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Avatar f tn Im now pregnant with my 3rd. This is my 1st pregnancy since I got breast implants and I'm hoping they stay the same size lol I went from a small b to a DD. Im thinking they should stay the same size tho since I deff don't plan on breastfeeding.. too much work lol. I deff recommend getting them done. Just make sure u research all ur options before u commit to a surgeon. Make sure he is board certified.
Avatar n tn My doctor does not want to do a biopsy, since I have breast implants and he's afraid a needle biopsy will rupture the implant. I have consulted with two surgeons on this matter, and both opted for the 'wait and watch' approach. The surgeon I saw more recently tried to get my insurance company to approve a breast MRI on the basis that I have dense breasts and lumps that aren't detected on the other imaging.
Avatar n tn I saw at you can get prices for Breast Implants for Total package of including Transfers, Hotel etc from around GBP.2332.
Avatar f tn ---I guess all those women with health issues due to the breast implants are delusional!! So apparently none of what I am saying or feeling has any basis in reality or science. This is pretty much what most health care practitioners say. Meanwhile, my health and energy levels continue to decline. I was not able to get a removal date until the 24th.
Avatar n tn Doesn't matter where it is, or whether you can SEE it or not... it still takes that amount of time. Nose, eyes, breast implants, breast implant removals, tummy tucks, hysterectemys... etc. I know... have had them all. I am a veteran of many plastic surgeries and I too have felt angry when I didn't look fantastic with in a few weeks of surgery. I soon learned that that is how it is. There are LOTS of things you can do if you are contemplating surgery that will speed recovery.
Avatar n tn If a woman liked herself she wouldn't need to focus on the size of her breast and wouldn't need to obtain recognition through her breasts - which is what women who get breast implants need. Maybe parents should be raising their CHILDREN to understand that the BREAST IS for FEEDING and not FONDLING. The only child that wouldn't understand this is a child with parents that don't understand it.
Avatar m tn Review procedures at the agency (which approves stents, breast implants, MRIs, and other devices and machinery) were so faulty that unsafe devices - including those that emit excessive radiation - were approved, charged the scientists, provoking an OSC investigation. For reporting the safety risks, the scientists became targets of the now-disclosed spy program and some lost their jobs.
Avatar n tn A couple of days after the mammogram, I started experiencing a burning sensation on the opposite side of where the lump is as well as some burning sensation on the other breast (no lumps in the left breast). The burning sensation has not gone away and it's been about 7 days since the testing. I don't know what to think at this point. If fluid is aspirated, then does that mean this is cyst related and not cancer? Why do I feel a burning sensation still?
Avatar f tn I can't believe that drs would want the government to control what care they can give their patients. Prices are not cheap to get treatments and tests, but if it is required to help a person, it should be left up to the individual to choose their care. I searched for more than 20 years to find out the problem that affects my voice. I did finally find out, but I went through a lot to get to the right dr. That would not be allowed if the Bill was during that time.
Avatar n tn I have given birth to two babies with no pain meds, and have had two low back surguries and knee surgery, also breast implants which I did not use pain medication for my pain. After I was injected with my first area, my right hip, which was about 2 syrynges, the burning began. By the time she was finished the burning was intensifying. I was in so much pain, I was shaking. I couldnt even sit to use the restroom.
Avatar f tn We get the college town prices thanks to KSU I think. And thanks for keeping Bridgette sane and sticking around! Bridgette && Lori- You ladies are wonderful. You have put your own hurt and loss aside to support and uplift so many others. From my standpoint I don't know how you nurse so many woman from loss to gain like you do. After dealing with losses yourself I can't imagine how hard it is to watch women get their BFP's each month and you to not get yours yet.
Avatar f tn I just want to look normal. I have a pretty flat chest, too, and I'd never, ever get breast implants. So I'm not some freak who hates her entire body. It's just this one stupid thing.
1765952 tn?1314723481 I go through walgreens specialty pharmacy. I got great prices! All I trigger tonight! Very excited! My boobs are huge! lol Guess thats the only perk right now.Egg removal Wed! YAY!
Avatar n tn I cant were and bikinis or sexy cloths becuase of it. Im still looking for the best options for treatment and prices. I dont think i can ever be intimate until this thing is removed. But the girl is right up there, dont give up trying to find a solution. We all need to stick together and try to help each other out:) Some info that may be helpful to you: (please return the favor) http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn With the first transfer I didn't get any symptoms at all. With this second one I've felt a little bit of breast soreness, mild nausea and fatigue. I have also had a lot of cramping, but mainly in my hips and back, rather than the usual lower abdomen period pain. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Really scared if this doesn't work and I need to go through cycle 2 as I got ovarian hyperstimulation after egg collection the first time. Was in hospital for 2 weeks as a result. Wish me luck ladies.
Avatar f tn (I get a bloody nose, pain in my lower abdomen, and breast pain). But a few days later, none of the above symptoms exist, so now we're again waiting to see what the outcome of my blood test will be on Monday. It's both, exciting, and nerve racking. I've written before of what we pay to do IVF ($2000 total... including the actual IVF and injections). I'm sorry that those in the states have to go through such financial difficulties in order to do IVF.
Avatar n tn I had my first IUI procedure last jan 28, also taking utrogestan 100mg 4 times a day for two weeks , same effects like breast tenderness, and always feeling bloated, i'm on my 13th day today had a slight bleeding and it really scares me if i'm still going to get pregnant, tomorrow is our doctor's appointment to check if i'm pregnant, fingers crossed positive result tomorrow. Good luck God bless to all !