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Avatar m tn pain at the knuckles , particularly at the place of palm joining with index finger , difficult to bend , severe in the early hours, no redness of skin , no swelling
Avatar n tn Index finger was slammed in door 2 weeks ago - it was cut on both sides of finger but the cuts have healed and were never infected. My finger is still very swollen around the joint and it really hurts to bend - could this be fluid buildup and if so, can I do anything at home to relieve it?
Avatar m tn I am having pain in my Right index finger (knuckle) for almost two months now. I don't have any swelling, warmth, or redness around the site. Could it be related to the distal radius fracture surgery which I had one year back on my Left hand. Thanking you in advance for your highly valued advise.
Avatar m tn So it has been 3 weeks, no more swelling but there is this lump on her palm right on the opposite side of her index finger knuckle. Should we be worried? The doctors upset me sometimes, they never seem to have the motivation to actually look at you and are more worried about dismissing you quickly. Of course that wont stop me from taking her down again but it seems weird, it doesnt hurt, she can use the hand just fine is this normal for there to be a lump, is three weeks not that long?
Avatar m tn I have recently had no stop swelling in my index finger middle joint . I am verry scared of dr visits and blood tests.
Avatar n tn i sliced my index finger about 5 days ago with a steak knife. i cut from the second knuckle down vertically around to the other side. I was told i cut to the bone but they said they didnt see any nerve damage. My finger feels very tight and i cannot stretch it or straighten it out. When i try it stays tight. I have a numbess tingling sensation in the tip of my finger and cannot feel nearly anything at all when i touch anything. Such as water or swipping finger across my skin.
Avatar m tn 8 weeks ago I started having mild pain in the lower part of my index finger after trying to twist off a bottle cap. The pain has never been very sharp, but rather is a mild pain that only occurs when I do anything with that finger that requires a twisting or bending (sideways) motion (like twisting off a cap). This was not a severe injury, there was no swelling or throbbing or redness. I didn't even realize I had hurt it until the next day.
Avatar n tn My right index finger has been swollen for a month now. the knuckle is painful to the touch, but i'm able to bend it. Any ideas what it could be?? Thanks for any help!
Avatar m tn I took a puck off of my right index finger and didn't really notice any immediate pain. Over the next couple days I noticed that I couldn't form a fist because my finger was very swollen and hurt to bend that far. Upon further observation I noticed that my first finger knuckle had become very wide, but the rest of my finger remained regular size. It is also very sensitive to touch. This injury happened about a month ago, and I left it assuming it would just heal itself as most injuries seem to.
Avatar n tn I have swelling the area between my index finger and my thumb. I'm thinking it is the muscles & ligaments in this area. The area is hard and swollen and painful to hold and move those two fingers. Additionally, the range of movement for my thumbs have been reduced to 50% I cannot stretch my thumb back without serious pain and discomfort. This is the case in both hands and it just occured between last night while sleeping. What could have cause this. P.S.
Avatar m tn My son who is 10 yrs old has developed swelling in his right hand index finger and on MRI the radiologist stated that there seems to be an infection in the bone of the finger as externally apart from swelling there is no other infection indication, what is this infection and how could this be cured as his blood report dose not show any kind of infection internally.
Avatar f tn It is actually on the opposite side of my finger from my nail. It's more on the area of my index finger that you see when you turn your hand palm up, the part with which you touch things. I don't know if that changes anything or not. It went away and I thought it was gone but here it is again. Strangest thing.
Avatar f tn When i was 11 a girl broke my right index finger at school and no one believed me when I said it was broken. So obviously it wasn't splinted or even buddy tapped. In the eight grade my mom took me to a doctor that told her that my finger did break and that the bone healed eight degrees off. After six months of trying to buddy tape it and splint it, the bone only moved two degrees. The doctor recommended surgery to pin and straighten out the bone and my mom decided on getting me the surgery.
Avatar f tn I have a painful cyst that lies under a large vein between my knuckle and first joint of my left hand index finger. Either that or it is an aneurysm. The vein looks like a balloon that is about to pop. Is this a difficult surgery if it is an aneurysm and not a simple cyst?
Avatar m tn As it got worse we noticed the pad on her hand next to the index finger was swelling with a lot of pain to the touch. We talked to another ortho doc and he said it was carpel tunnel, or trigger finger and wants to inject steroids. He did xrays and the bumps did not show so he ignored them and no other testing was done. Do you agree with this or is there any other testing you'd recommend. I'm worried that this Tx. would agrivate an infection.
Avatar f tn Because it was hurting worse, I looked at it again lump and the knuckle at the base of my index finger was was about three to four times the size of the other and it was hard and painful to the touch. I again saw my doctor and he said it was probably joint capsule inflamation and a steroid shot would most likely fix it and referred me. When I saw the hand surgeon, he concurred but said he wanted to get me an MRI, "just in case".
Avatar f tn There is a small nodule found at the distal end, towards the base of my right index finger. It started growing and now it is around 5 or 6 mm size. It is movable and firm, i suppose with no pain, only mild pain during pressure. no problem to use my hand for writing or others. could it be a lipoma? will lipoma occur there? any reason to worry?
Avatar n tn I woke up this morning and swelling is much larger and very little mobility in the finger and throbbing in the finger comes and goes. Like others, I do not remember anything that I did to cause this injury. I do not remember being bit by any insects and have no idea what has caused this. I will follow the suggestion about the finger sleeve. Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn For three months I've had an index finger that has been swollen with on and off pain. It was a gradual thing. There was no injury that caused this. I have seen an Orthopedic doctor and have also had xrays, blood work, CT, and MRI. All only show tendonitis. The doctor sent me to Physical Therapy for one month where it has not been helpful. I only have half of the range of motion as I should have. Cannot flex or extend all the way.
Avatar m tn Some where between the 2nd after the 3rd operation e lost the ability to bend his index finger, he can only bend it at the first joint closest to the palm. he can not curl finger, it only bends flat from the palm. and is now unusually bending upward and towards the middle finger. First We were told it was due to the pins in his arm/elbow. now after a week of no pins no cast. we are told it may not ever return.
Avatar f tn I am 16 and for about 3 months I've had a bad pain in my right index finger. It started in the base knuckle near my palm. 2 weeks ago the pain gradually started to move up my finger. It starts to hurt during everyday activities like brushing my hair, taking off caps to bottles/jars, and mostly anything that requires force used by the fingers. The pain also occurs randomly, mostly in the evening and at night.
Avatar f tn Hello~You may have some misalignment of the small bones in your finger. I would see a chiropractor, he/she may be able to palpate your hand and finger and should be able to determine if this is the case. Until then, try soaking it in Epsom salts, this can help with the swelling.
Avatar m tn hello doc again yesterday i woke up feeling a little pain in my right index finger. it was more like a joint pain and sometimes the pain would radiate through my palm and other fingers as well. well today i woke up and now the finger is kind of swollen and it kind of feels weird to type with it or use the mouse. it feels dry and it also hurts but not the point that its stopping me from using the keyboard or the mouse. what could this possibly be?