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Avatar f tn Can anyone tell me the success rate for treating Alopecia with the following meds: Azathioprine CellCept Cyclosporin Humira Remicaide Methotrexate Thanks!
Avatar f tn What is the downside to using Aldara for SCC? I have had success with several on my legs, having decided to not have any more terribly painful surgeries for SCC on the legs because just as soon as I would think I was rid of it, right in the same spot it would still be growing, causing another painful surgery adjacent to already badly sewn up and patched up areas. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/568061'>Aldara and squamous cell carcinoma</a>.
Avatar m tn I'm thinking about taking Accutane (Isotretinoin) for my acne and I read that this drug has also been known to treat genital warts. Is there any truth to this or is it just a rumor? Has anyone here had success with this treatment?
1094370 tn?1317138425 I'm worried about that because the cancer is more towards the tip of my nose... Anyhow, I'm looking to see if anyone has had success curing their skin cancer on their face using this cream..? Thank you.
Avatar m tn The highest response rate of 76% in the twice daily 12-week group does not compare with the surgical excision success rate (5). While imiquimod 5% cream is not part of the standard modalities of treatment for BCCs, it is a helpful tool in managing special cases in which surgery is not an option like large (14), multiple lesions (15), or cases in which the rate of tumour formation does not allow "keeping up" with the surgical treatment (16).
Avatar n tn LandonsMommy, I bought this fungus cream from my local Rite Aid and I checked out the web site and I noticed they had a product for scars. If i'm having success with my product i'm sure the scar product will be just as good. Check out the website at or even better here is the number I found on the box (800) 307-8818. Good luck with your scars.
Avatar n tn As well as I do not wish to develop cancer. My research so far points to success with a drug called imiquimod, if the virus has not achieve complete viral integration.
Avatar n tn Well, resiquimod is in this version: "Resiquimod is an immune modulator whose sister drug, imiquimod or Aldara, has shown good success in treating genital warts. One study showed some limited benefit while using resiquimod for treating genital herpes.
Avatar m tn Hello I am hoping that one of you have experience or knowledge with the cream Aldara or Imiquimod. I have been using it for about 4 weeks now on anal warts and it has made them pretty much go away. But the itching and burning is EXTREME to say the least and is a minute to minute struggle every day and is ruining my life. I am wondering how long to expect this to continue after I discontinue using the cream or any suggestions for relief until then.
Avatar m tn will imiquimod reactivate dentritic cells will imiquimod improve intf response by using imiquimod+int?
Avatar f tn this was plain intf and not the peg available now i used imiquimod that makes your body produce the intf, it had sides like a flu i took paracetamol and with that all sides were gone.i had no response probably because my hbsag was still too high, i started using it with hbsag at 7300iu/ml and when i stopped it was 3600iu/ml but this difference is not reliable because i always have flactuations between 4500-7400iu/ml so the real decrease was from 4500 to 3600...
Avatar f tn Have shared this with others, and they also had same success. I've used it on tag moles with same success. Just be faithful with it. It works.
Avatar m tn * Podofilox, or Condylox * Imiquimod, or Aldara A doctor can show you how to apply these treatments. Podofilox is used for about four weeks. It works by destroying the wart tissue. Research shows that about 45% to 90% of warts are cleared, but in 30% to 60% of cases, the warts can come back. Imiquimod boosts the immune system so it fights off the virus. Clearance rates range from 70% to 85%, but in 5% to 20% of cases the warts come back.
Avatar m tn Instead of what they should be doing is examining immune systems of individuals with high success rates and drawing conclusions. Highly specific and advanced tests are available for it. That can analyze the immune system. I blame.big pharma. They know it all how and what works. Because they have molecular biologists work for them. But then again is anybody these days interested in cures.? Based on my experience no. Disease management yes. Lifetime nucs for us. Is all that is in store.
Avatar m tn // Veregen (sinecatechins) ointment Oral Meds Tagamet (cimetidine) - over the counter antacid Celebrex has recently been linked to a cure for HPV. Lopinavir - going to be almost impossible to get Future HPV Vaccine for the infected. http://info.
Avatar m tn i d say no effect from ezetimibe both on bile acid and hbsag for now 16 oct 2012 hbsag 3687iu/ml blip of hbvdna detected 31iu/ml alt 42 etv+tdf+imiquimod suppository, imiquimod suppository stopped jan 8th 2013 when starting ezetimibe jan 01 2013 started 10mg (40mg on some days) of ezetimibe plus etv+tdf jan 10 2013 hbsag 4207iu/ml feb 01 2013, started daily ezetimibe 50mg, alt 31 feb 28 2013, hbsag 3644iu/ml, hbvdna undetactable mar 13 2013, alt 30 mar 25 2013 biliary acid 1.
Avatar m tn I would like to mention that an other TL7 agonist is already approved for skin conditions. Its name is Imiquimod and the brand name. in most countries is "Aldara cream". It is also absorbed from the skin into the systemic circulation and might well have similar or the same effects on HBV supression by stimulation of the Tcell system by reactivating dormant or exhausted Tcells, the standard scenario in chronic HBV.
Avatar m tn And why go now through such a pain then there is Rep9; MYR; and imiquimod available? All these medicines lower directly or indirectly hbsag - add interferon or zadaxin and you have a higher success rate then 96 weeks of pegasys. Mind you the Japanese were doing these 96 weeks treatments interferon + ribavirin or lamividine as far back as 2002. Results were comparable with the French study that Stefano has posted.
Avatar m tn I mean they give interferon treatment at home and chemotherapy with minimal monitoring - and yet they worry about with something as imiquimod. This imiquimod GS9620 main ingredient i am being told knocks out HPV virus. Very effective against Hep C too. That is what people that worked as biologists that studied viruses report. Information is out there. And these companies with their financial backing must have a great idea on what it really takes.
Avatar m tn does it make any sense to try this vaccine during pegintf or for those with very low hbsag levels with monthly injections in a skin area previously treated with imiquimod (with also zadaxin added for the lucky ones who has it), the vaccine seems inexpensive and if it makes no harm it would be a good try are there any trials on these new hbv vaccines in combo with peg intf and zadaxin, i couldn t find any?
Avatar m tn In some countries this combo is done even as far back as the 1990s. Sure is better then monotherapy with 50% success rate. But still not reaching the effect of Re9ac.
Avatar m tn I've read about adults who have had success and this drug can help activate cell-mediated activity to clear the virus. I rarely get ill or allergies but I think my cell-mediated activity is malfuncitoning and I need something to boost my immune system. I also hear Dr Ian Frazer, creator of Gardasil is also working on a therapeutic form of the Gardasil vaccine, when this will be ready and approved for use though is anyone's guess. I guess I'll have to wait until I'm 40 or something.
Avatar f tn Immune inhalers such as Zadaxin But Myrcludex is a sort of same half fix solution as 9620 (Imiquimod) it will for sure will get once chances better to clear HBV.. but the question remains still - how long will one have to take it so liver cells regenerate completely? Will this take 1 year or more?
Avatar m tn That is a given, early treatment = better success. With any disease is like that.. What is bothering though is the attitude of these doctors (The whole paper is available only by paying a fee) That is why we don't have a cure available for HepB yet.. Problem is finding an honest and genuine doctor these days..
Avatar f tn It would be very interesting to see how would Rep 9AC works with Tenofovir; Baraclude and interferon. Or with imiquimod. That is what needed big steps forward.
Avatar m tn i thought it was 137iu/ml, at 23iu/ml you can consider it partial response without resistance but i dont change my mind because hbvdna in the blood must get to below 0iu/ml since even 0iu/ml in the blood corresponds to plently hbvdna inside the liver, so i am still pro tdf add on How do you manage to have both ETV and TDF. One needs to be on empty stomach and the other with food. So I think you need to take them separately at different times?
Avatar f tn Although i guess my main point of this all is for fast removal from the warts my success has been the freezing. Wish me luck and dont spread this horrible thing to anyone without making sure they know what you have, It is cruel. Unless your free from warts.
Avatar f tn I remember when my doctor stop sinvastatin and then you suggest me to continue even with more dose to 40 mg. And also you suggest to take fit D3 5000 mg. I took your suggestion 40 mg sim and 1000 mg Vit D3 but then I feel more the effect like headache. then I decide my self to stop it and only taking interferon. Then also, I tried to see 3 doctors in my city to ask them to do vaccination but no one agree. Then I never see Doctor again after dose#20.
Avatar m tn yes that s vit d and 55ng/ml is normal/optimum range 2years is very very unlikly, once you reach hbsag less than 100iu/ml (the lower the better) you may stop intf and continue to clear normal intf, not peg, costs less and vietnam has both versions generic and very cheap, also imiquimod may be able to keep intf but we have to wait my tests results