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987242 tn?1335494370 gross hematuria (blood that you can see in the urine), and microscopic hematuria (blood that is only seen when the urine is examined under a microscope). Both types can have serious causes. Diagnostic tests that may be performed include Urinalysis, Urine culture, X-rays of the kidneys, Cystoscopy, IVP, Abdominal ultrasound and CT scan of the abdomen. My sincere advice would be to consult a urologist. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
Avatar f tn I just went to the doctor to get a urinalysis and my urine came back with +2 protein and +2 blood in my urine, this has been happening since i was pregnant for the 2nd timenow almost 7 years later it still comes up?
Avatar f tn You may have an infection not sensitive to the antibiotic, or you may have kidney stones. Kidney stones can give white blood cells, protein and blood in urine due to the irritation and inflammation it causes. I have kidney stones and also have white blood cells, protein and slight blood detected on urine strips. Unless the stones are causing major problems though, many people have these - they are quite common, sometimes they are best left alone.
Avatar n tn The pain got so bad that I began to vomit and I left work and went to the Dr. again. I was told that I had blood in my urine (which was evident) and that I also had 2+ protein in my urine, She sent me to have and IVP. Today I learn that the IVP shows to be in normal range. I am still having lots of pain and I am bleeding off and on, what should I do? Does this sound like a kidney problem?
Avatar m tn // Protein along with hemoglobin in urine is seen in hemolytic anemias and in kidney diseases. I would advise you to consult an urologist for this and follow his advice, especially since you have a strong family history. It will be worthwhile to once go to a place where complete medical facility is there and get yourself examined and treated by an urologist. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn I had kidney stones just a week ago but the blood in your urine means that you might have pregnancy diabetes.
Avatar f tn I went to the doctor today and she said it was kidney stones but I need to go see a Urologist. Last time I have kidney stones I was in worse pain then when I was in labor and ended up in the hospital. Well I can not get in for a few more weeks. Do you think it is kidney stones or something serious? There was blood and protein in my urine but no sign of infection. She also did not give me meds for the pain she does not believe in narcotics.
622940 tn?1252518707 Large amounts of protein in the urine may indicate a kidney problem, and diabetes. The presence of blood and protein in urine can occur separately, but since they both present in urine, it requires urgent medical attention. You should consult a doctor for a complete urine analysis and kidney function tests like serum creatinine and creatinine clearance.
Avatar f tn You may also need 24 hours urine test, random protein to creatinine ratio to check the kidney status and a serum and urine protein electrophoresis test to determine which proteins are being excreted and in what quantities. Sometimes, some proteins will appear in the urine if the levels of protein in blood become high, even when the kidney is functioning properly. I suggest you to discuss these investigations with your urologist and get them done. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
Avatar f tn There are other types as well ( cystine, struvite , uric) Kidney stones may hold a genetic predisposition. In your case, the presence of kidney formers in the family may explain the onset of kidney stones at an earlier age. It is best to open lines of communication with your physicians. At this point, you may discuss on whether a referral to a pain management specialist may help.Continue following physician's advice regarding diet, fluid intake and exercise.
Avatar f tn Be aware of any symptoms of urinary infections (pain or blood in urinating, pain in your kidney area, bladder, cloudy, dark or smelly urine) so that you can get your urine analysed and given the appropriate antibiotic if required. Formation of kidney stones is increased when the body is dehydrated. Some stones form from lots of kidney infections and cysteine stones are hereditary. So do make sure that you never get dehydrated and drink plenty of water.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with kidney stones at 28 weeks pregnant and my urologist pUT a Stent in my ureter and the pain was gone! But the stent is also not comfortable at all either I hated it!! hope all gets better!
Avatar f tn Im a healthy 37 year old female (non-smoker) who has had numerous urine samples with results of blood and protein in the urine, with increased amounts each time. The samples have been tested for bacteria/infection resulting in no infection found. An ultrasound of my kidneys (gall bladder, liver, pancreas, spleen and aorta) along with a urine cytology was negative as well. I do have constant lower back pain and just a general unwell feeling with no other symptoms.
Avatar m tn I also have had blood, leukocytes, protein in my urine for 2 wks. No pain, no problems, just multistic showing all these abnormal results. Urine culture results normal, no growth. I have treated with Bactium and then Cipro. Not sure if I should make a fuss or start to ask for diagnostic tests. Please if anyone has got a diagnosis could you comment on this, or does it just go away.
Avatar n tn First for the blood in the urine (hematuria)by the urologist and for the proteinuria and hypertension by the nephrologist. Hematuria is the medical term for your condition. It is important to have a microscopic cell count done to determine if this amount of hematuria needs to have a full work-up. Above 3 RBC/HPF is suggestive of significant hematuria that needs work-up.
Avatar f tn Have high levels of blood and protein in urine. Glucose levels and blood pressure are fine. I'm about 41 female About a 10 days ago I was surprised when I went to the restroom and noticed I had red bloody urine. At that time I had no pain only the urge to go to the restroom more so but no other symptoms.
Avatar n tn Hi, A condition called interstitial cystitis can cause bladder pain, blood in urine, and protein in urine and can mimic the symptoms of a UTI. As you have renal stones at present, it would be best to focus on eliminating them from your kidneys first. This can be done through diuresis where you increase intake of fluids to about 2-3 liter per day so as to flush the stones out of the body. Once this is done, you can pursue further evaluation with your doctor regarding the pain and bloating.
Avatar n tn One thing I can say, I'm not going to be 100% positive on it, but if your son drank cranberry juice (lots of it) check into the effects of the oxalates(in cranberries) and the calcium(in your urine) building up to possibly form kidney stones, the last question on the linked page will be helpful if that's the case. If not, the doctors could be just concerning about kidney infection due to the bladder infection which can get very serious.
1025106 tn?1251864670 bubble in urine can b from too much protein in your diet. Kidney stones can be from too much protein in your diet. and Yess, kidney damage can occur. Change your diet, and cut out alot of the protein. NO red meat, milk, cheeses, etc, etc.. eat lots of fruits and veggies, and DRINK water and cranberry juice alot..
Avatar m tn my md (not my urologist) prescribed an ace inhibitor benazipril 10 mg to protect my kidneys from damage, and said the the trace amounts of protein in my urine may be due to the kidney stones. is this the usual therapy and should i worry about renal failure?
Avatar m tn Uric stones are caused when there is too much uric acid in the urine with rheumatic conditions like gout. Calcium oxalate stones can from with too much protein in the diet, too much calcium and Vitamin D and through dehydration.
Avatar f tn As of today for another follow up still having pain in back and side pain and microscopic blood in urine. The paper I had says its moderate blood and trace protein. I'm now being referred to urologist. I'm scared now that i may have something really bad happening. Anybody have any advice on what it could be?
6850426 tn?1385502685 When I went to the first rheumatoid dr he did more blood work and a urinalysis which showed protein and blood in my urine. He also said my blood work showed positive for vasculitis and he referred me to a nephrologist to have a kidney biopsy. The kidney dr said a biopsy wasn't warranted at the time because although the dip stick showed blood under the microscope he didn't see any. I then found a rheumatologist (2nd opinion for the vasculitis) in New Orleans and did the entire workup again.
Avatar m tn The presence of blood in urine, proteins in urine and abdominal pain indicate kidney stones. .Clots can be wormlike, and if associated with pain it could represent clots coming from your ureters(tubes from your kidneys to your bladder). This may be due to an obstruction in the kidneys or uretrs like a stone.When the blood in the urine is at the beginning of urination, it most likely comes from the urethra, (the tube from the bladder to the outside).
Avatar f tn Hi, Based on your urinalysis results , were there other significant findings eg red blood cells, white blood cells, protein and casts? If kidney stones are a differential here, I suggest that you have a kidney ,ureter and bladder scan to rule this out. A serum uric acid levels as well as serum calcium and phosphate levels may also help. A 24 hour urine collection sample to determine quantitative protein levels in the urine may be necessary.
367974 tn?1286554758 Other factors in the urinalysis should also be considered aside from the presence of blood. Protein levels in the urine, the presence of casts and fat bodies may point to a probable diagnosis. Other tests like BUN and creatinine levels and albumin levels with cholesterol levels may help. Any history of a sore throat? An ASO titer may be able to help rule out a glomerulonephritis.A renal biopsy may also be recommended if imaging scans all turn out to be clear.
Avatar f tn His pain returned and he again had blood in his urine (this time he also had crystals in urine) and a sono showed multiple kidney stones, measuring a bit bigger than his last ones. His doctors are insistent that his stones are not the cause of his pain. They also say that this is not a ureteral spasm and they have checked him for various kidney and metabolic disorders and found nothing.
Avatar n tn The other type of stones are uric acid kidney stones. Cutting back your intake of animal protein while increasing bulk and fiber in your diet can help prevent them from forming. Add to the problem refined sugar can pose for you, fructose can also increase uric acid excretion in the urine. Eating whole fruit doesn’t cause this problem, but drinking fruit juice or drinks sweetened with high fructose corn syrup does.
Avatar f tn I then started feeling sluggish again. I had my urine and blood tested. Guess what? Low iron and blood in the urine. Back to the iron pills. So, I can safely say that kidney stones can cause anemia. At least for me they do. I also am very interested in the magnesium subject! I started taking it per the urologist recomendation and my feet stopped curling up at night! No more of those terrible cramps! I also makes me regular.