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Avatar m tn . I have 3 medium sized circled like rash spots on my genital area. It isn't itchy and it hasn't spread since I noticed it. I'm just wondering what it is and if theres anything I can do to get rid of it. I think it might be a STD because if I noticed it a few days after sex. Pretty dumb of me but I noticed it a few years ago and haven't tried figuring out what it is. Thank you very much for your help. This is a embarrassing topic for me. I haven't told anyone.
Avatar m tn hi I have noticed a week after I had a shave I have got a red sort of rash in the pubic area and few red spots near rash the rash or little spots arnt itchy just red the rash this morning was dry and was pealing little bit so I put cream on it to stop the dryness but al still there I also changed my washing powder last week thinking it could be a bad reaction any advice would be great full thanks
Avatar m tn Over the last few months I have been fighting a very annoying rash around my inner thighs and genital area. Started off as slight discomfort while sitting and walking, turned into a bunch of red spots that developed around inner thigh areas (both at same time), and has turned into red & irritated scrotum (with a normal patch down the middle) and re-occurring development of the red spots on the inner thighs.
Avatar m tn swollen tender lymph node on groin area followed by headache,dizzyness flu like sypmtoms that lasted from afternoon till night..then an itchy itchy rash on pubic area and shaft of penis with small spots/blisters appearing and then disappearing by themselves..I keep thinking maybe my primary outbreak was not as painful as people make it out to be...
Avatar m tn I am 30 years of age, I live a very healthy and hygienic lifestyle but I have a similar problem along within a few genital warts coming around my genital area. Please Help. Do I need to visit a Dermatologist or some other physician and can I also consult you regarding the same?
Avatar f tn Ok so I have cluster headaches and they started in the beginning of November well 3 days after my first headache I started to get an itchy rash on my chest and arms and they finally went away just this last week but I also have a rash on the palms of my hands and soles of my feet and a few on my genital area now and I'm scared anyone know what it could possibly be? I have been using hydrocortisone cream daily 3 times a day and it's starting to disappear.
Avatar n tn I have an itchy red rash over most of my body including arms, legs, genital area, buttocks, and even my head (can't see it, just feel it). None on my hands or feet, underarms or breasts. Started on my right forearm in a small patch around a surgical site a few weeks ago, but just recently started to itch and now appears to be spreading. Any ideas?
Avatar m tn About a week after having unprotected sex I noticed about 5 larger red pimples on my penis and then a itchy rash in both groin folds. I went to a doctor and he said they were nothing to worry about. He thought the pimples were bacterial ("Follicitus") and the rash was jock itch. He gave me antibiotic pills and cream for the pimples and anti fungal cream for the rash. However, it has been 6 days now with no real improvement. Any other thoughts/concerns? Please help. Thank you.
Avatar m tn so you've cut it off, thrown everything but the kitchen sink at it and wonder why you still have a rash? at this point stop putting anything on your genital area. almost everything you've been doing is known to irritate the delicate genital skin. if the rash isn't better in 2 or 3 days, go and be seen and get it looked at. depending on the cause of the initial symptoms, you might've made it spread by cutting it off initially.
Avatar f tn I regulary shave my genital areas and though it was a rash or infection. It has been itchy and sensible. Also I developed a similar larger bump at the bottom-under part of my penis. It has become a little hard and sensible. The other pimple-like bumps are going away as the days go by and doesn't bother much any more. I have not shaved again since it started. I am freaking out over this.
1580591 tn?1296445333 I am a 15 years old Boy that have a rash\or allergies in my genital area its start when my pubic hair grow and got a itchy brownish dot in my right side of my genital area then i shave my pubic hair and use Dr.
Avatar m tn weeks later - red irritated skin 1inch above anus but again no visible blisters; it did feel a little sore to touch in one particular area but couldn't see a blister and went to derm. but rash was gone within a few days so Dr. was not worried and doubt its herpes.
Avatar m tn Hello i usually sweat between my legs after I felt burning I went to doctor and he said eczema I took pills and eczema cream after two days got rash and the red skin still there and I went back and he said it’s fungus I said I don’t feel itchy on my skin why it’s fungus and he gave me fungus cream and pills after four days of using nothing changed the red still there, I was talking to my self I’m over weight and this happened because of sweeting and heating why I did this to my self going to doc
Avatar m tn Over a month ago, I got an uncomfortable rash all over my genital area. It went away after a week or so. I had been having several instances of weird genital skin stuff, so I was tested for a few STDs--HIV, Syphilis, and Herpes I and II, all of which came back negative. Then, two weeks ago, I got an itchy rash that started on my wrist and then spread to my pelvic area--it was particularly concentrated around the front of my waistline. This rash went away.
Avatar n tn I started having a redish kind of dry, itchy rash over my groin area, now it's over the other side and vulva area, I don't have any discharge, I'm sexually active , I'm in the menopause stage and allergies here and there that sometimes I need to take allergy meds because my eyes are icthy . If I start scratching I can't stop till I live the area very irritated and tender.
Avatar m tn Hi, I'm currently a college student living in a dormitory. About a week ago I started having a rash in my genital region. At first I thought it was just itchiness on my scrotum, but then things started getting worse. I noticed a few red spots on my penis and the rash started spreading to parts of my inner thigh, as well as near my anus. It's a red rash, scaly, and extremely itchy.
Avatar m tn I have a red rash on the left side of my scrotum right below the shaft of my penis and a smaller area on the right side - the left side is very itchy and after itching it I find that it has become painful. I don't see any lesions or bumps besides hair follicles although I have noticed the skin flaking off a little bit after I have scratched. I am sexually active but have not had sex since December '11.
Avatar m tn But could the glove be contaminated with herpes and got onto my genital area? Secondly I noticed after getting home my eyes felt itchy. Me being so stupid I went into the shower put on my face wash and opened my eyes while the face wash was on them.( It hurt like hell). that caused me to burn off the top layer of my eyes. I went to a eye doctor who then gave me artificial tears. Could the doctor have over looked the signs of ocular herpes? Do symptoms of ocular herpes show up with in 2 hours.
Avatar f tn Soon after i had a tingly sensation around my penis, especially in the tip, and mild discomfort, followed by a red itchy rash on my scrotum and dry skin. In addition i had strong burning sensation in my buttocks and back of thighs. These symptoms dissapeared after a number of days except for the tingling which lasted around two weeks. I had no lesions or sores. Since then i have had no symptoms. Could this be herpes?
282252 tn?1205695398 Diagnosed and successfully treated for Genital Herpes Virius 1. This was last September. No breakouts since the intial. What has happened is that in my 'genital outer' area I have been getting a mild non-itchy rash/irritation. From what I have been reading it could be caused from hormones and impending period, but since I have the HSV-Gential 1 in my system it may be a reaction to it. Does not itch or hurt. Goes away once period is done. Anyone else experience this???
Avatar f tn Recurrent outbreaks are often milder but from what your describing seem more of a heat rash considering the area. Most recurrent outbreaks tend to be in the same area.
Avatar m tn I had an encounter at a massage parlor where the girl climbed on top of my boxer short area (we were both nude) and grinded as if having sex. One week later I had flu like symptoms with shingle like tingling round my genital area, anus, torso and face. I have an itchy rash on both inner thighs and on my stomach below my belly button. I've had these symptoms for 3 weeks. They seem to come and go and I will get one red itchy pimple on my mid thigh as well.
Avatar n tn You can also use a barrier cream with zinc oxide paste or calamine lotion or a mild steroid cream like dermacort on the rash. If the bumps are itchy,you can take some antihistaminic like benadryl or Claritin. If the lumps persist then it will be best to get it evaluated from a dermatologist.Genital herpes has to be ruled out. I hope that helps. Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or in case you have additional queries. Kind regards.