Juvederm lip injection swelling

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Avatar f tn I had Juvederm ultra plus injected into my top lip, I have previously had Restylane injections. I felt some lumps after wards, so I agressively massaged my lip to prevent bumps. Is it possible that I massaged too much and the Juvederm migrated outside my top lip? If so, I'm scared my top lip won't have the defintion of a pout, it will just look like a blob? Is this a crazy assumption? Also, I I had Dysport injected into two areas on my forehead, and some units around my eyes.
Avatar n tn When I made an appointment with the doctor again, I was greeted by a physician assistant who proceeded to sell the benefits of Juvederm Ultra Plus (less painful, more long-lasting) and suggested 2 ccs. The injection was extremely painful, as she was applying it in a "fan shape", supposedly more effective at filling the nasolabial folds. Bruising and swelling was extensive, lasting almost 10 days.
Avatar n tn I had a lip injection done about 3 wks ago. I've gone to same dr for three previous lip injections each lasting about 8 months. I've never had complications frm the injection other than the usual swelling and bruising and have always been satisfied w results. However, this last visit I had a mixture of juvederm plus mixed w a new hyaluronic acid filler that I've never used b4. I was happy w results until about 2 wkd after visit when I started noticing unusual pain and enormous swelling.