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Avatar m tn It has been 10 days and the numbness/tingling of the index finger has not gone away from the finger tip and the right side of the finger. I also had some wrist pain as a result of the tiling process. Should I consult a doctor or will the numbness dissipate with time?
Avatar f tn The underside of the middle joint of my left index finger got pressed on really hard for an extended period of time (maybe 30 minutes), cutting off blood circulation to the finger. I won't go into the details of how this happened. The tip of this finger (from the last joint on but only on the right side close to the thumb) is now numb and has been for almost 3 days now. It tingles and has that pins and needles feeling. What might this be? Did I pinch the nerve or vein or something?
Avatar f tn So for a few days on and off my left index finger has been tingly. It's just the tip of my finger and it is on and off. I work as a server and use my hands a lot. I've been wondering if it's just a burn. It feels like there is a string around the first joint of my finger. Not to tight but just annoying. I can still move it and feel things so it's not completely numb just a little tingly.
Avatar m tn The pain in my upper back/lower neck came back really bad, as did the numbness in my index finger and tip of my right thumb. Turning my head does not seem to help. Doctor prescribed Vicodin and muscle relaxers, plus physical therapy. Since this is an HMO (Kaiser), Physical therapy was 6 weeks out. I went to a Chiropactor while waiting on PT. The Chiropractor took xrays and said my disc at one level (lower C or upper T?) was very narrow and told me there was nothing he could do.
Avatar m tn The situation did not improve much, still not able to lie down and the pain starts shooting into my arm more and more - even when i up not lying down. Initially only the tip of my right index finger was numb, now, my entire right index finger is numb and the pain in my neck is slightly better but the pain in my shoulder blade is still bad and still not able to lie down without pain shooting into my right arm.
Avatar n tn In the last two weeks I've had sudden numbness in my INDEX finger only. It feels bruised when you stroke the finger tip (pad area) and a pins and needles sensation. I thought it was carpel tunnel but it's only one finger on the hand I rarely use for anything. I ended up going to a chiropractor last week, had some alignments done on my hips and two in my neck. For the first hour I felt some relief and could freely move my neck again. Then the pain started coming back.
Avatar n tn My right arm looks bigger now and feels bigger. and the my index finger is numb and has some pain. When I cough, I want to jump out of my skin because the pain is awful in my left shoulder. I took so many meds, seen a family doc and a chiropractor and still in pain. I never had this problem or any other problems like this. 42 and for the most part healthy. What could this really be and how can I fix it?
Avatar f tn i could hardly move the left shoulder. The thumb and index finger of the left hand had went numb on the way to the doctor. I was given pain killer, muscle relaxer, and ibprofen (which really helped) After a week or so i noticed I was unable to reach in the fridge and grab a bottle of juice and set it on the table. Now a month later i had a emg done but the results were normal? I think i have a neck problem that caused a shoulder problem.
Avatar m tn This injury took place 4 days ago. Today, I started having numbness and tingling in the tip of my right index finger? Any ideas on what's going on. Do I need to see a doctor? I'd really prefer to only go if there could be something serious going I have two small children and I'm a stay at home mom w/ little outside help. Thank you!
Avatar f tn For the last four weeks I have had a totally numb middle finger and for the last three weeks the tip of my index finger and my thumb are numb. I also have some pain in my inner arm and.elbow. I had c4-c7 surgey and last MRI -couple years ago- showed degeneration at c3and t1-2. My ortho surgeon and I elected to try to jut live with it. My quetion is do you think this could be coming from my neck or is it simply from CTS yet?
Avatar m tn Incidentally the very tip of my middle finger and wedding ring finger feel numb at the tip and sides of the nails. My right hand does not have the burning sensation (yet) but the very tips of my fingers feel a little bit numb. That about sums it up! This has been like this for about 3 weeks i've been hoping it would clear up but it is getting worse, I've made an appointment with the doctor for next week. Just thought I would ask if anybody has any ideas? Many thanks!
Avatar f tn I recently woke up with the tip of my index finger numb. Should I be concerned? What could the cause of this be? Thank you.
Avatar f tn The first 24 hours, my entire pad of my finger was numb. By the next day, it was only halfway numb. Today, it's just the tip of my finger that is numb. I was wondering could this be slight nerve damage? And--does temporary numbness in fingers last more than 48 hours? I, also, was wondering about, if there was a way to prevent this from happening again?
Avatar n tn i sometimes lose circulation in my left index finger from the middle knuckle to the tip. when this happens my finger turns white and goes numb. but only from the middle to the tip! i have to keep twisting and rubbing it to get it to go back to normal and this usually takes 5 to 10 minutes. it seems to be getting more frequent. i have asked my doctor and he seems to be not too concerned but i am. i had a wrist fusion about 7 years ago.
Avatar n tn He returned today and with my husbands request the doctor did not put the hard cast on but taped the pinky to the ring finger and then put a soft cast from the tip of his fingers to his elbow. My son fractured his hand playing baseball, went on to play in three more games with the fingers wrapped before we were able to get the first appointment. He states that there is no pain but there is bruising and a smal amount of swelling in the area between the two fingers. Finally, my question....
Avatar m tn about 9 months ago i put i grinder threw my index finger at work im now getting pins and needles in the tip of it when i grip things and also when cold my finger goes numb how long can this last .
Avatar f tn My lower left was also removed like numb chin. I have just began to try to move to noodles, and soft foods. It has been yogurt, pudding, jello, and ice cream for almost a week. Good gosh I never thought getting your wisdom teeth out could be so painful and uncomfortable.
Avatar n tn i first noticed it when i had my left hand bent, like holding up my head sitting on couch, my arm was going numb, so i would shake my arm and lay it straight, now i have constent numbness in my index finger tip as well as my middle and ring finger, now i have it in my toes, still left side....
Avatar n tn The tip of my pinkie is still numb and the finger itself is stiff as a carrot - very little movement. I'm very concerned about the lack of movement and the numbness at this point but the doctor and therapists are saying don't worry. We'll see in another month. I'm concerned about hearing stories of people that didn't start moving it right away vs. people that did and the significant difference in range of motion later on.
Avatar n tn i have suffered from a similar condition. problem started with what looked like tiny blisters on my thumb and index finger (left hand). this has progressed to wrinkly look on thumb and first three fingers (left hand). apart from the fact it looks at bit funny it hadnt caused me any problems until two weeks ago when i started to lose sensitivity in those finger tips. spoke to my dermatologist when i was in gettin my moles checked and he tried to tell me i had excema. not likely!
Avatar f tn Eventually when the flare was over I ended up with residual numbness in the tip of my index finger and the incurable itch that makes me want to cut the finger off, but that is for another post. So this was 20 months ago. My hand often goes tingly and comes back, but for the past 10 days, both my thumb and index finger go numb and are painfully tingly. This gets worse throughout the day and by the evening I am going insane. Sometimes my whole hand gets involved.
Avatar m tn About 7 days ago I cut a chunk of the tip padding section of my right index finger. It would not stop bleeding so i went to the doctor and he cleaned and dressed it with a pressure wrap along with giving me a tetannus shot. It felt pretty tight but I figured it needed to be so I went to bed and when I layed down there was quite a bit of pain. It felt better the next day but yet again when i went to bed it hurt again waking me.
Avatar n tn I cut my left index finger just below the tip of my finger and its numb and very senitive touch.
Avatar m tn About 7 days ago I cut a chunk of the tip padding section of my right index finger. It would not stop bleeding so i went to the doctor and he cleaned and dressed it with a pressure wrap along with giving me a tetannus shot. It felt pretty tight but I figured it needed to be so I went to bed and when I layed down there was quite a bit of pain. It felt better the next day but yet again when i went to bed it hurt again waking me.
Avatar n tn The tip of my index finger hurts with a burning electric pain whenever I put any pressure on it. It started a few hours after I got back from the grocery store. I was reaching for an item on the top shelf and bent my wrist down at 90 degrees. I then bumped my wrist on the edge of the shelf or something and felt a brief pain in the wrist. I didn't think anything of it. My fingers were fine for hours because I washed my hands and pressed on them fine.
Avatar n tn For the last few weeks, I've been having increasingly frequent sharp, stabbing pain under my fingernail on my left index finger. It makes me wince every time. I also have a strange, semi-numb feeling on the palm side of that same fingertip. The fingernail looks nice and healthy. I've had a digital mucous cyst on my right index finger (which was removed surgically but is back almost as big). Both of these fingers have large bumps or swellings on them at the joint closest to the fingernail.