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Avatar n tn my right index finger is a little numb ...i took aleve and it seemed to help the pain but the finger is still you know what is causing this ..and do you have any remedies...thanks ...
Avatar m tn A cause of numbness of the index finger and middle finger is carpal tunnel syndrome. It usually also has sensory changes of the palm at the thumb, index and middle fingers, and the ring finger on the side near the middle finger. I am not sure if you have these other features or not, but I will elaborate on carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a compression/entrapment syndrome of the median nerve at the wrist.
Avatar n tn I woke up last friday (yesterday) with a numb left index finger. The back side is partially numb and feels tingly at the touch. I can move it normally but I can't feel the backside normally. The thing is, I would usually rest my head on my hands during sleep which would occasionally make it my whole hand numb, but it would eventually get better within a few minutes. However, in this case it's only the back side of my LEFT index finger that's numb. I never had this kind before.
Avatar m tn She believes I have a pinched nerve that is causing the numb index finger and muscle loss in my right arm. I have no tricep muscle. I can lift things low, but nothing heavy out in front of me. Also my forearm sometimes is hard to control. The left shoulder blade pain is where it all began 3 weeks ago. I had severe pain in that area, along with the numb finger.
Avatar f tn The underside of the middle joint of my left index finger got pressed on really hard for an extended period of time (maybe 30 minutes), cutting off blood circulation to the finger. I won't go into the details of how this happened. The tip of this finger (from the last joint on but only on the right side close to the thumb) is now numb and has been for almost 3 days now. It tingles and has that pins and needles feeling. What might this be? Did I pinch the nerve or vein or something?
Avatar f tn So for a few days on and off my left index finger has been tingly. It's just the tip of my finger and it is on and off. I work as a server and use my hands a lot. I've been wondering if it's just a burn. It feels like there is a string around the first joint of my finger. Not to tight but just annoying. I can still move it and feel things so it's not completely numb just a little tingly.
Avatar n tn I have recently developed numbness in my index finger and occasioally my thumb. It is usually resolved by changing the position of my shoulder although some numbness in the distal portion of my index finger remains and I cannot distinguish between hot and cold. There is no pain. I have been referred to a Neurologist for evaluation of radial nerve impingement. If it is determined that this is the diagnosis, are there treatments other than surgery available?
Avatar m tn I have been developing numbness in the left index finger very recently,I normally take B12 pills in excess, does this have any influence or show any sign of any disease any kind, I eat a nonvergetarian diet, am slightly obese, I am worried about this numbness, I heard some sideeffects of overdose of B12 pills, can you post a reply regarding how to treat this numbness
Avatar f tn this is the third day that my right index finger is swellon and hurts to touch. keeping in mind that it could be either arthritis or a insect bite because i was in shed.
Avatar n tn Usually there's feeling in the pinkie and the half of the ring finger adjacent to it (this is the path of the radial nerve that is being pinched). Also, burning sensation when the hand "wakes up" is pretty common. Get on medline or one of the other good websites for more detailed symptoms. CTS is one symptom of hypothyroidism. Before I was diagnosed hypo, I had CTS in one wrist. A wrist brace that supports the hand helps tremendously when worn to bed at night.
Avatar n tn I have a similar problem rt side..radial nerve is compressed..maybe at foramen..could be stenosis..try pt, muscle relaxer, traction..if no help get a cervical mri..
Avatar m tn The nerve on the inside walls of the two fingers feel numb and sensitive. They are just slight swollen. The sensation is itchy and when I rub the index and middle finger together the sensation is ticklish. Do you think this will go away? Can you tell me the cause of this. Should I go see a professional? Is this a torn or damaged nerve? Does this require an operation? Here is an image of my hand. The incision of the operation and the lines in blue is where the irritation is. Please help.
Avatar m tn Initially only the tip of my right index finger was numb, now, my entire right index finger is numb and the pain in my neck is slightly better but the pain in my shoulder blade is still bad and still not able to lie down without pain shooting into my right arm. I am not able to find any good sports medicine doctors until a few days due to new year. the people at urgent care did not take an x-ray. Can someone please tell me if i have something serious to go to ER?
Avatar f tn I recently picked up a mountain bike to put it in the back of my truck and the seat post put a lot of pressure on the big knuckle on top of my hand that is right where the index finger connects to my hand. My finger hurt and went numb for a while and I thought nothing more of it. Then I kept noticing that if I touched this same spot my finger has a shooting sort of pain that radiates down the entire length of my finger all the way to the nail.
Avatar n tn My right arm looks bigger now and feels bigger. and the my index finger is numb and has some pain. When I cough, I want to jump out of my skin because the pain is awful in my left shoulder. I took so many meds, seen a family doc and a chiropractor and still in pain. I never had this problem or any other problems like this. 42 and for the most part healthy. What could this really be and how can I fix it?
Avatar n tn my left index finger feels numb along with the back of my left hand, its has been doing this for some weeks now but thought it was maybe just stress or being on the computer to long, i have asthma and have recently been giving steroids to help with it, i dont know if this is a side effect but i am getting worried that it could be something serious.
Avatar n tn In the last two weeks I've had sudden numbness in my INDEX finger only. It feels bruised when you stroke the finger tip (pad area) and a pins and needles sensation. I thought it was carpel tunnel but it's only one finger on the hand I rarely use for anything. I ended up going to a chiropractor last week, had some alignments done on my hips and two in my neck. For the first hour I felt some relief and could freely move my neck again. Then the pain started coming back.
Avatar n tn I notice that occasionally when I eat something bad (chips, hamburger, etc) my right index finger will start to go slightly numb and go back to normal maybe 30 minutes later. This has been going on for at least a year if not years. Is it possible that all my years of bad eating and my current potato chip vice has caused this? That would be horrible as I'm trying to live a very healthy lifestyle and to have something this stupid derail that is bothering me. Please help!
Avatar m tn I have been experiencing constant numbness along the outside (only) of my left index finger. It is numb but still hurts if I press on it. It does not go away, I can move my finger however I feel a little strain on it from time to time if I use it alot.
Avatar m tn When I check, the finger(s) are slowly turning white from the nail down. It is usually accompanied by a mild numbness and lasts for about 10 minutes or so. The finger becomes very cold. It never proceeds much further down than the second joint but is very unnerving. I can not compare the sensation to anything I have ever experienced before. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/896523'>Numb index finger</a>.
Avatar m tn (Apologies if this is in the wrong forum) I have been experiencing sporadic pins and needles/tingling in the thumb and sometimes index finger of my right hand for the past few weeks although it has become much more common over the past week. The tingling usually starts in the thumb before sometimes spreading to the index finger and down the thumb towards the wrist.
Avatar f tn didn't know how to describe these episodes. So what brought me here, is I woke up from GA also with a numb index finger and thumb on my left hand. I was told this should go away, within a week. It is still sad and worried. I would like to know why this happened, when he said he was not near C5 which is the nerve responsible for these two digits. They feel swollen, they appear like the circulation has been affected. I thought originally it may have been from the intervenous...
Avatar f tn im a 17 years old girl.I woke up on tuesday (4 days ago) with a numb left index finger. The back side is partially numb and feels tingly at the touch. I can move it normally but I can't feel the backside normally. The thing is, I would usually rest my head on my hands during sleep which would occasionally make my whole hand numb, but it would eventually get better within a few minutes. However, in this case it's only the back side of my LEFT index finger that's numb.
Avatar n tn yesterday morning (about 20 hrs ago) I woke up with a numb left index finger- all of the top joint and partly the middle is numb. It has not improved and I'm getting worried. My history: 24 y.o. female. In 7/95 I developed repetitive strain injuries from keyboarding- mostly in right hand, arm- no numbness, just achy feelings. Then I had a car accident in 12/95 with minor whiplash. About 3 months after accident I began having neck and upper back pain.
Avatar f tn Pregnancy carpal tunnel..? I have it started at about 37 weeks for me, my fingers get numb and I sometimes feel a pop from the fluid... The only thing you can really do is keep your wrist straight, don't sleep on it.