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Avatar f tn Can anyone tell me the success rate for treating Alopecia with the following meds: Azathioprine CellCept Cyclosporin Humira Remicaide Methotrexate Thanks!
Avatar m tn The highest response rate of 76% in the twice daily 12-week group does not compare with the surgical excision success rate (5). While imiquimod 5% cream is not part of the standard modalities of treatment for BCCs, it is a helpful tool in managing special cases in which surgery is not an option like large (14), multiple lesions (15), or cases in which the rate of tumour formation does not allow "keeping up" with the surgical treatment (16).
Avatar m tn will imiquimod reactivate dentritic cells will imiquimod improve intf response by using imiquimod+int?
Avatar m tn All these medicines lower directly or indirectly hbsag - add interferon or zadaxin and you have a higher success rate then 96 weeks of pegasys. Mind you the Japanese were doing these 96 weeks treatments interferon + ribavirin or lamividine as far back as 2002. Results were comparable with the French study that Stefano has posted. But these days with the new compounds they are testing there is no need for a brutal 96 weeks of peg.
Avatar m tn A decrease in reinfection by entry inhibition will therefore initially lead to a reduction of the total number of infected cells, but the lesser the infected cells remaining the slower the removal rate will be until it restabilizes on a lower level.
Avatar m tn I mean they give interferon treatment at home and chemotherapy with minimal monitoring - and yet they worry about with something as imiquimod. This imiquimod GS9620 main ingredient i am being told knocks out HPV virus. Very effective against Hep C too. That is what people that worked as biologists that studied viruses report. Information is out there. And these companies with their financial backing must have a great idea on what it really takes.
Avatar m tn In some countries this combo is done even as far back as the 1990s. Sure is better then monotherapy with 50% success rate. But still not reaching the effect of Re9ac.
Avatar m tn does it make any sense to try this vaccine during pegintf or for those with very low hbsag levels with monthly injections in a skin area previously treated with imiquimod (with also zadaxin added for the lucky ones who has it), the vaccine seems inexpensive and if it makes no harm it would be a good try are there any trials on these new hbv vaccines in combo with peg intf and zadaxin, i couldn t find any?
Avatar m tn That is a given, early treatment = better success. With any disease is like that.. What is bothering though is the attitude of these doctors (The whole paper is available only by paying a fee) That is why we don't have a cure available for HepB yet.. Problem is finding an honest and genuine doctor these days..
Avatar m tn The precore mutation is worse than the BCP mutation for the reasons explained. The higher HCC rate is however a result of a more inflammatory, cytotoxic and carcinogenic type of immunity and cytokine profile than in patients with intact e antigen production. Effective antiviral treatment will however reduce the ongoing inflammation and reduce the remaining risk to one similar to non mutated patients.
Avatar n tn I have tried various treatments such as Warticon and the Cryo (freezing) but each without much success. I've got to admit I didn't use the treatments thoroughly enough at first, which is maybe why im still suffering? I'm now in the middle of a treatment called Aldara, which is meant to stimulate the bodies immune system into fighting the virus. Warticon is the least powerful, which is why I think they give it to new cases. This may be why people have not experienced much success with it.
Avatar m tn I am happy to see a success story. Anytime HbsAb appear, then it is a success. Although how do you get neutrophils and platelets up.
Avatar n tn We are still very enthousiastic about REP 9AC's potential to achieve sustained virologic response in patients with chronic hepatitis B. Our current SVR rate is at 50 %. The next time we will release data about our clinical trial will be during the AASLD meeting in San Francisco in November 2011" "Is it possible to say how many years?" "Probably 3 to 4 years. This is just an estimate....
Avatar f tn May I know the phyllanthus niruri that you took, was it in capsules or powder form? How much do you take everyday? Any side effects when taking it? I actually thought herbs can't cause any negative surprised your dr asked you to stop it for a while. Appreciate your sharing very much. Thanks.