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Avatar f tn This has probably be asked about a billion times but I give it a shot. I'm a 31 year old male I'm in great shape. I have a spot on my left knee if I bend my knee and knead on it it's a sharp shooting electric like pain on the outside of the left knee almost dead even with the top outside corner of my knee cap.
Avatar f tn Hi Lisa - That certainly is a list! nothing I read screamed MS to me, but I'm not a doctor. It seems that MS tends to impact an individual area(s) for an extended time, rather than move as quickly as you describe. In MS symptoms are the result of damage to nerves in individual locations. This kind of damage takes a while to build up and doesn't jump around. You can have multiple areas of inflammation, but the symptoms they cause tend to be consistent.
Avatar n tn The pain is right below the knee cap on the r.side.The area also turns alittle numb to the touch.Is there something I can do to fix the problem or do I have to see a Orthopedic doctor.
Avatar f tn when i bend my knee it pops and grinds. My leg from the knee down goes numb from time to time. You may even have a pinched nerve. but i am not a doctor so the best thing to do would be go to a orthopedic.
Avatar f tn Hi. . If you had recently fallen and hurt your knee, you might have had a bleeding inside your joint and collection of blood in the joint space along with some fracture. I would advise you to immediately see an orthopedician and get an x-ray or a MRI of the affected joint done. Please do not ignore it.
Avatar n tn It felt as though my knee cap slammed downward towards my shin/ankle area. A loud POP sounded and my knee instantly went numb and within about 6 seconds looked as though it had 3 ounces of liquid piling up in it. Within about a minute, a bruise was visible. Sensations included intense burning, and a swollen/huge scab-like feeling inside my knee. Despite common sense, I did not go to the doctor because I hoped that the standard rule would apply: time heals most wounds.
4520186 tn?1356646556 Between the knee cap where the hinge area turned a blueish gray with hints of red immediately then began swelling. I have a spurts of shooting pain . I went home immediately elevating it and icing it. Oh and wrapped it for compression. It is however the skin is numb. why??
Avatar n tn i fell and broke my left knee cap and a week after the mobilizer came off my left leg started to get numb. it progressed to numb hands numb feet , shock sensations down both arms and legs until finally i got an epideral but i cannot walk without staggering and my left leg is losing mucle and is thinner than the right. my mri said i have annular bulging at l3-l4 and l4-l5. what does this mean?
Avatar m tn have a knot on knee cap when to doc. 1974 said it was like munchhousen something and not the one for women doc.
Avatar n tn It includes the articulation between the tibia and femur (leg and thigh) and the patella (knee cap) and femur. The most common knee problems in running relate to what is called the "patellofemoral complex". This consists of the quadriceps, knee cap and patellar tendon. What is now called patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) has also been called runner's knee, anterior knee pain, or chondromalacia of the patella.
Avatar m tn i started to get a jolting sharp pain on my left knee i think coming from the knee cap or around the sides of the knee cap. it went away the next day but came back again few days later...... it seems to come when i just walk on the knee not every step but a certain pressure of my steps. Someone please help dancing is my Job and before i dish out money to a doctor i would like to try to understand what im dealing with. PLEASE HELP!
231903 tn?1281482584 Monday, February 8th, i woke up and my left leg, from my knee-cap all the way down to my ankle was completely numb.. i thought may have been the way i was sleeping or something.. but it is STILL just as numb to this day. (Feb 20) This is NOT the first time this has happend. In 2007 my right leg, from my hip to my knee-cap was completely numb for two weeks straight. then went away.
Avatar m tn Last wk I was playing basketball and when I came down from jumping I had a real sharp pain in my knee and could not continue. Around the top of my knee cap is tender and hurts and when I put pressure on my knee getting out the car or anything I get sharp tack like pains under my knee cap and sometimes on the side of my knee and it aches a little, I have really slight swelling but I am able to walk. What do you think it is and what should I do?
Avatar f tn When I was a freshman in highschool I had seen a Doctor about my knee problem, and was tolded that my knee caps were making new knee jionts by themselves. They had done surgery on my right knee. I was wondering what the medical name was for this type of knee problem.
Avatar m tn 6-7 weeks ago I developed wet feet sensations, without feet being wet, as well as numbness on the skin over knee cap, but the skin was never numb, just felt weird. That went on for a bit, went to GP, did blood work for B12 and thyroids and came back normal. Then, I started feeling twitching, all over the body, but mainly on my right hand and on the side of the face. Searched that online, and BOOM, got ASL.
Avatar n tn Prepatellar bursitis, patellar subluxation,knee cap dislocation all can lead to pain directly over the knee cap.Rest,antiinflammatory medications, application of ice to the knee all are very important for reducing the symptoms. If the symptoms persist or are severe it is best to see an orthopaedician.I hope it helps. Best luck and kind regards!
Avatar m tn x-rays show obvious knee cap deteriation ( less than 50 % of the other knee in size ) and an old MRI report said slight sublexation- I have two questions untill I get a different referral from my PCP ( although the doc stated the obvious about the knee cap he did not even bother to allow me to show him what happens when I bend my knee and it wobbles and crunchs and did not even offer a brace solution to my falls ) 1.
Avatar m tn Is the pain under your knee cap or tendon? From what you are saying it sounds like your saying under your knee cap. You could have patellofemoral syndrome; very common for cyclists (read your bio). Try this website.
Avatar n tn I have had chronic knee problems starting in my freshman year of high school (4 years ago), when my knee cap shifted out of place almost an inch. I did 2 rounds of physical therapy which helped my knee get back into place. A few weeks later I fell on it very hard, against the side of the bath tub, and it caused me to pull my siatic nerve. My bad knee and whole leg went numb for about 2 months.
Avatar f tn I also have knee problems that started when I was pregnant with my daughter who is almost 4. I can be walking and my knee cap moves so my knee locks up. It happens a whole lot more when I am pregnant apparently, since it was worse with her and now it's worse again and I'm pregnant. I can't wait for my son to be here.
Avatar f tn ve been limping ever since the knee looks deformed there was a massive purple bruise which has now gone down. There is still swelling on the knee cap and the leg feels numb yet painful and tingly to the toes. It's my right leg so it's my main leg and I don't know what to do. I can move my leg but its really painful. if i touch the knee is tender and if i move my fingers on it the knee feels like it's jarring. Nothing seems like a comfortable position.
Avatar f tn But no use, then had advised me to wear knee cap for few days. I was feeling better with knee cap. I removed it after 25 days, it was little better for 2 days, then again the pain is back. After few days, went to orthopedic, he said no problems and advised me to do some exercises. Then also no use. I have still have the pain in my knee and following parts....couldn't talk for more than 10 mins. Could you please advise me how to solve this and become normal.
Avatar n tn t remember which) are too weak (due to the fact that my knee are still growing) to keep the knee cap from sliding over to far and causing inflammation and swelling in the knee. So, it would be great if someone knows what is wrong and what it is called. Thanks.
Avatar f tn I just wantef to know how many weeks can you go on Maternity leave in California o work as a house keeper at a casino cleaning 16 rooms a day I'm getting tire real back pain times I can't move to the point a cry and my right leg from my hip all way down to my knee cap gets so numb at it Burns that I can't walk. I'm 27 weeks I'm due Dec 12 I been at my job for 2years.
Avatar f tn Whenever I touch it or bruxh it against something I get a bad pain in the side of my knee. Seems odd that an injury on the front of the knee cap and cause such pain on the side. Looking for any info, please help. Thank you.
Avatar f tn my daughter who is 11 broke her knee cap snapped off one of the minscus ligaments right at the knee cap and the cartilage that covers the knee was torn..she wasn't doing anything except standing when this happened..she recently had surgery on Nov 30Th to repair it.her orthopedic surgeon said that with the repair he is not optimistic about the knee cap staying in place due to bone shifting and as well as tissue degenerating..