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Avatar f tn i have had these issues and i think it has something to do with the way you sleep. i had elbow pain the other day i thought i was going to die it hurt so bad. my heart goes out to those with arthritis because joints aching really hurts....i use my body pillow to sleep now and i wake up feeling much better. Due jan 26 btw so we are right around the same time.
Avatar n tn All of a sudden, I have experienced joint pain and stiffness. I found out that topamax can lead to these side effects. however, I have gradually gone off the topamax and have quit taking it for approximately 4 - 5 days. Today I am still stiff (shoulders, knee, wrist and ankles) and my ankles are swollen. Do you think this is still a side effect of Topamax in my system?
666921 tn?1254990618 I too seize up if I am confined (such as on a plane), and this is in addition to the joint pain. The pain can be sharp, esp. in my ankles it feels like there are large spikes going through them sometimes in the morning, and rotating my feet even slightly is terribly painful. I blame a lot of this on inflammation, and try to exercise regularly and stretch a lot to keep it in check. I need to be wary of hot showers, as the heat can cause me problems.
2136167 tn?1374728651 I have been taking Interferon medication for long period of time ,then at the end of tx I started gradualy developing stiff ness and a pain in all my joints.I wake up with severe pain and stiffness in nearly every joint in my body.It takes approxi mately 30 mins to feel better if i start moving.Then anytime after prolong sitting it is very difficullt and painul to stand up on my k nees again.Once I start moving the pain subsides .
535882 tn?1396576685 i have had thyroid removed due to suspicion of cancer. currently my levels came back high or hyper. I'm having a lot of joint pain stiffness and achiness, could this also be RA ? I'm on Armour thyroid replacement med now. dose was recently reduced 3 weeks ago. I'm wondering if the achiness and joint stiffness, clicking are from that or could it be something else? thanks for info.
Avatar n tn What's the cause of pains in the wrist and fingers? Also stiffness on flexion and extension? How can this be treated?
Avatar f tn My wife has been suffering from joint pain and a rash. The rash will come and go daily on different parts of her body. If the rash is close to a joint, it will cause severe pain. We have had all types of test,all come back normal. Have went to three different Doctors, they make her feel like there is nothing wrong with her. She is crying alot now, and talking about not wanting to go on with life. It is putting a big stress on are family. I do not know what else to do.
Avatar f tn Joint hypermobility syndrome, kyphosis, mid-thoracic joint dysfunction, sacral pain and sacroiliac joint dysfunction. She also said I was ½ inches shorter since 2005, and could have osteoporosis. She assessed me as 46% disabled, but did not know why? At my doctor’s appointment in March 2008, I wanted to know what was wrong with my WHOLE spine, and sacroiliac area, and WHY I have loss of function in my legs? The doctor said the stenosis was not bad enough to cause my symptoms.
1947337 tn?1331423890 Just a question about your earlier comment about my joint pain and stiffness...I am going to the endo today about my thyroid goiters..should I ask her about the EDS, my PCP, or my NS??
Avatar n tn Had a sudden onset of severe joint pain and stiffness in my hips, lt. knee and hand, starting about a year ago. The symptoms last sometimes for a day or two, up to several wks., with one or more joints affected at any time. Pain and stiffness is worse with prolonged sitting, immobility, etc, and only mildly relieved with NSAIDs, moist heat, etc. Health hx. of: 54 y.o. physically active female with hx.
Avatar f tn I am 11 months post tx and am experiencing joint pain and stiffness that I never had before. The Dr's keep blaming it on age and prior, etc.
Avatar f tn I was having some stiffness and had some neck pain before. But New Years Eve I was on my feet a lot and it started out hurting up the back of my ankle then within the week both joints on either side of my ankle were swollen. Red dots and blue on the worse side. Its just now going down. And my elbow has been hurting for a month. Bottom line has anyone else had anything similar?
Avatar n tn Hello Doctor, I am a 58 years woman who recently experiece finger join pain and stiffness and ankle stiffness in the early morning. I went to see my pcp and have blood test done. The results showed negative RF, CRP and low ESR 13 but high ANA 1:1280 titer. He later referred me to see an rheumatologist. More test was done. The results were negative results for RF 7 (< 14) CRP <0.2 (0.0-0.9) antiCCP < 16 (<20) DNA double stranded < 1 (< 4) sjogren's ab <1.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have Chiari also, and have had sugery in August. I have always suffered with joint pain and stiffness. I'm currently home today suffering from it because of the snow. It's very difficult for me to type this because of the pain and stiffness. I have had years of testing for rheumatoid, lupus, connective tissue disorders, etc. They did diagnose me with Fibromyalgia in 2001. The long and short of it is the only thing I can figure is it has to be the Chiari.
199980 tn?1233797404 My orthopedic surgeon told me the classic symptoms of a degenerated hip joint is pain in the groin. I couldn't cross my legs and the groin pain was quite constant.. As it turned out, after x-rays, I had a badly degenerated bone on bone hip joint, After a total hip replacement the pain went away. Unfortunately the trauma involved was what, in my case, apparently triggered my MS. Not all groin pains are related to the hip though.
Avatar n tn s now been 9 weeks and although the pain and stiffness is better, it has not gone away. Went to a Naturopathic doctor, which we are not going to go to anymore, too strange for us and we are waiting to see a Rheumatologist, does anyone have any other ideas of what this could be. Oh and lyme test, negative and parvo-negative also. Please help.
1271506 tn?1271041933 ve been going through thumb joint pain for a year now and for me its not good. my suggestion is find the BEST "orthopedic hand doctor" and yes the specialize in hands. don't just go for the closest to the house unless he's the best. don't get a youngster and find out if the doctor has had complaints against him through the internet. i had my first hand surgery messed up by first doctor and i never did research on him.
Avatar m tn   My symptoms first started to minimize but then slowly returned, not all but some.  The joint pain, weakness and stiffness is starting to effect me on the job .  I am a Physical Education teacher who moves like she should be in a wheelchair.  I also feel weakness in my neck and stiffness in my upper spin. My PA took blood for further THS levels yesterday. I should find out something tomorrow. Again thank you for taking the time to share and care!