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Avatar m tn m younger (only 19), or because, apparently, intranasal fentanyl has a half life of 7 minutes compared to transdermal fentanyl patches with half lives of up to 27 HOURS. Either way, I hope you start to get better soon, I can't even imagine what 8 years on oxycodone must be like to quit from.
4250906 tn?1369809356 Testing Recommendations for Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection from the CDC website states: Persons for Whom Routine HCV Testing Is of Uncertain Need 1)Recipients of transplanted tissue (e.g.
688450 tn?1259468734 I got the H1N1 because I work in a hospital. I didn't want to get my children vaccinated unless the outbreak got worse. So thankfully the rest of my family were not vaccinated!
Avatar f tn After several hours the fentanyl gel should have been transdermal should have very little to worry about with the children. Of course, observe them and if they should start to exhibit symptoms (nodding out,drowsiness) seek professional help. Monitor their respiration and seek help if it becomes shallow or of luck - - you really should be fine.
497572 tn?1209812815 “Oral corticosteroids are the most effective medication for the short-term treatment of nasal polyps, and oral corticosteroids have the best effectiveness in shrinking inflammatory polyps. Intranasal steroid sprays may reduce or retard the growth of small nasal polyps, but they are relatively ineffective in massive nasal polyposis. Antifungal agents have no role in the management of nasal polyposis, but these agents may be useful in cases of allergic fungal sinusitis with polyposis.
Avatar f tn It now makes perfect sense to me why you are in so much pain on the Fentanyl. Converting 360 mg of Oxycontin to Fentanyl results in 150 mcg/hr...this is conservative. Converting Fentanyl to equal 360 mg of Oxycontin with the opioid calculator results in 300 mcg/hr. This is the largest dose conversion that is shown in the fentanyl prescription leaflet that comes in the box with the medication. So your doctor's thoughts that you need to keep going up on the Fentanyl patch are CORRECT.
Avatar f tn I could have gone to the ER but my husband was out of town and I have children. Plus I can’t stand the IV drugs at in the hospital because it makes me throw up. SO, anyway since I accepted it she and I had some words. I really don’t blame her. She is a good doc and she is only looking out for my best interest. She said she wanted me to find a new doctor because I broke the contract. She said she would give me one more month of prescriptions but then I was on my own.
Avatar m tn Due to FAP being in our family, my three children had to have yearly colonoscopies without sedation. They said they weren't pleasant but each was able to tolerate them. That's been awhile ago, and now my two remaining, adult children are sedated for their scopes.
Avatar n tn s eating ok but sleeping a lot . intranasal drops (just says compound, but we believe they have antibiotic in it.) are hard to tell how much is being inserted since he fights us doing it.
623131 tn?1223057475 No I just put them back in the foil package and pitch them in a covered trash can with a liner. Our only children are of the feathered and furred variety, so no issues there.
Avatar m tn html I n the study of 38 intranasal drug users, all of whom had active Hepatitis C infections, “researchers found trace amounts of blood in 74 percent of mucus samples and on 8 percent of the straws used for sniffing. In addition, they detected HCV in 13 percent of mucus samples and on 5 percent of the straws.” The Hepatitis C virus is capable of surviving on surfaces for as long as 16 hours.
495284 tn?1333894042 Just awful...Fentanyl is bad sh!t in any form! I hate the stuff, even in a controlled environment! I'll bet she'll plead to a lesser charge though...
Avatar m tn Just curious? A friend of mine told me she's on fentanyl patches. We got into a slight conversation, becuz I told her I was detoxing off percocets.(proudly I might add), she said it was an opioid. So my question is, does opioids do the same thing as far as our receptors, and endorphins in our brains from percocets. With the patch she said she has never felt the things I described to her. I was just curious, does fentanyl patches work the same way as percocets?
1490116 tn?1304817137 I can sympathize with you. I have debilitating pain in my back which causes numbness in my legs. I too have children that rely on me daily & am currently 25 weeks pregnant with child #3. Regardless if you think you can keep your meds low or not Fentanyl is a VERY strong medication. The dosage you'll be given depends on the dosage of Methadone you're on.
Avatar n tn i have recently started using fentanyl patches for chronic pain i have had for over 2 and a half years. when looking on this website and others i have found lots of articles suggest these patches could be dangerous and have many side effects and long term problems. i just wanted to ask whether others have found them safe to use?
Avatar f tn I've just been switched from Fentanyl 25mcg every 48 hrs to Oxymorphone 10mg every 12hrs. I feel way worse (pain) & was wondering if anyone knows what the equivalence is between the 2. I have a feeling I've just been decreased in pain relief. My dr & the pharmacist told me to wait a few days to "feel it's working" & in the meantime I'm in excruciating pain. Can anyone help with what I can do here? Btw...
Avatar m tn there is not a whole lot you can't get from bank notes.
Avatar m tn I do not believe fentanyl was an option at that time. Fentanyl also comes in IV form if you are with hospice or in the hospital. Fentanyl is close to 100 times stronger at pain relief than morphine. It works well with few side effects. The worst side effect personally is the constipation. I take 2 docusate sodium tabs 100MG two times a day and it seems to counteract the side effect. I hope that helps and God bless all of the women and men that are enduring this awful disease.
Avatar f tn which i have never been one too sweat and the Mylan patches come off by the time i wake up in the morning. i must now use the i transparent cover up(derm0 patch. Is there another manufacture that's makes these "patches"? On a good note, prior too be prescribeded,(THIS WAS OUTRAGEOUS) They were not treating the problem just trying to turn me into a junkie, granted i still have too raise children,i dont work perm.disabled since the age of 34 now 37 .
Avatar f tn You need to stay very well hydrated. Someone with more experience with the patch will post shortly. Hang in there. Do you have Epsom salt for hot baths?