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Avatar n tn I take 2000 mg of vitamin D, and it causes no pain. I feel much better when I take it. I used to be deficient. I would not stop the vitamin D. Perhaps you need other vitamins and minerals in addition, but the vitamin D shouldn't cause problems. Try calcium tablets and glutamate powder at night for the hip discomfort. Try magnesium in the morning at 500 IU.
Avatar f tn I have joint pain in my knees and elbows, weakness in knees after kneeling down and trying to stand up. I have numbness that comes and goes in my feet. My chemo/raidiation treatments ended a year ago. Are these aches and pains caused by the after effects of the drugs and radiation? I also have trouble taking antibiotics or pain meds. I seems to get every side effect listed. Alcohol of any type bothers me also. I use to enjoy a glass of wine but no longer.
691983 tn?1266804832 t know if your dr.check your vitamin d or not ?but please if you have every day pain have it check.i also read vitamin d with pain meds too.i was so bad my pain med didn't work i could have taken all of them and still had pain really.i don't know how long this pain free time will last but for now ,i am going to enjoy it!!!cause we all know the stones can move on out at any time!! please let me know how many of you have had your d check.i'm so want to know!!!
Avatar f tn I have severe arthritis like pain in my joints, but have been tested for just about everything. I have depression, but have never had any joint pain from it this severe until now.....does anyone know if this is normal? Thank you.
784442 tn?1293378767 The first shot resulted in severe flu like syptoms and joint pain undescribeable. Finished treatments in Nov 2007. About 1 1/2 months after treatment noticed joint pain in one or two joints but could explain it away. I then noticed that it was affecting several joint pains(deep ache) changing joints daily then almost all joints........joints I didn't know I had(not really) All finger joints,wrist,elbow,shoulder blade,clavicle,neck,lower back,hips,knees,ankles, and toes.
Avatar f tn Low vitamin D can definitely cause that kind of pain and joint pain can go in hand with Crohn's. I would suggest you solve the Vitamin D issue first so you know whether it is the culprit. Then, if it is not solved, do see your gastroenterologist to ensure all is OK with your Crohn's. After that I would then head back to the rheumatologist as some kinds of arthritis can take time to show up in the blood and perhaps by now the blood work will reveal itself. Good luck with everything.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm 18 and was diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency in Feburary earlier this year with a level of 15nmol and was only put on 800iu a day. However my symptoms got very bad by July so I was put on a weekly tablet of 20,000iu d3 a week and after just 4 weeks my levels had risen up to 110nmol so I carried on taking the weekly dose for 4 more weeks but my doctor never repeated my blood test at the end of it.
Avatar n tn But still have lack of energy and exercise intolerance , Even 10 mins brisk walk cause joint and muscles pain. Is this normal in thyroid, does it ever resolve ?. Any one out here has similar issues.
913053 tn?1245952849 I found out that my vitamin D was extremely low, and take 100,000 units once a week now..with a daily 2400 calcium/vitamin D. It is a bit better, but I'm thinking it is/can be a combination of vitamin D and hypo..or either or. Dontcha just ~love~ this race?!?! *sigh* I hope you feel better.
Avatar m tn mild multiple joint pain in both wrist,elbow,knee and fingers since one month.RA test-11,crp-0.4, UA- 7.3,anti cpp antibody-1.5, vit d- 20ng/ml, vit b12-185.Left hand fingers slightly swollen.
Avatar f tn One possibility is fibromyalgia. Apart from fibromyalgia multiple joint pain is seen in hypothyroidism, low Vitamin D levels, Low Vit B12 levels, anemia, Hashimotos thyroiditis, gout (can sometimes cause multiple joint pain), rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, SLE, electrolyte disturbance particularly those involving calcium and magnesium, parathyroid gland problems, chondrocalcinosis and chronic fatigue syndrome.
Avatar f tn It was two years before my vitamin D levels were borderline healthy. The reason is I had vitamin D resistance from severe magnesium deficiency (one of my many undiagnosed conditions). Magnesium is the most important co factor for vitamin D absorption.
Avatar m tn I just saw my DR 2 weeks ago and about the joint pain and fatigue and she ran ANA (neg), RA Factor (neg), SED Rate (neg), Vitamin D -- showed deficient at 30ng/ml. I am now on a regimen of 50,000UI of Vitamin D for 12 weeks with reevaluation at the end.
Avatar f tn I took blood test today due to severe muscle and joint pain.. My vitamin D level is 11.5.Can someone suggest is this too low or normal level..
171867 tn?1271044148 I have hasimotos can you please tell me what the optimun levels for our vitamin D levels should be. The range is 30-100 and mine is 38 I suffer from hypo symptooms and cant seem to raise my T3 levels as they continue to remain at the very low range at 2.6 with 2.5 being the low end. I have alot of joint pain but if I raise my med levels I get breathlessness, which I cant tolerate, so any suggestions. My vitamin B levels were all good. Thank you for any advice!
Avatar m tn 7) Magnesium activates vitamin D. Without enough magnesium, vitamin D cannot do its job . Conversely, too much vitamin D supplementation can cause magnesium deficiency." Ancient Minerals - Need More Magnesium? 10 Signs to Watch For.... "7. Do you take calcium supplements without magnesium or calcium supplements with magnesium in less than a 1:1 ratio? Studies have shown that when magnesium intake is low, calcium supplementation may reduce magnesium absorption and retention.
Avatar f tn What positive results did you see? Arthritis is the last thing I need! I take calcium, vitamin D, fish oil, flaxseed oil, vitamin C, and magnesium, I also have osteoporosis and I am 44! I am hoping to see an improvement in my bone scan this summer. Being hyper with Grave's surely didn't help.
11814884 tn?1424233874 You would think a paper that took a look at tens of thousands of subjects and analyzed the efficacy of prescription vitamin D (D2) and over-the-counter vitamin D (D3) would warrant a news story or two. To my knowledge, these papers are the first to paint such a clear picture about the efficacy between D3 and D2. While there may be explanations for D3's superiority other than improved efficacy, for the time being, these papers send doctors a message: use D3, not D2.
Avatar n tn As said my mouth sores are not very bad it shows occasionally but canker soars in my mouth also shows as well which are not pain full at all so could be not canker soar. Can you tell what brand of Vitamin D you are taking /. I need to take 50,000IU Vitamin D but what bran should i be using .
Avatar f tn It seems like everything on my body hurts and after weeks of pain i am really in a MOOD!! I was wondering if vitamin D causes these symptoms and if there is anything that i can do to make things better, faster.
Avatar n tn hi there have you gotten vitamin d test? my sister and my nephews wife were both suffering from bone pain, they are now taking vit. d and say it helps with the pain. hope this helps some.
Avatar m tn My doctor has run blood work for RA Factor, SED Rate, ANA and Vitamin D. Vitamin showed deficient at 30 and after 4 months of treatment my level 2 weeks ago was up to 70 so I was taken off the vitamin D. While on the Vitamin D, I felt MUCH BETTER - almost 100% normal. Now after just 2 weeks though, I'm back to severe fatigue, joint pain and now some tingling in my chin and fingers. Could this actually be RA?
Avatar f tn Yes! I have joint pain after taking Vitamin D! I have stopped taking it and completely pain free. I have been pain free now for 3 years. I have taken vitamins for 40 years and have always had some type of joint pain but thought it was my heavy work load and very physical job thru the years. As I got older, the pain worsened and thought it was age.
Avatar f tn Also calcium needs magnesium and vitamin D in order to be absorbed properly... Vitamin D deficiency can cause muscle/bone/joint pain. Make sure you don't take calcium/magnesium, iron and other minerals within 4 hours of your thyroid medication as they will prevent proper absorption of the thyroid med.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had joint pain in their shoulders that progressively got worse to the point of muscle weakness? I feel like it's something other than fibro. RA?