Kidney stones and nephritis

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Avatar n tn I have lived with a left duplex kidney and double ureters for 58 years. I had recurring bouts of pyelo-nephritis (similar to cystitis but encompassing the kidney as well as the bladder) from the age of 7 until I was 25 years old. I was diagnosed when I was about 19 years old. The number of infections increased significantly throughout my teens and early twenties and especially when I was sexually active.
Avatar f tn Kidney ultrasound scan. When you have got all these results,we can evaluate and decide if a kidney biopsy and treatment will be needed. It's shocking how many people have kidney diseases/ glomerulonephritis without knowing until their kidney functions start decreasing. In the country where I came from originally - china, routine urinalysis is checked among all ages every year.
Avatar m tn From what I read on the internet it sounds like a kidney stone but the doctor indicated it was not a kidney stone and is approx 7mm by 10mm. I am a smoker, overweight and also my aunt and grandmother had kidney cancer. I also had to make an apointment with my family doctor because of pain in my upper right stomach under my ribs and pain in the middle of my back. He thinks it is the gallbladder and I will have tests this week.
Avatar f tn Sounds like kidney stones to me. Go to the doctor for a urinalysis to check for a UTI. If kidney stones are suspected, he/she will probably take xrays.
470425 tn?1246926200 Hi, Gallstones and kidney stones are two different disease entities and there seems to be no association between these two. Although, when one reviews the mechanisms involved in stone formation, the condition of supersaturation ( that is more concentrated urine or bile ) plays a role for both structures. In kidneys, stones form given the right conditions. Dehydration plays a role, which concentrates the substrates for stone formation ( eg calcium).
Avatar n tn They could be stones but I've had quite a few urine tests and an ultrasound and no stones were seen. I've had protein in my urine on multiple tests and one of my most recent ones I had blood and free hgb. My doctor told me not to worry about it. At the time I didn't know about the hgb, I was told females can have blood in their urine up to a week before their period and pretty much any time after.
Avatar n tn Could there be causes for these symptoms other than a UTI or kidney stones? I'm very concerned, and I would very much like to know what is wrong with me. Thank you for your advice.
Avatar f tn A urinalysis may be able to differentiate between an infection or some other underlying conditions like probable kidney stones or nephritis. A urinary tract infection may not present with burning pain in urination.The presence of an abdominal pain with changes in urine character may point to an upper urinary tract infection that may involve the kidneys. However, it is best that your physician sees you for further work up. Good luck and keep us posted for anything.
Avatar n tn My urologist says that the groin pain\pressure that I have is not from the kidney stones. However, the groin pain is worse a few weeks before and a few weeks after the intense flank pain. It is seriously affecting my life. I have had few pain free days in 6 months.
Avatar m tn You asked about the relationship between kidney stones and urinary tract infections. In fact, the formation of kidney stones and urinary great links, in the continuous development of kidney stones, it is prone to urinary tract infections. If fever, back pain, pus in urine appears, it could be urinary tract infection. Recently, your symptoms increased and attacked frequently, you are recommended to see the urology physicians. In your daily life, please drink plenty of water, do more exercise.
Avatar m tn 0, otherwise is easy to produce stones. Well having only one kidney left I am worried about the ph being too acidic and losing my only kidney! How can I reduce it? I live in Honduras, Central America, I donĀ“t have the resources to travel to the US, see a Doctor and buy prescription Urocit-K which I was prescribes back in 2008. I would like alternatives, natural or chemical since I am extremely worried!
422425 tn?1307996590 Flank pain related to the kidneys can be caused by stones or infection. If the pain is getting worse and with your history of nephritis, it is best that you have this evaluated by your doctor. You could call and have your appointment earlier. A urinalysis and ultrasound can also provide useful information in determining the diagnosis. Take care and keep us posted.
Avatar n tn My husband is suffering with kidney stones and he got surgery for 3 times (only right kidney and left kidney is normal and no stones and it is functioning properly) and after that his body got swollen completely and after many checkups including biopsy, it is determined that he is losing proteins due to the dysfunction in the filteration of Kidney. Now he is loosing 11 gms of proteins when he undergone protein loss check up. His legs, stomach and face is completely swelling.
Avatar n tn The other reasons in which white cell count in urine could be raised are contaminated urine sample, kidney stones, interstitial nephritis, tumors of the uroepithelium. The conditions where blood in urine can be found are kidney stones, UTI, glomerulonephritis etc. As you mentioned, vaginal trauma, it might cause the presence of blood cells, but presence of white blood cells is quiet rare. I would suggest that you get an ultrasound, repeat urine examination done.
Avatar m tn Hello, Such kind of chronic groin pain can be due to kidney disease like kidney stones, glomerulonephritis, inguinal hernia, nephritis, osteoarthritis and urinary system causes. In my opinion, investigations like kidney functions, blood sugar levels, ultrasound lower abdomen ,intravenous pyelography ,prostate specific antigen blood test and cystoscopy may be needed to confirm a diagnosis.
Avatar n tn Hi Gross blood in the urine may be due to infections, urinary tract stones and other organic or structural problems, Nephritis or inflammation of the kidney unit and nephrotic syndrome which may be associated with elevated urinary protein levels and cholesterol levels may be differentials. A microscopic elevation of the red blood cells may help ascertain where the bleeding comes from. If the urine appears grossly with blood throughout urination then a kidney problem may be considered.
Avatar f tn Urinary tract infection with interstitial nephritis. 6. Reinfection. 7. Tumor in the bladder. 8. Kidney or vaginal infection. 9. Unknown causes 10. A combination of two or more of the above. When a cat gets a urinary tract infection the cat is usually placed on a first line antibiotic for approximately two weeks. At the end of the two week period another urine sample must be analysed to see if the infection is gone.
Avatar f tn I have spent a lot of my adult like in pain, suffering from recurrent Kidney infections, I have had Kidney Stones twice and have been addmitted to hospital 5 times with infections. My duplex kidney is complete and I have 2 ureters from the left kidney into the bladder and this in itself causes a lot of my kidney infections. I also have an under-active thyriod, can anyone tell me if the hyperthyroidism is linked to the duplex kidney?????
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with MSK Feb of last year after a major bout of stones and ending up with nephritis. I haven't had another episode of such painful stones (thanking God) and went for a follow up with Specialist this morning. Comparing XRays one stone has doubled in size in the last 12mths and the specialist was keen to try lithotripsy. I'm feeling a little apprehensive of this procedure because of the chance it won't work? He is unsure whether the stone is in the renal pelvis or in the medulla..
335728 tn?1331418012 The pull of gravity seems to make it more painful. I too, have had kidney stones, and now am showing WBCs and RBCs in the urine, along with urgency, frequency, and difficulty emptying at times. Then there are other times it feels like I'm having constant uterine cramps. They sometimes are painful enough they radiate down to my knees. Last year, I had a uterine and cervical biopsy done.
1396846 tn?1332463110 Some of these resistant bacteria are a pain to get rid of. I had kidney stones with nephritis a few years ago, so I know that nephritis is no fun. Glad you are doing better.
Avatar f tn 5 at which time a needle biopsy was performed. His kidney unfortunately bled out and is now non-functioning. It showed type 4 lupus nephritis. His right kidney is also impaired with a creatinine sitting around 240. He had other complications following this ordeal, AF, due to overhydration, multiple DVT's and PE's, stroke, heart attack etc. ...
82861 tn?1333457511 Also a bladder, kidney, and abdominal ultrasound is important because it shows much more than an X-Ray. Some bladder and kidney stones can only be visualized via ultrasound or other, more complex diagnostics. The very low specific gravity found in the posted urinalysis could indicate pyonephritis, which is a infection of the kidneys and much more difficult to treat.
Avatar f tn In 2007 chronic UTIs started (all with positive U&C >100,000) for various bacteria: mostly E coli, but also staph, strep, E hermanos, kleb pneu, citro koseri. So far, 13 episodes in past year. Pain in groin, flank prior to and at onset of UTI & fatigue. Only had 2-3 UTIs ever before 2007. Also small kidney stone L mid-kidney, 2mm CT diag 2008; (Nov 09 renal scan 4mm). Various antibiotics (adverse reactions w/numerous meds when trying low dose preventative therapy.
Avatar f tn MS (and other nuerologic ) related issues strike men, sometimes in a different way. If men have urine retention issues (or retrograde ejaculation - sorry ladies) there can be all sorts of issues. Not necessarily bacterial infections, but epididymitis, cystitis, nephritis, urethritis, renal lithiasis, etc. When the wrong fluid travels the wrong way or urine doesn't move out of the kidneys and bladder, men can have all sorts of issues "down there.
Avatar n tn my dad, a homeopath, is also a chronic kidney disease patient. he had stones and blood in his kidneys 20 years ago. he has dissolved his stones with homeopathy, and a berberis preparation taken daily keeps him fit.
Avatar f tn Reading on your site has brought to my awareness the possibility of nephritis (I've had kidney stones removed 3 times, but my local urologist claims that by back is causing the pain and not my kidneys. Do I have 2 unrelated things going on? And also, could my bone spurs be pressing on nerves which lead to the groin and side? Desparate for answers. (I used to be very active despite my age, but can't do any exercising now; I"m 73.
Avatar f tn , and thats when I read all these pages about hcv and possible chirosis (first stage), liver enzymes in the4 hundreds and distended gallblader with stones, distended spleen and pancreas, liver was normal in size, just some small scarring. plateslets were 40,000. I was sent to emory transplant clinic. I have not heard one positive intrferon treatment yet. thats my beef about it.
Avatar n tn Your concern is justifiable. Most common causes of hematuria are injury, urinary infection and stones in the urinary tract. If your daughter had no symptoms at all of any kidney or bladder problems she probably is all right. In fact extensive work up of microscopic hematuria usually does not yield any major disease process. If your daughter has not had a urine test wherein it was seen under the microscope, she should probably have that.
Avatar n tn * Contamination of the urine sample by sterilizing solution * Contamination of the urine sample with vaginal leukocytes * Chronic interstitial nephritis (such as analgesic abuse nephropathy) * Nephrolithiasis (kidney stones) * Uroepithelial tumor The urology referral would be the appropriate next step. A cystoscopy as well as urine cytology studies can be considered to evaluate for tumor. Followup with your personal physician is essential.