Kidney stones and gatorade

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Avatar f tn My kids have given me a run this week!!!! Earlier in the week, my youngest son, 11 was up visiting my brother at his summer house, a little over an hour away. He called me after 10 at night and was crying saying he wanted to come home that he wasn't feeling good. I couldn't convince him to stay. He gets anxious being away from me and tends to do this a lot with sleepovers. He really wants to have sleepovers but he's just not able. But when he came home, he wound up pretty sick ...
Avatar f tn My 4 yr old grandson has kidney stones, and the pedi and urologist say too much gatorade.
Avatar f tn I finally get my BFP and get through a good us and bam I have kidney stones! Thank you so much for your time -You gals are great!
1136103 tn?1260671275 ummm about 3 months ago I passed my first stone, doctor told me to go on a high protein diet.... I use to drink ALOT of soda but since than have stopped but I noticed when I pee now and I look in the bowl I can see a clear or sometime yellow goo or jelly....I also notice my pee is very yellow....should i be scared?????????????
Avatar m tn I was in the ER 3 times and was loaded up with Toradol and Dilaudid for basically 48 hours straight. After passing the stones my kidney, uteter pains etc were mostly gone in 48 hours but i started getting bad leg cramps in the calfs. This has been ongoing for 5 days now and I feel like i just hiked up a mountain! My doctor told me to drink lots of Gatorade and V8 juice but that is not helping. Could this be a problem that i need to go back for blood work? clots?
2110593 tn?1334184317 It's not similar pressure to the kidney problem (and I can sleep comfortably), but it's been re-occurring, and I'm thinking it's either a muscle issue (which it more likely is) or some organ there that's messed up. So can previous kidney inflammation/problems cause future problems?
Avatar n tn These agents aren't known to cause kidney stones. Most kidney stones in the US are caused by our diet which is rich in meat protein. Calcium supplementation does increase the risk of kidney stones. As far as the blood pressure goes, he should probably have his dose of the lisinopril reduced. Alternatively, there are other agents such as calcium channel blockers, beta blockers or Angiotensine receptor blockers that can also be tried. I would probably avoid diuretics at this point.
Avatar n tn I have awful nausea and vomiting (just like with my other pregnancies). To complicate it, I also have kidney stones causing severe pain and more nausea and vomiting. I have been to the ER two times in the past week for the dehydration and pain. I only feel better for a day and then it starts up again...bad. How do I know when to tough it out at home or go to the ER? I feel like a pain in the butt when I have to go back.
1108194 tn?1378428122 Causes can be divided according to the affected organ and they are Kidney conditions (infection, pyelonephritis, kidney stones, polycystic kidney disease), Bladder conditions (cystitis, bladder polyp, bladder tumor), Urethral conditions (Sexually transmitted diseases, urethral injury, vaginal inflammation), and certain bleeding disorders.
Avatar f tn At age 64, I have gone through my whole life without medical problems until I got married (less than two years ago) to a dear, but very messy, disorganized man and have been getting hives, urinary tract infections, and kidney stones ever since. His sister kidded me recently that maybe I am allergic to HIM.... her brother/my husband!
Avatar m tn Yesterday i stuck to rice, toast and gatorade. had a small amount of nuts and a fiber brownie and a glass of water with metamucil. Same today, but i had chicken soup, a very small amount of fries and oatmeal. I was just worried that i was not getting enough calories every day, i should be getting at least 1595 and the last two or three days i have only had 1400 or so. Well, at least my losing more weight, even tho its not the right way to do it. 18 pounds down since jan...yay...
544292 tn?1268886268 Welcome to Part 6! Please make yourself at home!
161427 tn?1229914882 They put me on hydrocotrizone and zufran, I was able to eat for 2 days will there and passed stones size of a dime and 13 smaller ones!!! now I am out and back to vomitting and sooo tired. Anything that I can try, plz help me.
Avatar m tn Some pics are of 1 day old samples where sand has formed on the bottom and an oily layer/film on top. I don't have any other symptoms like fever, kidney pain, frequency etc. Very rarely like once a month I feel a light burning sensation when I urinate. I'm 26 male. Please help.
Avatar n tn I had severe pain right under my ribs all through pregnancy and just thought it was heartburn. turns out i had several gall stones and one lodged in my bile duct. they took out my gall bladder, but now with just getting pregnant i wonder if greasy foods are not for me. to kylee1818 im wonderin the same thing because my gall bladder is out my system functions sooo differently when i have foods high in saturated fats. maybe i had too much hamburger today.
Avatar n tn It is not only very uncomfortable, very nasty, and makes work difficult, but it has not been determined that I have gall stones, or gall bladder issues. I recently had a very thorough check up with my PCP, and she had a gall bladder ultrasound done. Nothing was found. I have yet to determine any specific foods that start this.
1035252 tn?1427231433 I will need all the hand-holding I can get. I've birthed two babies with almost no pain medicine, I've had many many kidney stones and ovarian cysts...I've held peoples' hands as they died, and I've lived with an abusive alcoholic mom all my life...and the battle I have ahead of me scares the cr@p out of me....does that make me a coward? this seems lke the one thing I'm not strong enough to face...but I know I'm going to. let the hand-holding commence!
Avatar m tn They just thought it scraped my ureter on the way out. On the 15 day I felt pressure as I tried to urinate and plop a kidney stone the about twice the size of a .BB with jagged edges came out. It had been stuck in my penis for 15 days! My Father had a stone the size of a 40 cent piece. It took 5 trips to break it up and weeks for it to pass through the huge catheter they put in him. I used to have stones which are calcium deposits, Twice a year.
Avatar f tn If you can wait, definately call your MD in the morning. If not, do as Naughty suggested and go to the ER. You could have kidney stones along with the infection. Your kidneys are not something you want to play around with. I hope you have a good night and feel better soon.
1476003 tn?1331231592 Oh yeah I forgot to mention this is my 2nd time quitting and I started beacause of kidney stones. So I called the NA hotline and they told me that flushing the vallium was a bad idea simply because for the first 7-10 day it will create a state of rest in my mind and my body will need that off time as long as i taper down !!!!YEAH right if tapering was easy I wouldnt be here Oh well... Im still on the clonidine and will taper from it well.
Avatar m tn My wife asked for more gatorade this morning and says she feels better with less irritation and is in a much better mood too. I'll have to read up on mucus membrane.
7878456 tn?1395006941 I am almost 21weeks and still have it had it with my first two boys right until I was in labour.
Avatar f tn She mostly drinks water, and gatorade. Her doctor said for her to eat alot of bananas and drink alot of gatorade over the next couple days and see if it stops. If not, we will do bloodwork. She always does drink alot of gatorade, and a good amount of water daily. I don't see how she could be dehydrated. And I am beginning to wonder if this, plus the kidney stones is telling us something could be going on. We have no insurance at the time, and the doctor is going the conservative route.
Avatar f tn I read somewhere that if you freeze Gatorade and suck on the frozen cubes that helps and someone on here suggested watermelon for nausea just some ideas to try. Hope you feel better soon mommikat!
Avatar n tn I think everything is over and I clean up. I walk out of the toilet and in about 2 minutes time the stomach cramp and the fainting sensation comes back (I've fainted only once to date from this and was out for about 15-20 minutes). 6. When I get back to the toilet I have a really violent Diarrhoea episode in pure liquid state.
690241 tn?1227390813 I have to run offline, but for starters I have gallstones, thyroid, and skin cancer issues, recurring UTI's and kidney stones ..........along with this MSK. but all well maintained and 100% healthy! I had micro blood and atypical cells in my urine but thankfully no cancer .. the cells were inflammatory from all the movement inside the medullary of the kidney changing their structure. Key to MSK is finding a good doc and shopping around ..............I went thru 2 to find the one I like a lot!
1909286 tn?1379438737 it was very kidney stones except in your cheek/mouth...hope you stay clean and find an answer to your question.....peace..
Avatar n tn First thing I did is flush my gallbladder. I had about 500 little stones flushed out of my body. Simple thing to do and it takes 3-4 hrs. Completelly painless. (google gallbladder flush to learn more - you just need olive oil and lemon). In 2 days i was jumping. But that lasted around 4-5 months. The pain returned and I went to my accupuncturist. I can not explain what is exactly going on, but there is an article that is pretty close to what my doctor was telling me.