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Avatar n tn calcium, cystine, struviate and uric stones. Majority of these are calcium stones composed of calcium carbonate Calcium-containing stones are relatively radiodense, and they can often be detected by a traditional radiograph of the abdomen. All stones are detectable on CT scans except very rare stones composed of certain drug residues in the urine. Hope this helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn I suffer from what is called Polycystic Kidney Disease (google it) which causes chronic kidney stones. Many people have this disease with no signs until they are much olde. When their kidneys begin to fail them. Diarrhea is related because when the stone is stuck in the ureter ( the tube leading down to your bladder from your kidney) this sends a message to your entire digestive tract to stop.
Avatar f tn - calcium oxalate struvite uric cystine The rarest form of kidney stones is Cystine stones. Cystinuria is an inherited condition that affects the amount of acid that is passed in the urine. Struvite stones are caused by recurrent kidney infections. Uric stones are caused when there is too much uric acid in the urine with rheumatic conditions like gout. Calcium oxalate stones can from with too much protein in the diet, too much calcium and Vitamin D and through dehydration.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have never heard of stones in tonsils. I've heard of kidney stones and gallstones, but never stones in tonsils. I wonder if your tonsils are so hard that they feel like stones? Tonsils shouldn't have stones or feel hard, so please go to your physician and get this checked out. You might need to have them removed.
Avatar m tn Hello, Kidney stones can be or are caused by too much calcium and lack of Magnesium> Since you are researching. I'd like to direct you to Search Magnesium and kidney stones. This is one sign of lack of Mg, also included is anxiety and hundreds more., Dr Carolyn Dean's book is amazing. "The Magnesium Miracle.". It will help you understand your symptoms and have instructions what to take and how much,and you will be amazed at what problems lack of Mg can cause.
1028300 tn?1252093974 I am almost 18 weeks pregnant and have kidney stones! They are supposed to be putting a stint in next Wed. The Dr. said that I might have complications such as kidney failure or contractions if I DON'T put the stint in, but I have heard that the stint is VERY painful, sometimes more so than just having kidney stones! He will change the stint every month until the stone(s) pass or the end of the pregnancy.The Dr. gave me phenegren and demerol for the pain. I am scared!
228936 tn?1249097848 I also have had pain for 6 months or more and they have done all kinds of test that are good. But I do however have 7 stones in 1 Kidney and 4 in the other all about 1mm.
3987674 tn?1348936641 Certainly, since being hypo slows down the metabolism, there are all kinds of digestive and metabolic problems that can result, but kidney stones are not high on that list. Once we have one autoimmune, we are more like to get another than the general population is to get their first. So, yes, there is a connection. However, that connection is not necessarily cause and effect. We just may be genetically more susceptible to autoimmune disaese.
Avatar f tn Please help me my mom has had mutiplaying kidney stones now for about a year on both sides of her kidneys, which also are causing blockage. She has had a history of kidney stones but not so many at the same time.
Avatar m tn It was found that my stone was calcium based and I was told to avoid all dairy products as well as some fruit and veg. There are 4 different types of kidney stones. Unfortunately, once you have had kidney stones the chances of getting another one are much higher.
Avatar f tn I have a damaged kidney from years ago, and when I get dehydrated, I get little tiny kidney stones that it takes a while to clear. Again, mine is an usual situation, but I did get some small kidney stones while on Diflucan (a rather high dose for several months, which is unusual) and it has taken a while for them to clear. So I think most people would not get that problem, and it's because of my damaged kidney.
456645 tn?1208679571 That is the more common signs and symptoms are flank pain, blood in the urine, formation of kidney stones and repeated urinary tract infections. In your case, is this a confirmed case of nephroptosis ? What examinations were done to establish the diagnosis? Do you have other associated symptoms?
Avatar m tn These substances can create small crystals that become stones. The biggest risk factor for kidney stones is dehydration. Kidney stones may not produce symptoms until they begin to move down the tubes (ureters) through which urine empties into the bladder. When this happens, the stones can block the flow of urine out of the kidneys. This causes swelling of the kidney or kidneys, causing pain. The pain is usually severe. Kidney stones are common.
Avatar m tn Thank you so much for your thoughtful response. My kidney stone problem is a problem with oxalate. I think I will stop the turmeric for now. I am disappointed, as I thought this would help the arthritis. I certainly don't want kidney stone problems again. The calcium supplement I take is calcium citrate (not carbonate). Since I already take a prescription potassium citrate (Urocit-K), I guess the turmeric would be keeping that from doing its job of breaking down the oxalate.
Avatar f tn I have 3 kids and I would rather give birth than to live with MSK and stones. I have been to all kinds of specialists from London to Kingston and so far, they don't really help at all. I'm on fb or you can email me, maybe we can work together to find a cure ;) Meredithmjackson at the hot place ******* Chat soon!!!
Avatar m tn As for there being a 'stone' inside your cyst, don't be confused between a kidney-stone and a calcification inside your cyst. Kidney-stones occur within the renal cavity, whereas cystic- calcifications occur within the cavity of the cyst. Some doctors refer to the calcifications inside cysts as 'stones', but it's old-school terminology. More acceptable term these days is renal-calcification. I'll reiterate... find out from your Urologist where on the Bosniak-Chart your cyst falls.
Avatar n tn The ER doctor was upset they didn't do a CT scan so he ordered one and I find out I had two kidney stones a 3x2mm in my left kidney and a 5x3mm in my right kidneys. Non obstructive and still in the kidneys in the lower pole. I was told I was at risk for them getting bigger. I got prescribed hydro's and sent home. 8 days later I was in even worse pain to the point I was in tears and so nauseous I couldn't eat. The pain was now in both flanks.
Avatar n tn I am a 22 year old female.I am having reoccurent UTI'S and now I have a Kidney infection. In fact I have had 10 UTI's in the past 12 months. Each time I am treated and with-in a week or two, I have another one. I 've had 8 cases of BV, as well.My body has built immunities to Bactrim. It no longer works. I am now on Cipro. I follow all the guidelines the dr. tells me. I have been tested for all STD's including Clamydia-all were Negative.
Avatar n tn I have had 10 lithotripsies for large (8-10 mm) fast growing (within 6 months recurrance) kidney stones. I know they are made up of calcium oxylate. I now have 3 stones and have urine that looks like cola. I have gone to two urologists over the years. The first takes this very lightly and could care less and the other seems disinterested as well. I try not to be neurotic about this, but the color of my urine has me a bit alarmed. Is ther any resolution to this problem?
Avatar f tn This is one of the most difficult things I've ever had to deal with. My beloved Gypsy is dying of kidney failure. Gypsy is a Jack Russell Terrier and she turned 18...yes 18...on Christmas Day. It's just so hard to know when it is "time." I prayed and prayed that she would give us one final parting gift and die on her own in her sleep...but she is SUCH a fighter and refused to surrender to this thing.
Avatar n tn * Medullary sponge kidney - Very small cysts are found in both kidneys, and there can be kidney infections, small kidney stones and kidney pain. Medullary sponge kidney does not usually lead to kidney failure. * Medullary cystic kidney (sometimes called Nephronophthisis) - Very small cysts are found in both kidneys, and kidney failure may develop, requiring dialysis treatment.
Avatar m tn It seems to keep the calcifications lubricated so they are not as irritating in the kidney. The other issue I find is that if I do not urinate frequently enough that the kidney pain seems to increase with volume of urine. Understanding that our kidneys do not drain properly it stands to reason that the more urine trying to push through those collecting ducts the more pressure. I would mention this to your doctor as well.
Avatar n tn I admit I don't drink enough water, but wouldn't that result in at least some small stones in the other kidney as well? My concern is that I have, for the last say eight years, noticed that the right side of my body just *feels* different than the left side. Like it's not working as well as the left somehow. I am right handed, and my coordination is fine. But it somehow feels like my right side *internally* just isn't running right, circulation or nerve wise or *something*.
Avatar m tn So based on symptoms and the research I've done, I either have bladder/kidney stones/infection of some sort or an STD. So let's just start with the symptoms, Pain/discomfort in right side towards back, the most noticeable of all related symptoms of pain/discomfort Pain/discomfort in lower back though not as often Pain/discomfort in lower stomach Pain/discomfort in my groin what feels like testicles I am nausea often I tend to gag and dry heave.
Avatar f tn Has he performed xrays and/or scans of the kidneys to look for defects (genetic) or kidney/bladder stones? You did mention about food early in your post. What food was this? Did you manage to get any information about what the breeder was feeding the pup before it left the mother and what age was the pup at that time? The Pepcid clearly isn't working, so look to your vet for an alternative anti-nausea medication.
Avatar n tn These foods are not promoted so much now and yet as a result, worlwide we are seeing large increases in kidney and gall bladder stones. Be careful if you are on medication as things such as Diabetes etc. can be affected in a negative way because of vinegar so seek medical advice but otherwise try it in moderation and you'll notice the difference.
Avatar n tn I have had kidney pain on and off for several years. I will run a low temp (99-100 degrees), have aches in all my joints, and especially in my lower back. This time, it has kept me down for several days. I have been to my primary care physician a number of times--my urine tests always come back negative, with a slight elevation in white blood count and low fever. Because of repeated negative urinalysis, I am never treated for anything.
Avatar f tn * Calcium stones. To help prevent calcium stones from forming, your doctor may prescribe a thiazide diuretic or a phosphate-containing preparation. * Uric acid stones. Your doctor may prescribe allopurinol (Zyloprim, Aloprim) to reduce uric acid levels in your blood and urine and a medicine to keep your urine alkaline. In some cases, allopurinol and an alkalinizing agent may dissolve the uric acid stones. * Struvite stones.
Avatar m tn Sometimes pain and swelling of the testicles can be caused by kidney stones, or even prostate stones! But a urologist should have checked for this already. What kind of tests have they run? A CT scan of the kidneys would reveal a kidney stone.
6855498 tn?1396026884 They say my urine is clean now, but I still have symptoms and pain. I am being checked for kidney stones sometime today.