Kidney stones and kidney function

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Avatar f tn 6 years old female girl was suffering from abdominal pain and itching all over body. she is sleeping long time water does not take .
Avatar m tn i recently found out i had a kidney stone at the hospital they gave me fluids and i am urinating okay but i am retaining alot of water ive gained 10 lbs in 2 days should i go back in and get checked out?
Avatar f tn I am 71 and after a visit to the ER, found out I had a 12.9 mm stone in my kidney blocking function. They inserted a stent then put me on pain pills and antibiotics. Am now facing a lithotripsy.Please tell me what I am facing with this procedure and what to expect after. The stent will remain in till the Dr. sees me a week after the procedure. I am nervous and scared as I had a heart attack 3 years ago and worried about my stress level. Never had a stone before and the pain was unreal.
Avatar n tn There is an ultrasound which breaks up larger ones which are blocking the kidney function, but that is not used routinely and only for certain cases. Do check your diet. One high in calcium (cheese, milk, yoghurt) and fats can lead to kidney stones. Also you must drink water to keep the kidneys hydrated and efficient. My male friend gets them often and I have watched him go through them and the advice above is what the doctor's tell him every time.
Avatar f tn It would be great if he could also have a blood test for kidney function parameters and post the results here addressed to me in the title tag or in this same thread. An accurate diagnosis is only possible based on detailed examination, including history and physical signs and symptoms. From the symptoms you have mentioned, he seems to be having a serious kidney infection which may have been caused or aggravated by obstruction due to the kidney stones.
Avatar f tn Come to find out I have two kidney stones one that is in the process of passing and one that is still in my kidney.. I am 27 weeks ... Has anybody else had kidney stones during their pregnancy? I'm honestly so miserable and I can't eat and I'm worried about my baby . Any suggestions ?
Avatar n tn Last May (2007) I got my first kidney stone, which was removed in emergency surgery (it was blocking my kidney). I have since then made three more stones and have had each one result in a blockage of the kidney and the ER admitting me for surgery. I have another stone in my right kidney as of right now but for some reason, my left kidney is killing me!!!! Ever since the last two surgeries which were both on my left kidney, it seems as though it is not working right.
540521 tn?1221703306 I have not yet passed the stones and i am still getting pain and the stones will not pass. The stones seem to bother me the most when i am standing and being active, Can kidney stones lead to kidney Failure? How much worse can this get? I don't know what else to do , I am at a loss, any help would be Greatly Appreciated. Thank You..
Avatar f tn I live with kidney stones and have been for years. Does anyone know what is good to eat to help prevent stones? All I can find online are foods that I can't eat.
Avatar m tn Antioxidants reduce the amount of inflammation in your body, which helps the kidneys function properly. The potassium in cauliflower is known to prevent kidney stones. Kidney stones can lead to kidney infections and eventually chronic kidney disease. Eat cauliflower raw with a hummus dip or steam it with a squeeze of lemon. Cauliflower is also delicious smashed with low fat sour cream and fresh parsley.
4487519 tn?1355340912 do I need to do anything else for my 1 kidney? Why was the pain on my left side when I had the 1st kidney stones if my kidney is non existant? I am so tired anymore and having pain from my other stones now on the right side. please help should I be worried?
1017213 tn?1301774873 Hi All, Have any of you experienced any connection between your thyroid and kidney and/or bladder issues? I have had kidney stones both times my thyroid went really out of whack...once when I was first diagnosed as being hyper and once when I went hypo after RAI. My doctor says there isn't any research indicating that kidney and thyroid problems are related, but I just don't buy the coincidence.
Avatar n tn the biggest concern is kidney function while you're passing the stone and antibiotics can help with that concern"....sorry, my brain's on vacation along with my body lol. I had to have surgery to remove 2 large stones about 2 months ago and yikes...just remembering that fresh pain has me cringing for you. I hope you pass this stone quickly and with as little pain as possible!
Avatar f tn Has she had a CT Scan w/o contrast in regard to the stones? What has it shown? I have an uncommon kidney condition called MSK (Medullary Sponge Kidney) along with having had out 1/2 my thryoid bcz of nodules that were atpical but my parathyroids were fine and all tests were A-OK that both my Uro and Endo have run inc. a 24hr urine test. Has your daughter had a 24hr urine test? That is important too.
Avatar n tn I am 21 weeks pregnant and went to the hospital a few days ago in severe pain. Ultrasound revealed that I had water around my kidney and a blockage, which was caused by a kidney stone. I was given an epidural and a stent was inserted, which alleviated my immediate pain. I am now home, and the stent is very uncomfortable; I cannot do any activities because of the pinching and aching it is causing me. I was not given any pain medication or was even told what to expect.
Avatar n tn Called an ambulance, said it sounded like kidney stones. Took an ambulance, plane and another ambulance to a hospital in the city-I live in the jungle in Costa Rica. The x-rays and ultrasound show a kidney stone. On the other side it also shows some white spots that may be calcium or other small stones. The doctor said the diarreah was unrelated. I stayed in the hospital overnight-no diarreah. Came home yeaterday and last night severe diarreah all night again.
Avatar f tn I have had back pain around kidney area for a few months and went to docs. She examined me and said my right kidney was inflammed. I was starting to get some pain right side under ribcage too. Mild dull ache type pain. Also still around side and back. Went back 2 weeks later and she examined again and said kidney had gone down but could still feel it. Sent me for an Ultrasound scan. I went on Wednesday this week.Thursday the surgery called me to make appointmen for a blood test (LFT).
7019649 tn?1396796117 I'm on my last day of antibiotics, and they didn't clear up my symptoms. I have a history of kidney stones, and I'm afraid that's what is going on again. Anybody have any experiences with kidney stones during pregnancy? What did you do for them?
Avatar f tn that if a person with a history or stones drinks 2x as much water as someone with out than we have 1/8 the risk of repeat stones -that it's a cube function. I have a cousin that has had several stones and he's said he drinks a big glass of water before he goes to bed and that's helped him avoid stones... good luck.
Avatar f tn You need to go to the hospital for a proper urine analysis and therapy. Kidney function tests will further help in assessment. It needs to be seen what the tissue is and therapy will be decided after proper assessment. So, please consult your doctor regarding this or go to the ER. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn A blood test to check for the kidney function and general blood parameters such as RBC and WBC count will indicate whether the kidneys are infected and whether your problem is due to infection or some other cause. The pain in the lower back is especially indicative of a kidney problem. Additionally, it would be best to have the two abovementioned STDs ruled out as well. If you have had s.
Avatar f tn No i don't have any other pain conditions. Just stones and kidney infections as a result of the stones. I take antibiotics about 2 weeks out of every month to keep the constant infections at bay which i can't imagine is good. Im assuming he refferred me to the pain mgmt dr because he's afraid of prescribing pain meds on such a regular basis. I can understand it but its still not easy for me because I'm uninsured and can't really afford to add another dr to the mix.
Avatar n tn I am 31 year old female and diagnosed with Hypothyroid when i was 20 and Hashimotos about 5 years ago. This past April I began to suffer from kidney stones and had surgery for removal. Just six months later I am experiencing some pain in my kidneys again. I have been doing reserach on the Parathyroid and have read that there may be a correlation with kindey stones and thyroid issues. Any feedback or websites would be very helpful!
Avatar m tn Men between the ages of 20 and 70 have a higher incident of stones. I'm sure you know all this and more. And that is not your question. HIPPA and employment laws restrict an employer from question your medical history. For example an employer cannot ask you why you take opiates or why you cannot lift 100 lbs. What they can ask is if you are able to perform all the duties of the position. You are under no obligation to reveal any medical condition.
Avatar n tn He sent me for a CT scan to check for kidney stones and this came back normal and no signs of infection were found in the urine. I am supposed to go back in a week for another urinalysis to check for blood. Since I saw the doctor, I have been passing white pieces of tissue in my urine intermittently. These range in size from a speck to about the size of a dime. They are white, except for one was pink and white. I am not on my period, but it is due in the next week or so.
Avatar f tn We don't know what happened with the treatment has he had many eswl surgeries over the years. Now his urologist is afraid to do the surgery and he currently has 5 stones in the left side kidney (including one 11mm). He has had constant nausea, dull pain and stabbing pain for weeks so finally went back into the urologist who had a CT and xray ordered.
Avatar m tn At first it was only in my side so I thought I had appendicitis. Went to the ER and they said it is possibly stones. They gave me some ibuprofin 800 and told me to drink plenty of water. I have been doing this, but a year later the pain is still there. Sometimes it becomes unbearable and makes me feel sick to my stomach, but I down a gallon or so of water and it goes away only to return later. The pain is getting worst.
Avatar m tn Some doctors also recommend Tamsulosin to speed the passage of stones Lithotripsy is a good option for stones 1 cm or less in the kidney and upper ureter. Simple kidney cysts usually do not affect kidney function, but if it is causing symptoms or blocking the flow of blood or urine through the kidney it may need to be treated .Without knowing a detailed medical history it may be difficult to determine whether the cyst is causing stones. It is best to discuss your concerns with a nephrologist.
Avatar n tn Hello, Having stones in kidneys is called nephrolithiasis. If kidney stones are not removed then they can cause decrease or loss of function in the affected kidneys, kidney damage or scarring, obstruction of the ureter, recurrence of stones and urinary tract infection. Hence they should be treated at the earliest. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.