Knee cap hairline fracture

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Avatar n tn He looked at the MRI's from when I originally injured my knee, and said that I had multiple hairline fractures in the knee cap and a very strained MCL. I had another MRI, and although those had luckily healed, it looked like I now had a torn meniscus and still a strained MCL. This was in OR where I go to school, and when I went home to CA for break I had surgery in December '10.
Avatar m tn I could put no weight on the knee after that. Went to another orthopedic doctor who said my knee cap was slightly too far to the right and so out of its groove. I used Advil, Bengay, ice, rest and got a knee brace for compression. I'm now scheduled to start physical therapy tomorrow to strengthen one muscle. I still don't think the answer to the electric jolts has been found.
Avatar f tn My last game i was playing and one of my team mates that weights close to 300 nocked into me. His knee cap came down on my lower leg on the inside from inbetween my ankle and my knee and rammed my leg into the ground. This happened Monday night it is now Thrusday night i bruise and swelled up tight away but was still able to play with stinging pains shooting down my leg.My leg is brusied from under my knee cap down to my ankle.
Avatar m tn Let my start off by saying that my accident was on june 2009 and now its September 2010 and I just had surgery. It all started with a hairline fracture on my patella I was put in an immobilizer for what was supposed to be 6 weeks instead it ended up being 3 months. After the 3 months I started physical therapy which made my pain worse and I just couldn't take it.
Avatar n tn The primary called me around lunchtime that day and said the MRI showed a cuboid bone fracture in the left foot and explained that this bone was right where I was indicating alot of pain. He also wondered how I broke that particular bone and suggested that it could have been a stress fracture where you do an activity every day and at some point the bone cannot handle the activity and breaks.
Avatar n tn My recent GP visit suggested that the teraing feeling i''m having (under knee cap, right outside of foot, periodically in heels, 1 spot at a time, for 3 - 6 motnhs each location) - could be from the muscles separating themselves from the bone. She could not provide explanation as to why this would happen or how to possibly stop it from happening so I am in the same unknown as the rest of you but will keep trying to find out what it is.
Avatar n tn The one thing I did notice is that they started after I had an accident that caused a small hairline fracture in my lower back. Did anything similar happen to anyone else? Do we all have stress/anxiety issues? If we all have something in common that could be the answer.