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Avatar m tn She believes I have a pinched nerve that is causing the numb index finger and muscle loss in my right arm. I have no tricep muscle. I can lift things low, but nothing heavy out in front of me. Also my forearm sometimes is hard to control. The left shoulder blade pain is where it all began 3 weeks ago. I had severe pain in that area, along with the numb finger.
Avatar n tn In the last two weeks I've had sudden numbness in my INDEX finger only. It feels bruised when you stroke the finger tip (pad area) and a pins and needles sensation. I thought it was carpel tunnel but it's only one finger on the hand I rarely use for anything. I ended up going to a chiropractor last week, had some alignments done on my hips and two in my neck. For the first hour I felt some relief and could freely move my neck again. Then the pain started coming back.
Avatar n tn My right arm looks bigger now and feels bigger. and the my index finger is numb and has some pain. When I cough, I want to jump out of my skin because the pain is awful in my left shoulder. I took so many meds, seen a family doc and a chiropractor and still in pain. I never had this problem or any other problems like this. 42 and for the most part healthy. What could this really be and how can I fix it?
Avatar n tn I notice that occasionally when I eat something bad (chips, hamburger, etc) my right index finger will start to go slightly numb and go back to normal maybe 30 minutes later. This has been going on for at least a year if not years. Is it possible that all my years of bad eating and my current potato chip vice has caused this? That would be horrible as I'm trying to live a very healthy lifestyle and to have something this stupid derail that is bothering me. Please help!
Avatar f tn They were so numb at times that my fingers curled in as if paralyzed. Right now I can feel the tingles going down my shoulders into the back of my arms and into my pinky and ring fingers on my left side and into the back of my thumb and index finger on my right. This is taking forever to type. The last time I had this symtom to this extent was 4 years ago after the birth of my daughter.
Avatar f tn After the second week the pain seemed to go away but now my thumb and index finger is numb. This does not leave and when I move my arm a certain way it feels like the whole hand will go numb in a throbbing sort of way. Now after 2 weeks of this I seem to notice some weakness in this arm. I went to a chiropractor for 2 visits with no relief and $120 plus. Do you think I have a condition that will require surgery? I just want this numbness to go away. Thanks so much for listening.
Avatar n tn I can flex them, but can't completely straighten them. Since my thumb and index finger are not affected, I can write fine. My questions are - 1) Since I have no idea about this problem, is there a cure for this? 2) I am extremely busy for another 3 months as I am a full time employee and student, will I be ok if see doctor after 3 months or the condition could get worse? Any suggestion you can provide about the problem I am going through will be very much appreciated.
Avatar f tn I had CTS surgery 4 weeks ago which relieved the tingling and numbness in my thumb, index and middle finger. Prior to surgery I had numbness in all of my fingers on my right hand. They did an EMG and found loss to all my fingers. After surgery now both my ringfinger, little finger and that outer side of my hand are totally numb. I am also experiencing pain in the palm of my hand so bad that I have to take Ultram or Hydracodone.
Avatar m tn The index finger is the worst, being numb during most of the day. The middle finger, ring finger and thumb also have burns. All fingers are dexterous, I can feel pressure when applied and nerves seem ok. The index finger is burned on the area near the nail bed including the nail itself, the burn is isolated to the right side of the nail and finger. My question being what will a Doctor do to ease my pain and help the healing process?
389314 tn?1200540676 I got very sick in early June 2007 and then got a numb pinky finger and L'Hermittes sign within a few weeks. I had an MRI in late July, which found 4 spinal lesions (mild enhancement). I had a brain MRI in October, which found "several periventricular white matter T-2 weighted hyperintensities with a callosal lesion seen." None of the lesions were enhancing. I also had a lumbar puncture, which found oligoclonal bands (number not noted), an IGG Index of 1.
Avatar f tn 3/20/10 Following up, my EMG studies are now complete. "The findings are consistent with chronic changes persisting following a left C5 cervical radiculopathy." (hence, my numb left index finger) "Abnormal study." At least someone has told me something definite. Now what? Any suggestions?! My neurosurgeon is on vacation until 4/1/10. Thanks.
Avatar f tn i got a tattoo on my left hand right in between my thumb and my index finger. I think that they hit a nerve but ever sense i got it both of my arms were going numb most of the day not it is just my right hand ( opposite side of where the tattoo is ) and it is all day long. It is just in different levels of numbness. Do you have any idea what it is??? Could it be a pinched nerve and what will make it stop, i am a artist and hair dresser.
Avatar f tn In may of this year i started having the left side of my body going numb in different places at different times. sometimes my bottom lip, and the left corner of my left eye would go numb. or the left side of my neck. or my ankle and foot or my hand wrist and index finger. sometimes it would happen all at once but sometimes it here and there. I m a beautician, and stand for many hours a day half bent over.
Avatar m tn Incidentally the very tip of my middle finger and wedding ring finger feel numb at the tip and sides of the nails. My right hand does not have the burning sensation (yet) but the very tips of my fingers feel a little bit numb. That about sums it up! This has been like this for about 3 weeks i've been hoping it would clear up but it is getting worse, I've made an appointment with the doctor for next week. Just thought I would ask if anybody has any ideas? Many thanks!
Avatar n tn Recently over the past 3-5 weeks my finger tips have been going through a cycle of first feeling numb and stiff, as if covered in glue. Then they would begin to peel, this would happen all at once and the now exposed skin is wrinkled very tender and red. At first this was isolated to the thumb and index finger of my left hand but now has spread to all of my fingers on both hands mainly staying on the very tips. I am 27 and have seasonal allergies as well as allergies to molds/mildew.
Avatar f tn I recently woke up with the tip of my index finger numb. Should I be concerned? What could the cause of this be? Thank you.
Avatar n tn ) Also, I was not comfortable withe fact that the doctor and tech wanted to numb my hand, re-break the finger, take an x-ray to see if I needed surgery and put a cast on my hand all in a period of 45 minutes before I had to be at a committed appointment! As it was, I was alone with nobody to drive me home! Would you drive home alone with your hand completely numb and in a complete cast? .. I think not! It was enough having hit my pinky numerous times before I had the temporary splint!
Avatar n tn to your hand he said again that it is from doing repetive motion with my hands all day. In my index finger on my left hand I have a knot where the finger attaches to my hand. The doctor said this is a very tight tendon that can come and go. Maybe that is all yours is and it is swelling and cutting off the circulation causing it to go numb. I have a friend who had wrist surgery I think she had that fusion. It was recent though. Has your surgery been long ago?
Avatar n tn It started with my index finger having spasms, and then moved to in between my middle finger and pointer finger knuckle. It now is deblilitating my pinkie and ring finger and causing some minor pain in the outside part of my wrist. With my hand straight out I cannot I cannot put my pinkie or ring finger together and I cannot get my ring finger together with my middle finger. Any thoughts? I have attached a pic of how close I can get my fingers together. I am 32 and relatively healthy.
Avatar f tn I just had some dental work done two days ago and my lower right lip and chin still feel like they are numb and itchy and tingling. I have been going crazy all weekend trying to scratch at it and see if I can get some more feeling in it. At least now I know after reading so many posts, it may not be normal but its not uncommon.I really hope I get some feeling back soon, I keep thinking I am drooling.
Avatar m tn My right hand (especially my index finger) is numb most of the time now.My forearm has a dull pain, elbow has moderate pain and shoulder has moderate pain. What could be causing this? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/905917'>Re: shoulder and right arm pain</a>.
1090905 tn?1256858903 All of a sudden a few hours ago my arm, wrist, thumb and three of four fingers went numb and tingly and I can't really make a fist or hold a glass. (Index finger is fine??) And NOw in the last hour or so the left Index and Middle fingers are going the same way...that arm has had the Ulnar Nerve transposed 8 yrs ago ...
3189326 tn?1344881039 When I saw my PCP I told him all my symptoms - Numbness, tingling, twitching, pain in left hand between index finger and left finger, pain in right hand and trouble moving my middle finger, migraines, extreme fatigue, floaters in my eyes, dizziness, etc. That was about 4 weeks ago. Since then, I've been having some really WEIRD things happening to me, things that are somewhat hard to explain and really have me worried.
3189326 tn?1344881039 When I saw my PCP I told him all my symptoms - Numbness, tingling, twitching, pain in left hand between index finger and left finger, pain in right hand and trouble moving my middle finger, migraines, extreme fatigue, floaters in my eyes, dizziness, etc. That was about 4 weeks ago. Since then, I've been having some really WEIRD things happening to me, things that are somewhat hard to explain and really have me worried.
Avatar n tn i first noticed it when i had my left hand bent, like holding up my head sitting on couch, my arm was going numb, so i would shake my arm and lay it straight, now i have constent numbness in my index finger tip as well as my middle and ring finger, now i have it in my toes, still left side....
Avatar f tn My pinky and ring finger on right hand went numb after a chiropractic neck adjustment. On their advice I went back within two days for another adjustment. The chiropractor said go back yet a third time in a day or two if the numbness persisted. It is my belief that the chiropractor caused the numbness. There was no numbness before the initial adjustment. Now I am afraid to go back to the chiropractor because I don't trust them to know what do to get the feeling back in the fingers.
11025355 tn?1416999157 I cannot remember what this technique is called, but it does work when done properly. You can try tapping your index finger with the index finger on the opposite hand. Do this a few times and move on to tap the next finger. You are NOT going insane. You have real issues. When someone has chronic pain this can make you feel down. Depression can also make any physical symptoms much worse. Sometimes we do not recognise that we are suffering from depression.
Avatar n tn my pt person never did that, but my cht did. tomorrow my stitches come up. finger is incredibly numb. i hope i made right decision not going through with the other 2 surgeries. guess time will tell--- research your area for chts - there are not a lot of them around... ask your doc if you've built up scar tissue on flexor tendons and if you need second surgery for tenolysis. hopefully you don't - but two months out, yeh, i might have thought better movement.