Kidney stones and smoking

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Avatar f tn They did an ultrasound and found that he has a cyst and has testicular stones. I cant find anything on these stones. The dr said they are rare and does not know to much about them except that they cause cancer. I was wondering if anyone could tell me something. I'm very worried about my son. Thank you.
Avatar n tn An abdominal Xray is used to look for kidney stones. Bacteria in the urine and flank pain can mean a kidney infection / pyelonephritis but this is usually treated with at least ten days of antibiotics . Your urine culture can direct your antibiotic treatment. I doubt they would have sent you home if they really thought you had an appendicitis. Gallstones can also be in the differential and can be ruled out with an ultrasound.
Avatar f tn I was pretty sure it was my kidney, because friday I had a lower UTI and saturday night I was having painful spasms in my side and back that was bringing me to my knees. When I went to the doctor he noticed that there was a lot of infection in my urine. He had a CT Scan done to check for any other organs that may be causing the pain.
Avatar n tn Smoking certainly increases the risk of pancretic cancer, but there are more likely possibilities. Yes, gallstones and kidney stones are also possible. Given your description, I would suggest a right upper quadrant ultrasound to start, along with liver function tests. This is a pretty good workup for most gallbladder and liver diseases. If negative, a spiral CT scan without contrast can be considered to evaluate for kidney disease.
Avatar m tn i was vomiting and in very bad pain, since then i was having them every 8-12 months, had ultrasound scan which showed my left kidney functions 40% and right 60%, no need to tell you my left is always were i get the pain.
Avatar n tn 4 months ago I started having a burning sensation in my urethra after I would urinate and also having discharges. I sought treatment and was given a shot + pills for chlamydia and gonorhea. I gave a urinanalysis sample too. 2 weeks later, the discharge had stopped,but I still had the occasional cloudy urine plus the burning urethra. I went back to the clinic and was treated for the same symptoms with the same pills + shot again.
Avatar n tn Could there be causes for these symptoms other than a UTI or kidney stones? I'm very concerned, and I would very much like to know what is wrong with me. Thank you for your advice.
Avatar m tn Not hard and no signs of kidney stones. I have no pain etc.
389797 tn?1200693362 I have not left the house except to go to a doctor or test in 6 weeks, and my husband has driven me as I feel too weak. I have chronic diarrhea with severe gas after eating. I and am afraid to eat anything that will cause distress and have lost 40 pounds in 4 months (20% of body weight). Constant nagging abdominal pain ULQ whether I eat or don't, I also have anxiety, sweats (no fever), tremors, and lower back pain. Symptoms were occasional at first but are now almost daily.
Avatar f tn could have a crack bottom rib or kidney stones or just a real bad urine infection that has spread to your kidneys antibiotics will fix that
475555 tn?1469307939 Mike, Some thoughts on your GB. Many people have asymptomatic stones and go for years with no problem. I documented my GB stones in 2001 and had no symptoms until April of '09. As my surgeon said "better to deal with it now on a semi emergent basis and get the first string team than wait for an acute problem and have it removed by the backup squad". Acute cholecystitis is painful and makes surgery slightly more difficult than elective cholecysyectomy.
Avatar f tn i began taking percocet about 2 years ago to help with kidney stones and endometriosis pain. 1 to 4 percs a day as needed. after sometime the percs were not helping so i asked my dr for something else. He gave me 10mg oxycotin. i had the script filled 3 times, once for surgery. when i was done with the oxycotin. I went through severe withdrawal, started with depression and quickly progressed into my worst nightmare.
Avatar m tn I also recently quit smoking and haven't had a cigarette in 13 days. The other day I drank a beer at a friends house and after I was finished I noticed this pain in the left side of my back right under the ribs in the kidney area. It was somewhat moderate and effected my breathing a little but was tolerable.
Avatar n tn Infection is serious, and would get quickly worse, and include fever, and other ill feelings. Kidney stones may cause stabbing pains or constant aches or both. The pain is worse if the stone is moving. You may also be chronically dehydrated. This would cause kidney pain, though probably less severe. It would also cause constipation. Alcohol is dehydrating as well, and would make things worse. It is also bad for your kidneys in general. Chronic dehydration can also cause kidney stones.
1094413 tn?1257263760 Im currently 35 weeks pregnant,i have been on methadone for 12 months now with no opiate relapses.
Avatar n tn That I have a condition that created the kidney stone (and made me ill) OR that the kidney stone(s) have been making me ill. What is to be interpreted by the following blood work chemistry: ANION GAP 5 LOW LYMPHOCYTE 15 LOW MONOCYTE 10 HIGH MANUAL BAND 13 HIGH Are they still acceptable values, or does that combination indicate something lurking? Thanks!
Avatar n tn ( I have a lot of headaches and finally narrowed it down to smoking! I quit smoking and bam almost ZERO headaches. I would've loved to take Topomax to lose weight but was unsuccessful in getting a prescription before having head scans and all sorts of expensive test. guys are lucky your dr. got them for you.
1549643 tn?1495762953 I have an arrythmia called (blah blah) tachycardia. There are triggers I have learned. Some are caffine, chocolate, anything stimulating and stress. Stress is biggest trigger for me. So since I hate feeling bad and having palps pacs pvs or whatever I would do ANYTHING to feel better. I guess when we get sick and tired of being sick and tired we make a lifestyle change. Oh yes I started yoga too which is not like me. I am a triple type A that does not like to sit still.
Avatar f tn but think the stress triggered, combined with the kidney stones, what happened starting in May. I've since moved out again.. and I feel much better.. trying to eat and drink better. I do not sleep enough, I believe that is also a factor. Would like to know what it actually is though.. I did see an ENT last October.. Told me it was BPPV. I don't think so..
Avatar m tn When i was in college i had sever abdominal pains and blood in my urine on and off for about 2 weeks and the doctors diagnosed it as kidney stones each time but no stones showed up on 3 different CTs and I never passed the stones that I know of. The pain never returned. a few years later I had elevated liver enzymes and had a liver biapse which came back as a fatty liver. a few years later I started getting really clogged up ears during the fall and winter.
Avatar n tn I own my own business and I am working hard to increase sales and get my mind of my heart. I have many complications with kidney stones, gall bladder and now this so I can not take herbal supplements. I am also allergic to so many things that I have to be careful of everything I put in my mouth. This has only been the case for about 6 years and before that I was a healthy type A personality with out medical issues. Something has gone wrong or maybe it's an age thing 47 years old.
Avatar m tn When I was a kid, I used to get into my mom's wine and beer, and later got with friends with the same interests and started developing my drinking career. Over the years, I have been successful in my drinking career (as well as my scientific and family life) BUT the difference now is that I can't stop. I know about AA and have been to rehab and all that stuff. I have cirrhosis and continue to drink approx. 3 fifths a day of vodka of course. Insanity, absolute insanity and I know it.
990091 tn?1249200314 You might seriously consider how you might quit smoking and drinking coffee. Coffee also is a constipator as well as high in acid (unless you get the low acidity variety) and not good for someone with your GI issues. Cigarettes can aggravate GERD, bad for your esophagus.
Avatar f tn I have constant grinding, popping, and cracking sounds in my joints all over my body, especially in my neck, very badly in my shoulders, my back, jaw, elbows, wrists, knees and hips. It does not usually hurt but my muscles and joints hurt and seem to be tense, weak and stiff. Can anxiety cause all of these CONSTANT symptoms? This problem is effecting my life and my relationships and I just want to feel normal and like my old self again.
2217169 tn?1371487322 I too have been hiding my addiction, and although I didn't come 100% clean with it, I did tell my girlfriend (whom I live with). I am in the position of having kidney pains and stones chronically for the past ten years, so I've been on opiates for some time.
Avatar n tn Those using Topomax need to be especially mindful about drinking plenty of fluids due to increased chances of kidney stones. Stoney will likely develop if fluid intake is not maintained. Looking forward to weight loss benefit as I gained 30# over the past 4 years on anti-depressents. Has anyone used this for bipolar?
Avatar n tn I just started Topamax last week for migranes...I never knew about the hair loss and was not told about it...will def be watching out for that but my doctor did tell me to take vitamins regularly...b/c of the I bet that is what is doing it ... anyone on here lost hair but not weight? going to take my vitamins now...
Avatar m tn I have had abdominal pain in the right and left side below the rib cage area since shortly after i turned 18 , and now i am 3 months away from being 22 and still the pain comes and goes whenever it feels like it ive had ultra sounds and blood tests for diffferent infections such as liver and kidney infection and gallstones and kidney stones.
2167803 tn?1338533351 I also have another problem that since last 10 years a very tiny stone is formed in left kidney,passes through ureter injuring it and into the urninary bladder and causing some bleeding in urine.It happens every second or third month.But I am not very much concerned about it because it eventually has to pass out.I am mentioning it just here to know if it has anything to do with testicles pain becuase when there is pain in ureter the pain in testicle increases.