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Avatar f tn I am a 25 y/o female diagnosed with hyperthyroidism at 16 and later with Graves Disease and Goiter. I have been on Tapazol along with Atenelol (for the Tachacardia) off and on for the past 9 years with no results. Every doc I see wants to discuss nothing but RAI or surgery. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for a few years with no success. I finally found out that I was pregnant the beginning of last year and made it to 4 months and suffered a miscarriage for no apparent reason.
Avatar m tn RAI could potentially put the RA is a worse situation because when clinically HYPOthyroid after RAI - joint pain and aches are very common until levels are brought into balance for you by medication for life It very difficult to make a decision - but since you have been given the opportunity to try PTU or anti thyroid medication - maybe see what that will do for you. Side effects of PTU are more commonly addressed when a Grave's patient is on them for a very long period of time.
Avatar m tn 5 yrs - Symptoms vary in intensity and duration, but they are as follows - heavy tiredness, muscle weakness, balance probs, anxiety, palpatations, muscle aches, joint pain, occassional strange explosions in my head ( feel like a split second stroke ), tingling sensations in my face and numbness in my hands, muscle twitches and cramps, hard to get up in the am, migraine headches, involuntary jerks, ? depression and seem to have CNS medication sensitivities.
Avatar n tn My daughter was diagnosed with Graves on June 4th. She is 6. Luckily, I'm a teacher and have been able to stay at home with her the past couple of months to get this under control. I feel like our lives have been turned upside down. We started out with a sore throat and a diagnosis from an ENT of Thyroiditis......We ended up seeing a pediatric endocrinologist in an emergency visit because of her heart rate. We've been on methimazole since.
Avatar n tn My question is this -- would I still be considered having Graves Disease, or can someone go from having Graves Disease to Hashimoto's (I have more symptoms of Hashimoto's than I do Graves -- complete intolerance of cold, fatigue, dry skin, hoarse voice, pain and joint stiffness, muscle weakness, depression. The only symptom of Graves I have is frequent bowel movements. I take synthroid 150 daily. Thank you.
Avatar m tn It's important to note that the TPOab antibody can be slightly elevated in Graves Disease, as well as in Hashimoto's; however, gimel is right that Hashimoto's can swing hyper, then hypo and may do this numerous times before finally swinging permanently hypo... I know I did it, I swung hypo, then hyper, then normal, at least 3 times, before settling to permanent hypo, though I didn't know what was happening at the time, because no one ever tested my thyroid levels...
Avatar f tn have been on 50mg of Propylthiouracil daily for 2 wks now - have joint pain in hands and wrists but specialist wants me to continue on it until i see a surgeon tomorrow. Before PTU my TSH was 0.01 and now it's 0.17. Thyroid med doesn't agree with me and i really don't want RAI, so, is surgery the next step?. I have a multinodular lobe (right hand side of thyroid) and would not mind getting rid because there is so much cancer in my family - though not all thyroid.
Avatar f tn have been on 50mg of Propylthiouracil daily for 2 wks now - have joint pain in hands and wrists but specialist wants me to continue on it until i see a surgeon tomorrow. Before PTU my TSH was 0.01 and now it's 0.17. Thyroid med doesn't agree with me and i really don't want RAI, so, is surgery the next step?. I have a multinodular lobe (right hand side of thyroid) and would not mind getting rid because there is so much cancer in my family - though not all thyroid.
525594 tn?1212445376 In 2002 about 6 mos after my 3rd child was born I was diagnosed with Graves Disease inwhich I had radiation treatment on my thyroid gland and have been on synthroid or Levothyroxine ever since, every day. In 5 years I have never had normal TSH readings I have always been too high hyperthyroidisim or too low hypothyroidisim, 4 endocronologysts and noone has shown sympathy to my many powerful symptyms of this disease that have been ripping my life apart. There's more.
753274 tn?1233597736 I recently lowered my dose to 100 mcg synthroid, it was 112mcg I crossed over to hyper and got the joint pain and I know when I was hypo, I got the joint pain too. This past week I have been pain free.
Avatar f tn I started experiencing joint pain in my right elbow about 4 months ago, and he told me it was probably tennis elbow. Well....the pain has gotten worse and now it's in both my arms! I have gone from hypo to hyper and I'm going in tomorrow to get my blood tested again. I know I'm not right because I've been hving hot flashes and fast heartbeats. I've also been struggling with weight gain and it's driving me nuts.
Avatar f tn Migraines Chronic headaches Chronic back and loin pain Wrist pain Muscles and joint pain Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (hands or forearms) Tarsal Tunnel syndrome (legs) Joint stiffness Tendonitis Heel spur Plantar fasciitis Arthritis Gout Painful soles of feet Muscle cramps Aching bones Aching muscles Joint pain TMJ Fibromyalgia So how about posting your last several sets of thyroid related test results and reference ra
346355 tn?1219858547 Maybe both of you need to come to this website to see what patients and their care givers go through. In the past year sinc I found out about my Graves disease and then thyca. My personality has changes...some for the better. a lot for the worse. My motivation to do simple things like keep a budge it just too hard for me to focus on. However, as a thyca survivor, I am a little more tolerant of some idiot drives on I-95 in Northe VA.
897578 tn?1241724871 Have you visited an eye doctor that specializes in Graves Disease? I am showing the beginning signs of Graves in my eyes. I also have Sjogren's Disease, which is an autoimmune disease. Our bodies are fighting ourselves, and keeping our immune systems up is definately an important step. I do get an odd feeling that comes over me, and I sweat horribly which can cause me to feel a bit anxious. Do you feel like that at times?
Avatar n tn My symptoms are basically strong joint pain in the fingers, wrists, feet, toes, and knees. The pain began in February and has continued until now. It tends to get worse toward the night. I have a very small amount of morning stiffness, not much at all--sometimes, none at all. I am under the care of a rheumatologist. Here are my results. RF = negative, Anti-CCP = negative, CRP = negative, ESR = negative. X-ray = negative for joint damage and inflammation.
Avatar f tn Long term i never got my activity back,always exaulsted,muscle loss pain,joint pain stiff,high heartrate 100-135.High blood pressure,trimmers.Internal trimmers.
Avatar f tn raised ESR, joint pains. After a few weeks of this my TSH began to decrease and after 6 months T3 and T4 started to rise. My T3 is currently about 10pmol/l and T4 about 25pmol/l. TSH <0.02. Thyroid peroxidase antibody level was very raised. My symptoms are now tachycardia, tremor, sweating, intolerance to heat and irritability. i have never had a goitre or pain over thyroid area. last week i had an isotope scan of thyroid and this has now come back as normal.
Avatar m tn Now he's experiencing tiredness again, joint pain, depression, agitation, he's constantly cold, but experiences night sweats. For the last couple of weeks he has had a sore throat and feels like something is stuck in his throat. I felt his throat today and it felt like a smaller Adam's apple under the Adam's apple. We've contacted his endo and she said feeling like something's stuck in the throat and the sore throat are unrelated to his condition. She suggested another blood test.
Avatar f tn Hello...I am a 44 year old female, just diagnosed with Graves Disease this past week. Started MMI 30 mg/day for 2 weeks, and then lower to 20 mg/day thereafter and beta blocker on Thursday 2/27 and seem to have no side effects as of yet. My labs are as follows: TSH <0.008 (0.2-4.78 mLU/L), Free T4 3.2 (0.9-1.8ng/dL), Total T3 13.4 (60-80 ng/L).
Avatar n tn Diagnosis = Graves Disease 28 yr old female 4'11" 125lbs (was 132lbs 2 weeks ago before Adepex) 3 pregnancies/3births No allergies/surgeries/diseases Off and On Smoker Rx: Adepex 37.
Avatar m tn I am lucky my husband did not leave me!!! I was diagnosed within the first year of my marriage and I was horrible. I would cry everyday and the mood swings were almost unbearable for my whole family. I almost lost my job as a waitress because I could not control my temper.
Avatar n tn There is no rush for RAI and eye problems may get worse after RAI unless prednisone is used. I usually try to adjust the tapazole to keep thyroid levels normal. Depending on when the amiodarone was stopped, it may be that the iodine load is still high enough to drive the hyperthyroidism in an otherwise "quiet" Graves disease background -- so would not go straight to RAI unless things are not able to be controlled (of course surgery would then be another alternative).
435814 tn?1234452591 Graves' is the autoimmune disease that can cause hyperthyroidism. so if it makes any sense then think of it as having 2 diseases, one which is caused by the other. So when you have your thyroid removed then you don't have the hyperthyroid disease anymore but you still have the autoimmune disease (there is no cure, so unless someone comes up with one you'll always have it) What confuses me is that graves is the most common FORM of hyperthyroidism.
Avatar n tn Hi Nori - Just read your post and have to tell you I had allergic reaction to PTU and Tapazol (the other option of ATD meds) for Graves Disease. I was also one of those people who did NOT lose weight with Graves. Was told "the body compensates." After "doing nothing" for quite some time, I felt my only option was RAI. The doc also gave me the option to take benedryl with the PTU. . didn't make sense to me to mask the symptoms of a drug with another drug!
Avatar n tn Best to go to legit medical sites or thyroid org such as, Thyroid Foundation of Canada - Graves' Eye Disease (Opthalmopathy) | thyroid John Hopkins University - Eye disease related to Graves' disease Eye Problems Associated with Graves Disease The New England Journal of Medicine.
Avatar n tn Started with Stanford Endo , she performed Thyroid TPO Ab to find out reason and that AB was high so diagnoses was confirmed that it is Hashimoto's . I started Levothyroxine 100mcg , started feeling better but muscles weakness/joint pain remains . My GP perform some more test in OCT which include B12 level as well that found to be 282 , so she consider it is low and gave me some oral b12 . In Dec 06 i went to Neuro again as my Endo said my throid is now normal (TSH 1.2 ,FT4 1.68) .
Avatar f tn I also was checked with an ANA screen which was positive before I was diagnosed with Hashi because of the joint pain. Life is like a jig saw puzzle isn't it? My worst joint is my index finger, I don't have full movement anymore.
Avatar n tn I also have Socolosis, spondolities, and degenerative disk disease which I was diagnosed with these before my Graves Disease. After my thyroid was nuclear burnt out, my pain in my back, hips, and legs have increased tremendously. I went to the Dr. a month ago, and he did some blood work to check for Lupus. My blood work came back negative for Lupus.
Avatar f tn My name is Bec I am 35 year old Australian who is living and was working here until I got diagnosed with Graves disease 1.5 years ago. The foreign doctors here are well let's just say c***, so I fly to Bangkok every 3 months to see an Endo at Bumrungrad hospital.