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Avatar n tn About a week ago I wrote in with symptoms of shaking pinky and ring fingers in left hand, trembling chin and rls signs in left foot. These symptoms seem to have improved slightly although my ring, pinky and middle fingers in left hand still tremor when held out in front of me. I am 29 years old and 7 months pregnant. Now I am experiencing something completely different.
Avatar n tn 3 weeks ago I first noticed that when my left hand was lying on the keyboard of my laptop the index finger and/or thumb felt like they were seizing up. Sometimes they would then "jump", i.e. move the joint once or twice and then feel fine again, before starting to freeze up again. This would take around 30 seconds. Sometimes they'd also shake (side to side) for a minute and then stop. This only happens when the hand is supported, it does not happen at night.
Avatar m tn About two weeks later I developed persistent fasciculations right hypothenar area (the area below the thumb/index finger) wtih index finger twitching which was persistent/worse at night. I could not sleep for at least few weeks due to the finger moving. I have felt occasional twitching arms/calfs/eyelids/chest. Yes I have been anxious thinking about ALS. I have developed occasional mild calf cramp. I also developed intermittent pins/needles of feet and lower extremities.
1468406 tn?1286492742 It pretty much goes away when I am not flaring up, but each flare brings it on stronger, and this time around it is including my middle finger, and occasionally my index finger and thumb. The tremor is NOT there when my hand is relaxed (for example, hanging at my side or with the fingers curled). However when I stretch my hand out/straighten my fingers, they start jumping around wildly. It is like they have a mind of there own.
Avatar n tn For several months now, at random times (but a few times a day), the index finger on my left hand will twitch for about a minute and then stop. It is not painful, and I wouldn't bother to bring it up, except that recently it has been accompanied by a couple of other involuntary muscle movements: for about a month the top of the bridge of my nose would twitch in a similar way, and now the muscles around my left knee tighten up in a similar fashion.
1184460 tn?1273989830 Later that day I noticed that my index finger on the same side had started jumping as well. The twitching does not happen when my hands are busy, but when my hands are just resting, my thumb and index finger jump back and forth. I thought it was maybe a sign of low vitamin levels. I began taking daily multi vitamins but the twitches have remained. I'm eating healthy and getting plenty of sleep, but the twitches are just as strong as ever.
Avatar n tn Posted by kurt on June 19, 1999 at 10:14:24 lately my left index finger has been has been moving for no reason it just starts to twitch and i feel a slight tingling feeling in my left arm mostly by my elbow, now i,ve had lower back problems for 8 years i'm 28 now when i was 20 my back slipped out and the chiropractor discovred that me right leg was 3/4 of an inch shorter than my left and so my hips where out of line and that put pressure on my lower back witch caused my back trauma , chiropract
Avatar f tn My question is about fasciculations. I have them everywhere but the most bothersome is the web space between my thumb and index finger. The web space there has obvious atrophy as well as the rest of my hand and I see the area pulsating several times a day. I thought weakness, atrophy, and fasciculations were ALS. Would I have fasciculations with MS? The negative emg's and the positive o-bands really threw me.
Avatar n tn I have been having some recent symptoms lately that slightly relate to the symptoms of ALS. First, I have been having some weakness in my right hand, specifically in my index finger and thumb. Second, I have been having fasciculations in my left hand for about a month or so, in all of the fingers at this point. I noticed this week that my right hand is also having fasciculations now, only in the thumb. Does this sound like ALS? What else can I look for?
Avatar n tn Over the last week, I have been experiencing what seems like muscle twitches on the back side of my left hand that makes my index finger move towards my thumb. They come and go throughout the day, but I have noticed that they subside with any sort of activity with my hand and fingers. I notice them the most when my hand is at rest. My hand, fingers, and forearm muscles look the same bilaterally and I don't have any noticeable weakness. What could I be experiencing?
Avatar n tn Hello I am a 25 year old male that has been experiencing muscle fasciculations for 6 months now without any weakness. The twitching began with my index finger and like every other person in this world goes straight to the internet to diagnose myself and soon after realized I was twitching all over my entire body. I have major disc herniations at L3, 4, and 5 with a stenosis, and SI joint pain. I have had previous injections but have only recieved minor improvement.
Avatar m tn scissoring when walking-using a cane, weak left leg, both index fingers move side to side on their own, fasciculations the size of a quarter to size of a pancake mainly on the left side of the body about 75% of the time, loss of 50% usage of ring finger, any physical requirement of pinching with index finger and thumb in both hands, difficult, trouble with buttoning buttons, writing, turning doorknobs, balance, have fallen about 8 times in the last 4 months.
Avatar f tn Recently I have been having constants fasiculations in my left hand between thumb and index finger. Going on for five days and can't sleep. Now the inside of left foot started with fasiculations along with left calf. Could the myelopathy be causing Theses fasiculation? I see neuro doc on 24th but am getting nervous. Also my nerosurgeons wants to decompress my cord and fuse neck and low back but another neuro doc said that wouldn't help.
Avatar n tn During week 3, fasciculations in third finger, right hand, began. Finger jerks toward index finger with visible, rapid movement of muscle in my hand. Research led me to poss. GBS though diminished knee reflexes were not present when checked on day 5. Unsure about ankles and elbows. I'm very concerned. A CCF Neuro opinion would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn No true weakness or atrophy, I don't think. But recently I have had a twitch in my hand (between my thumb and index finger) that has gone on for over 3 weeks. It usually comes an goes over a couple of days, but this time it has been nonstop since Saturday (five days ago). Is this worriesome?? Please help! Also, I am a 29 year old female, no family history of ALS. I also get very fatigued quickly. Thank you for your help!
Avatar n tn Last few days I feel a change - I get them more in foots and hands - I have one that moves my index finger on my right hand, oh how I was scared! It has been 4 months now, I have had EMG done (clean) but my docs tells me, he doesnt see any fascics - they werent present during EMG. But no denervation or anything.
Avatar n tn for the past week I've had a tightening in the index finger of my right hand. It feels like it's drawing up or something. I am diabetic, have hypothyroidism and high cholesteral. I take meds for these. I also feel fatigued most of the time and feel I could sleep for days. Are any of these symptoms related to ALS?
Avatar m tn I have had moderate to severe twitching in my right eye, right thumb and right index finger for years and it seems to be getting worse. It never hurts but sometimes out of nowhere my thumb starts twitching and often raises about 1/4 inch without being able to stop, it lasts for about 10 minutes followed by general tingling sensation at the top of my hand extending to the elbow, same with my index finger.
Avatar n tn I feel pain in my thumb area (the muscle between the thumb and index finger) and then I feel pain in my pinky area and my palm. The hand does not seem weak, but, the pain does interfere in some "range of motion" activities. I also have "migratory" muscle pain throughout my body. My right hand will hurt then my left hand will hurt (usually on the outside pinky area). My calves ache and then my ankles will hurt. Does ALS cause migratory pain like this?
Avatar m tn ) About three weeks ago, in conjunction with an emerging cold, I noticed a burning sensation in the back of my hand, and on the inside of my elbow, roughly, culminating in index finger nerve pain and stiffness. I also felt a strange sensation in my upper left thigh, which, if pressed or pushed, could radiate a little zap into my big toe. However, I had no trouble walking. The hand sensation only lasted for a couple of hours.
Avatar m tn anyway about 10 days later I began having fasciulations in my left hand causing my index finger to twitch siedways THis lasted about 3 days than I had a spasm of my right trapezius which and than my right hand began twitching as well...Both hands and occasionally a leg would twich regularly for about 2 weeks.. All the while that old diffuse Nerve pain was worxde than ever in the effected limbs, as was my neck and upper back pain..
Avatar m tn I have been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease and have been gluten free since april with a complete turnaround in my Coeliac symptoms since then. I first noticed a tremor in my index finger, left hand and then right. It is not present on rest but does appear if I lay my hands flat on a surface and raise my finger upwards. I'm very confident it isn't "pill rolling". This is a rapid tremor.
Avatar n tn I don't have any weakness that I know of, but my thumb and index finger does feel almost numb sometimes. I think it usually goes away for a while by "cracking" the joint. My hand is usually worse first thing in the morning with that too, sometimes being asleep. As for MS, does it run in families? My uncle (mother's brother) had it. Sorry for so many questions, but being currently unemployed makes visiting a doctor difficult.
Avatar m tn About three weeks ago, in conjunction with an emerging cold, I noticed a burning sensation in the back of my hand, and on the inside of my elbow, roughly, culminating in index finger nerve pain and stiffness. I also felt a strange sensation in my upper left thigh, which, if pressed or pushed, could radiate a little zap into my big toe. However, I had no trouble walking. The thigh sensation felt like a sort of pressure, or a feeling of having been used.
Avatar f tn Could it be something I am breathing? My left thumb twitches and pulsates in the part between my thumb and index finger. I have had an EMG (over a year ago) which came back that I had an overactive nerve or muscle I can’t remember which it was on my left side. Nerve conduction studies came back normal. EEG came back normal. I would love to figure out what could be causing it. I do not believe it is stress related.
Avatar m tn Since then I still have muscle twitching, still feel very achy, and had bout of a painfull dull ache from lower back to my right foot concentrating in the upper leg area. Hands became included with pain between thumb and index finger, shoulders are painfull, back hurts. Recently I have had to clear throat more than normal, have had pain under my tongue which made so far only me realize that at times saying words such as "sit" its hard to make the s sound.
Avatar n tn Hello I am a 25 year old healthy male and have been experiencing fasciculations over my entire body. About a month ago I notice my right index finger would twitch uncontrollably, so like most people went straight to the internet and came across ALS. Soon I started to feel twitching all over my body (hands, fingers, legs, forearms, etc) and I was also getting tremors within my hands. I made a neurologist appointment and he ordered a MRI, CT, and EMG with NVC and blood work.
Avatar n tn Today while running, my right hand began to go numb. It started with the index finger and then spread to the tips of every other finger, then down the outside of my pinky finger to my wrist. My hand felt like a marshmellow. This lasted for approximately 5 minutes before completely going away.
Avatar n tn What exactly were early signs of atrophy in the hands? Did the muscle between thumb and index finger shorten (atrophy?) first? Were the hands stiff and aching? Did the muscles between knucles on the outside of palm ache, specially when lifting? Was there any problem with wrists? Did the arms shake while lifting e.g a frypan? Thanks for taking your time and all the best once again.
Avatar n tn The place where it is consistent is in my thumb and index finger and sometime my middle finger. This has been observed sporatically through out the day. 5) This twitching also occurs in my ankle,shoulder and hip but is less common. They are mostly observed at night when i am lying in my bed just before i go to sleep. There is also other migratory twiching that seems to occur anywhere in my body that doesn't cause joints to move. They are small lasting only a few seconds.