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Avatar n tn He is telling me to be prepared to keep the stent in until the end of december at least. If the stones do not come out this time what will happen and how long should I wait until he does something else. The pain I am going through is unbearable, I can not live a normal life ie: work, do things with my children, take care of my house this have been going on since september it is now december. I am thinking i possibly need a second opinion.
Avatar m tn I just had a procedure called a lithotripsy for instance. I had stones in both the ureter and the kidney. The dr said before the procedure that he may have to remove the the uretel stones first with a "basket" before the litho. I can't remember the actual name of that procedure though. But I also know that lithotripsy can be done for ureterel stones as well. I wish her luck, I'm sure her dr will be able to help her and provide you with all the information you need.
Avatar n tn Increased water intake and the size of the stones may be factors. As for the risk of calcification, stones in the urinary tract may be classified as calcium,uric,cystine,struvite or mixed stones.Proper conditions for further calcification or stone development usually takes place in the kidneys .
Avatar n tn Hi, I know it’s not easy to remove the upper ureteric stones by endoscopy or by shock wave lithotripsy. The option usually entertained subsequently is open surgery but there’s another method which is less invasive and can be used is Retroperitoneoscopic ureterolithotomy. Retroperitoneoscopic ureterolithotomy is a useful and effective alternative treatment technique to open surgery when first-line treatments have failed or are unlikely to be effective.
Avatar f tn If a stone that is blocking urine flow is left untreated it can cause damage to the kidney or ureter. If the stone is relatively small (5 mm or less) pain medications and increased oral fluid intake may allow the stone to pass on its own. However, if the stone is large, or continues to cause problems or appears infected, a referral to a urologist who may elect to perform a procedure during which a small tube is placed in your ureter via a scope.
Avatar m tn There are no such warning signs but one can get dull aches in the flank region a day or 2 before onset of severe pain. “Kidney stones typically leave the body by passage in the urine stream, and many stones are formed and passed without causing symptoms. If stones grow to sufficient size before passage—on the order of at least 2-3 millimeters—they can cause obstruction of the ureter.
Avatar n tn Hi, Renal calculi can vary in size from as small as grains of sand to as large as a golf ball. Kidney stones typically leave the body by passage in the urine stream, and many stones are formed and passed without causing symptoms. If stones grow to sufficient size before passage—on the order of at least 2-3 millimeters—they can cause obstruction of the ureter.
Avatar f tn when I woke up I was told I had a stent and removal of the stones wasn't possible at that time because my ureter was too small. The stent will make my ureter larger so the doctor can remove the stones in 10-14 days. In the meantime I'm having horrible pain in what feels like my bladder. Is what's being done with me standard protocol? Is it normally this painful? Does this mean kidney stones I pass hurt more then other people's kidney stones with larger ureters?
Avatar n tn The pain generally happens as the stone goes into the ureter and travels to the bladder. Once in the bladder, it doesn't usually hurt too much but may cause frequent urination, etc. If you don't have anymore pain, i would just strain your urine for awhile and wait to pass the stone. If you have more pain, you can go to the ER and have a scan done. This will help confirm the diagnosis and rule out other problems.
Avatar f tn If the stone is too large to pass easily, pain continues as the muscles in the wall of the narrow ureter try to squeeze the stone into the bladder. As the stone moves and the body tries to push it out, blood may appear in the urine, making the urine reddish. As the stone moves down the ureter, closer to the bladder, a person may feel the need to urinate more often or feel a burning sensation during urination.
Avatar m tn What you are experiencing is normal. Generally you feel the pain as the stone goes from the kidney, through the ureter, to the bladder. While it just kind of hangs out in the bladder, it causes your bladder to spasm a bit making you feel like you really need to go even though there is not much urine in there. I know it is difficult to do, but try to drink a whole lot of fluid and wait quite awhile before going to the bathroom. Use force when you do go to the bathroom.
Avatar n tn I have a history of kidney stones dating back to 1981(approximately 8 visits to the hospital). However, on my urinalysis somethings are very disturbing to me. Listed is Leuk Esterase, POC *trace. It also shows Squamous, Epith,POC (normal range 0-3,3-5) my range is listed as 3-5. The report also states there is a 5mm stone to the proximal right ureter with some mild to moderate hydronephrosis. Could you tell me what the Leuk Esterase, Squamous Epith and hydronephosis are.
Avatar n tn My doctors explination for the failure is i have a 2 cm stone in my left kidney that plugged up my ureter. At the moment i have a stent in both ureters. Roughly a year ago I was in the urologists office because of a similar sized stone in my right kidney. When I was x-rayed for the stone in my right kidney, there was no stone in my left kidney. My questions are: Am I going to continue rapidly developing stones for the rest of my life? How painful will the removal of my stent be?
Avatar f tn They make a small incision on your flank (your mid/lower back), and access your kidney from the outside (they attack it from the top, usually). They'll make an incision in the top of your kidney, and pull the stone out through the incision, then pull it out of your back. The recovery-time for a PCNL is far longer than a cystoscopy or a ureteroscopy, as there is cutting involved, whereas with a cysto there's no cutting (they're just inserting a scope).
Avatar m tn Well the gall bladder hmmm I am not sure. The right kidney 7mm... where is it located? The 5mm in the distal ureter can be removed via cystscope easy procedure.. no biggie. Ok to go with meds you need to analyize the stone to find the composition and possibly meds. You are not in need of open surgery called a "PERC" you are not a canadite for open. Please at all costs try to avoid the laser as this will leave much dust and fragments that will than make even more stones.
895634 tn?1283992810 Kidney stone often is hereditary so you should ask if any relatives also had kidney stones. Taking pain killers for the pain is not the proper treatment for kidney stones. Taking a pain killer to avoid the pain is not good medicine. It is masking the underlying condition which can be a serious one. A hepatologist is not an expert in kidney disease. They should refer you to a Urologist. A Urologist specializes in diseases and conditions of the kidneys and urinary track.
Avatar n tn I have had high blood pressurefor a few years now and recently I had lithroscopy(kidney stones) surgery and since then my blood pressure has been normal and they taken me off my hydrochlorizide(water pill), do you have an explanation of why this happened or how.
Avatar f tn I do not agree with your doctor that kidney stones are not life threatening. If they get lodged in the ureter or block the flow of urine this is an emergency. In fact at the age of 39 a piece of stone got lodged in my ureter and I was extremely ill. The surgeon said that I was operated in time because there was a build up of pressure that had built up in the kidney due to the blockage. Had they waited any longer, he told me, I would have had to have had my kidney removed.
Avatar f tn I went to the doctor today and she said it was kidney stones but I need to go see a Urologist. Last time I have kidney stones I was in worse pain then when I was in labor and ended up in the hospital. Well I can not get in for a few more weeks. Do you think it is kidney stones or something serious? There was blood and protein in my urine but no sign of infection. She also did not give me meds for the pain she does not believe in narcotics.
Avatar f tn With my last pregnancy i had such bad kidney stones that they were blocking my ureter (the tube going from your kidney to your bladder) which caused all the urine on my left side to be stuck in my kidney i got really bad hydronephrosis (excessive swelling of the kidney) and had to have a stent placed 4 times while pregnant to let the urine flow correctly again!
Avatar f tn I am a old pro to kidney stones/could write the book. I am 55 yrs. old. I have had kidney stones many times since I was in the '20's. When I got the kidney stones, they can test them or analyze them to see what type they are and what causes them. I believe there are 3 types of stones. My stones are caused from too much calcium in my diet so I am suppose to watch that! They say once you get kidney stones you are prone to them.
Avatar f tn I had my most recent attack 3 weeks ago and it was one of the longest enduring of any I've had, with the most severe flank and ureter pain lasting almost 12 hrs. The last couple hours of the horrible pain, I experienced what I would almost call spasms very low down, and I've never had that before in any of the other attacks. I had waves of pain and the urge to urinate every few minutes. I passed two stones 42 hours later, and I've passed two more in the time that has passed with no pain.
Avatar f tn 20am I was rushed to the ER from sudden back pain that was unbearable I was so scared for my baby.. Came to the conclusion it's kidney stones and I became more terrified because there's not many pain killers they could give me other than tylenol and morphine, so about the last one I asked if it was ok for my baby, first they said not sure!!
540521 tn?1221703306 From what my Doctor told me is that i have kidney stones in the ureter. I had an x-ray and that's how i found out that i had kidney stones, they are the size of a quarter from what the doctor told me. I have 3, and they hurt so bad and i cannot pass them. The more active i am the worse it is. iI know how you feel because i am also in the same situation, they are uncomfortable and there is not a day that does buy that i don't hurt. How big are your stones and where are yours located?
Avatar f tn It helps flush the stones out because if they stay in the kidney the will get bigger. The blood in the urine could be because the stones are jagged and they can scrape the kidneys or the ureters when they move. Definately try to keep your child hydrated because there is a possiblity for a UTI to form within the stone in which case it will have to be surgically removed. I had that problem only my stone blocked the ureter and backed up my right kidney.
Avatar n tn How do I know when a stone is stuck in the bladder entry? My doctor said the ureter tube is 6mm and my stone is 5mm? I am afraid that I will not pass it even not enter the bladder? I have had severe pain in the groin for 2 days, now it is becoming more difficult to pee. Please help! Do i need to go to the emergency room? I am taking med pains so that takes care of the other simptoms yet other than difficulty urinating. Thank you!!!
Avatar m tn From what I have read, stones should pass in 24-48 hours, and I definitely have stones, the x-rays the ER gave me said so. But why do I still have them? My main concern is kidney failure. If gone untreated over a time period such as mine, can stones lead to kidney failure? Any knowledge of this subject would be much appreciated.
Avatar f tn She was given IV fluids and Toradol (which took nearly an hour to kick in.) She was vomiting in the ER as well. Finally, the pain stopped and they let us go home. They're not sure if she passed the stone yet. They couldn't find it on the ultrasound but also didn't find it when they checked her urine. They said it could still be stuck in the ureter. They gave me a prescription for Percocet 7.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with kidney stones at 28 weeks pregnant and my urologist pUT a Stent in my ureter and the pain was gone! But the stent is also not comfortable at all either I hated it!! hope all gets better!
Avatar n tn In Dec, ultrasound showed hydronephrosis and hydroureter with stones again in the lower pole of the kidney. Nothing was done other than observation. In Jan, a bunch of small stones passed naturally. Last week, Feb, a mag3 renal scan and ultrasound were done that showed hydronephrosis and hydroureter still present but no stones in the kidney. The uptake and washout of urine from the kidney was slow compared to the other kidney (about 70% vs 30% function for good and bad kidney instead of 50-50).