Avatar f tn s above the knee cap. Right now I just went for a 5 mile walk with my knee brace on and the front underneath my knee cap is very sore and it hurts to keep my knee bent. I'm a 27 year old female who has never had any knee problems before. I'm a geologist and so I really need my knees to be healthy. Unfortunately my health plan is horrible and really can't afford x-rays and MRI's if it ends up being nothing serious. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Hi, About 3 weeks ago I bumped my left knee into the corner of the bed and was in excrutiating pain for about a minute or so. The skin broke on the knee cap. I put ice on it for 20 minutes and kept the leg elevated during this time. The pain was localized to the area of the broken skin. A few days later, a scab formed where the skin was broken, and although the area still hurt when pressed, I had no problems walking, jogging or swimming.
Avatar n tn When I got up the right knee on the right side below the knee cap in was pain. Today when I tried to get from the bathroom and put weight on it was so intensed with the pain. What happen did I pull a tendon or something?
Avatar m tn About 4 months ago I fell over on a tile floor straight onto my knee cap. After about a week of mild pain the pain went away. In the last few weeks I have been noticing more slight pain in the knee, as well as some perceived weakness in the knee. I've also found a slight bump across the patellar tendon, and overall the knee does not seem to feel right. Should I be seeing a doctor, or could this possibly be something I can treat at home? Any ideas on what it could be? Thank you.
Avatar f tn I had an x-ray that shows a minor lateral patella tracking but my knee cap does not hurt. I have had this for a year, what can I do to fix this and go back to sport?
1711850 tn?1308362825 in 2009 i was kicked by a horse below the knee cap and it cut through my pattelar tendon. here we are 2 1/2 years later and i cant run, go up/down stairs, it hurts to walk. when i do walk my left leg has to be all the way staight when i put my weight on it. oh and get this my MRI's and Xrays came back normal. i need somebody's help because the military doctors are saying there is nothing i can do and they dont know why it is causing me pain still.
Avatar f tn My knee is stiff and painful today underneath the knee cap where the pes anserine tendon inserts and to the inside of the knee cap (medially). I also have pain in the middle of the back of the knee, is especially sharp if I push into it. In terms of comfort and daily activities, I am having no trouble walking except that my knee will get a little swollen (very slight) and stiff if I walk a lot.
Avatar f tn I gain 5 of these extra 15 pounds in the first 2 months of just being in the wheelchair while allowing tendon re-attachment to the knee cap. Boy, this has been such a "physcial activity changing" injury.....I never would have thought it would take so long and still hurt like it does. Thanks again so very much! Have a wonderful year ahead.
Avatar f tn Hi. . If you had recently fallen and hurt your knee, you might have had a bleeding inside your joint and collection of blood in the joint space along with some fracture. I would advise you to immediately see an orthopedician and get an x-ray or a MRI of the affected joint done. Please do not ignore it.
Avatar m tn There is something called 'jumper's knee" and it is a tendon issue with the patella tendon. You'd feel this just below the knee cap or at the bottom of it. That's tendonitis of the area. You could also have something called chondromalacia patella. This is caused when cartilage is thin behind the knee cap and is caused by muscle tightness, weakness and overuse of muscle. Do you feel any grinding with it too?
Avatar m tn There are options available, but some are really not good for a young person. My advice is to go to the athletic department at your college and ask who does their knee reconstructions for them. Then, go see that orthopedic surgeon. He will get x-rays, do an exam, and then tell you what surgical options are best. Sorry I cannot be more specific.
Avatar n tn She woke up yesterday with a Swollen bump under her knee cap that is the size of 1/2 her knee. The top of it has a spot on it that looks like she scrapped or burned it like a rug burn. Says when she presses on it, it burns/hurts. Hurts to bend but only because of the skin being pulled. Obviously I told her to go to the dr tomorrow to get checked out which she is. She has been iceing it.