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Avatar m tn anxiety does not normally cause joint pain unless your anxiety causes you to hold your joint rigidly for a period of time. any ticks in your area when you are outside? some tick bites can cause joint pain and fatigue.
Avatar f tn For a few weeks I have been experiencing shooting nerve pain my left thumb. The pain/numbness occurs at the base of the thumb joint where it meets the web part of hand. Rubbing over this area, i can feel the nerve move across the joint. Pushing on the inside of thumb causes tingling/numbness but when I try to grip something I will get sharp shocking pain into thumb. I've been icing it but when I go ti stretch I feel the nerve being stretched in thumb which is painful.
Avatar f tn I have joint pain in my knees and elbows, weakness in knees after kneeling down and trying to stand up. I have numbness that comes and goes in my feet. My chemo/raidiation treatments ended a year ago. Are these aches and pains caused by the after effects of the drugs and radiation? I also have trouble taking antibiotics or pain meds. I seems to get every side effect listed. Alcohol of any type bothers me also. I use to enjoy a glass of wine but no longer.
Avatar f tn Odd as this may sound, you may have a nutrition problem. Vitamin C deficiency (scurvy) causes horrific bone and joint pain and B12 causes numbness, usually beginning in fingers and toes and spreading. If you eat balanced meals, you may have an absorbtion problem in your small intestine. Vitamin levels can be checked with a simple blood test ordered by your family doctor. I battle malnutrition constantly due to abdominal adhesions so I'm intimately acquainted with it.
Avatar f tn ll have very brief tinglining in my hands or feet or numbness in my pinky finger which is followed by more pain. The tingling/numbness lasts for only a few seconds or minutes. The pain continually moves around my body and I've experienced it regularly in both arms, both legs, back, and neck although it tends to favor my right side. I've also noticed that some of my muscles have started twitching slightly- my eyelid and some muscles in my legs.
Avatar n tn In addition, circulatory disorder also can also cause pain, numbness by reducing blood supply and lead to numbness. Please consult your doctor to get all these possibilities evaluation in your case for further assessment. Hope this helps.
315737 tn?1407298997 Hepatitis c symptoms include peripheral neuropathy presenting with numbness, pain, tingling in hands or feet as well as muscle and joint pain. If it persists, it is best that you have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation. Pain medications and cold/warm packs may help provide relief. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn What is the cause for sudden pain and numbness in the ear and jaw joint? I am a 22 year old female and I have been experiencing these symptoms since yesterday. I was fine until the evening when I touched my right ear (towards the inside) and minced in pain. Since then I have noticed pain, pressure and partial numbness what feels like the inside of my ear, towards the middle, and about an inch around it surrounding the top of my jaw joint. I have difficulty opening my mouth too much.
Avatar m tn Just sleeping crooked in some position can cause temporary pain sometimes and even numbness depending on what you did the previous day. Just pay attention if it happens more - then some muscle/joint/tendon detective work is needed. Your only 17, so this is new to you. If you remain athletic over the years, you most likely notice more odd pain situations in your body. Not all are major issues. And some people develop a pattern, which they learn from.
Avatar f tn The fatigue is present nearly all the time, but the joint pain, seems like bone pain, and muslce aches are on and off. Sometimes I also have sharp pains in strange locations, like the side of my thigh. And, is it normal for my hands to fall asleep often? Seems as if I have my hands on my hips---they fall asleep within a few minutes.
Avatar m tn This would rule out the major cause of arthritis related pain (whether the spine is involving the leg and hip pain or the knee joint is having referred pain in the hips and vice-versa). SO consulting an orthopaedician is must. Let me know, what was the outcome. Feel free to discuss more. Regards...
Avatar n tn post carpal tunnel surgery both hands - joint pain in hands and locking up of fingers and unable to open or close upon rising in a.m. - please help?
Avatar m tn I take levothyroxin 112mcg my doctor has moved my dose around. Usually if I am low I suffer muscle pain in my legs, and joint pain but this last year other symptoms have came on slowly like flu symptoms numbness feel cold tired. But I started taking b vitamins after nothing else helped and the sick feeling left so I hope this continues. As my doctor is of little help and I work long hours most the time,which does not help the run down feeling .
Avatar f tn I do have chronic neck, shoulder and upper back muscle tension with some occasional radiating tingling in arms and hands. Frequent joint pain due to occupation (massage therapist) and atypical symptoms of crohns. I have noticed more tightness and compression in my neck even with regular massage ,stretching and exercise. Sometimes I also get numbness in traps on right side while exercise- possibly from bra strap and weightbearing movement on the same side?
694979 tn?1232313378 i get headaches, my joints have started getting really stiff in the last 6+ months which also only makes the pain worse. i have pain in every joint except my jaw but i have NO inflammation or swelling. my joints have started popping every time i move; big loud pops. bright lights and loud noises bother me, i have ringing in my ears. i have problems remembering and concentrating.
571256 tn?1217106274 For over a year now I have been suffering from periodic episodes of joint pain (mostly in my hands, feet and knees), chills (I get freezing cold), and extreme fatigue (people have alot of difficulty awakening me and even then I can't stay awake for long). As the episode progresses I also have nausea and eventually night sweats. It's been getting worse.
Avatar n tn The neck calcifications are the cause of your hand numbness, but for now you should focus on a treatment for your sciatic pain..
20888961 tn?1577388357 8 years ago i was suffering from symptoms muscle and joint pain , muscle twitching and muscle weakness, went to the doctor i was told i have a Positive ANA , been to different specialists, rheumatologist, tested for every autoimmune which came up negative, i seen my ob/gyn i got labs done it showed thyroid levels in bold LOW, i was sent to the endocrinologist got test run thyroid levels came back normal , now recently i been having the same & new symptoms but worse i been having extreme weak
Avatar f tn t seem to fit of their descriptions. Popping occurs in the entire hand, wrist, foot, and ankle. There is no pain but more of a numbness. My family suggests it is all just " growing pains". But I just don't know. When there's cracking in my fingers I often feel stretched with a light "ache". Then 10 minutes later mt fingers & toes are stiff all over again. Also my feet and hands have always been freakishly thin compared to the rest of my body.
5289415 tn?1391257241 A couple of years ago I experienced a numb feeling on my left knee and slight pain as well as a numbness that ran down the outside of the same leg. It was diagnosed as meralgia parasthetica which is a trapped nerve in the groin area. The area is still numb and lacking in sensation. Your particular back injury may not have any assocation with your knee problem, but there is some pinching of a nerve somewhere.
694979 tn?1232313378 i get headaches, my joints have started getting really stiff in the last 6+ months which also only makes the pain worse. i have pain in every joint except my jaw but i have NO inflammation or swelling. my joints have started popping every time i move; big loud pops. bright lights and loud noises bother me, i have ringing in my ears. i have problems remembering and concentrating.
Avatar f tn I am going to be going for an EMG soon, but would like to know what my results mean at each level. I cant take the pain, numbness, tingling, anymore...please respond!
Avatar m tn Do you experience numbness, too, or just pain? Also, is it like a shoulder harness pain (do you feel it at the back or between wingbones as well)?