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540521 tn?1221703306 Flank pain often means kidney trouble. If flank pain is accompanied by fever, chills, blood in the urine, or frequent or urgent urination, then a kidney problem is the likely cause. Anti-inflammatory drugs and physical therapy may be prescribed for flank pain . I take cranberry pills everyday just to help any infections and i also drink water as well, to flush out any bacteria and infection. I hope eveything goes well for you Tomorrow and know i am always here if you need to talk.
Avatar f tn I do not agree with your doctor that kidney stones are not life threatening. If they get lodged in the ureter or block the flow of urine this is an emergency. In fact at the age of 39 a piece of stone got lodged in my ureter and I was extremely ill. The surgeon said that I was operated in time because there was a build up of pressure that had built up in the kidney due to the blockage. Had they waited any longer, he told me, I would have had to have had my kidney removed.
Avatar f tn Be aware of any symptoms of urinary infections (pain or blood in urinating, pain in your kidney area, bladder, cloudy, dark or smelly urine) so that you can get your urine analysed and given the appropriate antibiotic if required. Formation of kidney stones is increased when the body is dehydrated. Some stones form from lots of kidney infections and cysteine stones are hereditary. So do make sure that you never get dehydrated and drink plenty of water.
Avatar n tn Any recurrent urinary tract infections? Some kidney stones may not be visible in ultrasound. A kidney,ureter and bladder CT scan will be able to help.The CT scan is far more sensitive and enables one to determine presence of stones . I suggest that your brother have a thorough assessment done.Further evaluation is necessary.A cystoscopy and a referral to a gastroenterologist may help. Give your brother plenty of water.Allow him to maintain mild daily exercises to improve circulation.
Avatar f tn I had an ultrasound, catscan and x-ray done. Also blood test and urine tests. The doctors say it may be kidney stones that they can't see, or it may be a stone that passed which caused swelling of the kidney and the ureter. Someone told me that the swelling may be caused by "parasites" ... Is this true? Please help.
Avatar n tn Hi, Causes other than a UTI than can cause blood in urine include, kidney stones, underlying kidney disease, STDs that are not detected on routine urinalysis (chlamydia and mycoplasma infections), increased blood pressure, exercise-induced bleeding, general bleeding disorders, etc. Kidney stones up to 5 mm in size can pass through the urinary tract, though with significant discomfort.
Avatar n tn Hi, Are there other symptoms present? A kidney stone is a solid mass made up of tiny crystals which may present as abdominal pain, blood in the urine, chills, excess urination at night, fever, flank pain or back pain, painful urination or urinary frequency/urgency. Abdominal CT scan, xrays or ultrasound of the kidneys will confirm the diagnosis of kidney stones. Menstruation problems are hormone and stress related.
Avatar f tn I have two kidney stones in one kidney and two stones in the other. They are two big to pass (6 and 7 mm) so the doctor is putting me on a medication for the next three months in the hopes of dissolving them. He did say they are non-dissolvable, so I am confused. I have blood in my urine, which triggered the ultrasounds of my kidneys and bladder. I don't understand why he didn't give me the option of a lithotrypsy. I am trying to get pregnant, so I don't know if that was a reason.
Avatar n tn I'm a 26 year old female, and I am struggling to figure out whether or not I should wait for an appointment the day after tomorrow at my GP or return to the ER (uninsured for another month) Last friday I went to the ER for extreme pain on my left lower flank-- that pain lasted from 7:30 in the morning until 6 at night. They took a urine sample and said there was blood in it, but not a lot and it was probably just a stone.
Avatar f tn Additional diagnostic tests such as urine culture and sensitivity test may help. If the pain,fever and difficult urination persist, it is best that you check with your doctor for proper evaluation. Imaging studies such as ultrasound may also be done. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn As far as I know, these are the only treatments - "Watchful waiting About 85 percent of the time, kidney stones are small enough to pass during urination. This occurs usually within 72 hours of the start of symptoms. The best treatment for these small stones is to drink plenty of water (as much as 2 to 3 quarts per day), stay physically active and wait to pass the stone.
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Avatar f tn The pain was more in my back than my side, I developed nausea and hot sweats (no fever). There was still blood in my urine but no signs of an infection. My PCP felt it was kidney stones and prescribed me flomax to help pass it. Days later no change. They did a CT scan, but it showed no stones. I still have blood in my urine so they suggested I see a Urologist. Feeling frustrated I have not made an appointment yet.
Avatar n tn Hi, This could be an infection in the kidneys or kidney stones too. UTI or urinary tract infection is due to undue growth of microbes in the urinary pathway. This may be caused by spread of infection from a nidus of infection in the tract, from blood or from some other adjacent infectious tissue. Bladder infection may result in symptoms of urination, frequency urgency etc with fever and lower abdominal pain.
Avatar n tn Hi, Lower back pain on one side that increases on resuming activity after one has been lying down for a while and pain radiating down one lower limb, mainly the inner side of the thigh and the back of the knee has been associated with kidney stones or ureteral stones. Bladder infection is usually characterized by increased frequency of urination, pain or burning sensation during urination, lower abdominal pain of a dull. cramping type, and some amount of back pain, and blood in the urine.
Avatar n tn It does not get rid of the kidney stone. The kidney stone will cause you problems with urinary infections as it moves, or travels down. This is because it scratches as it moves and then when bacteria enters the wounds, infection sets in. You will know when the stone is moving because you will feel discomfort or pain in one or the two kidneys (depends where the stone is). You may also experience what is called renal colic which is wind like pain in your belly.
Avatar n tn One thing I can say, I'm not going to be 100% positive on it, but if your son drank cranberry juice (lots of it) check into the effects of the oxalates(in cranberries) and the calcium(in your urine) building up to possibly form kidney stones, the last question on the linked page will be helpful if that's the case. If not, the doctors could be just concerning about kidney infection due to the bladder infection which can get very serious.
1301089 tn?1290670171 I know this probably isn't the best forum for this but I know all of you and trust you. Also, others have posted about kidney stones here in the past. I have a terrible pain on my right flank. I wake up with it and it only gets worse as the day wears on. It is going on a week now. I've been more nauseated than usual. I also have more severe pain in the bladder and groin area. My Lortab aren't even touching this. I am still on my feet but just barely.. I drink lots of water.
Avatar f tn It is now almost 2 1/2 years since the surgery and for the last 5 months I have been having blood in my urine, kidney and back pain on a regular basis. The pain comes and goes, some days nothing, some days it feels like a stone is getting ready to pass. The blood in the urine is my biggest concern. In the beginning it was once every couple of weeks, now it's everyday. Could this possibly be damage from the surgeries or stent usage for several months?
Avatar f tn kidney stones and bladder stones, kidney disease, medications, trauma to the kidneys, tumors, urinary tract blockages or viral infections of the urinary tract and sexually transmitted diseases. ( Treatment ranges from antibiotic therapy to surgery, depending on the underlying cause of hematuria. It is best to see your doctor for proper evaluation and some tests to determine the cause. Take care and keep us posted.
Avatar f tn i have groin pain, addo pain and pain in my back all on left side i also suffer from severe case of bile acid malabsorption, doctors think kidney stones awaiting ultra sound. im in agony.
Avatar n tn This test showed blood in the urine. Now we are waiting for the appointment to the kidney doctor. My husband is taking prednisone (oral) and prednisolone (eye drops). For the last week he's having night chills and fever. Also he's complaiing about joints pain. My question is: Are we doing the right thing, going from one doctor to another and could miss something very serious? Should we do something quickly?
330478 tn?1278288516 I also went for an ultrasound today and during the ultrasound when the technician was looking at my right kidney (which is where it hurts) she asked me if I had gone for blood tests or a urine sample. Do you have any idea what I might be experiencing? I always thought that if a kidney infection or any other such infection was present, there would be a high fever. Could I have kidney stones? If you could give me your thoughts on this, it would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn Recently he went to his PCP for fever and headaches. There his urine showed very red with alot of blood. Since the blood showed in his urine, it was not as bad as it is now. What do you think could be happening.
Avatar n tn Intake of antibiotics, any kidney disease; inflammation of the kidney, bladder infection can cause blood in urine. A complete history, laboratory and imaging studies may help in determining the cause of your symptoms. Treatment will be specific based on the cause. Schedule an appointment with a nephrologist.Do keep me posted. Take care and regards!
187666 tn?1331176945 I did go to the doctor, had an IVP done, blood work, ultrasound, some other tests on my urine. No sign of stones or infection. I also have no pain or fever. Except for the blood, tests come back normal (a previous test a few years ago showed cysts on my left kidney and on my spleen, apparently not a concern). I do drink at least 8 cups of water a day (no coffee or sodas), very diligent with this since the strange urine appeared. Yet all the tests show nothing.
Avatar n tn I was impacted/constapated for 1 week and developed considerable gas buildup and other effects. Since this has been remidied I have developed the appearaces of blood in the urine for the past two weeks and itching from head to toe including the palms of hands and soles of feet which has rendered me sleepless for more than 1 week. While there appears to be no evidence of blood in the stools, the color is an atypical light tan color. I have never experienced this before.
Avatar n tn This started with a severe kidney infection (very high white blood count & nitrites & blood in urine) where I had a fever & was sore all down my entire trunk of my body with no burning when I urninated & not just pain in my kidney, it was my entire body from my ribs down to my thighs. A day or two into the Cipro (had to take for 3 weeks) it started to hurt in my mid back waist area & had a sharp pain in my side when I walked.
Avatar m tn The presence of blood in urine, proteins in urine and abdominal pain indicate kidney stones. .Clots can be wormlike, and if associated with pain it could represent clots coming from your ureters(tubes from your kidneys to your bladder). This may be due to an obstruction in the kidneys or uretrs like a stone.When the blood in the urine is at the beginning of urination, it most likely comes from the urethra, (the tube from the bladder to the outside).