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Avatar m tn Still not sure if this is due to the medication. Other than that I haven't noticed any effects or any type of side effects. Everything I read online says the areas should be very red/inflamed. Has anyone had a positive experience with Imiquimod without showing many effects? Should I just give it some more time or is it apparent that Imiquimod isn't going to work for me? Wondering if Podofilox or the stronger 5% Aldara cream would have been a better choice.
Avatar f tn How long does it take before you start seeing results? 3. How effective has this treatment been for you guys? Were there any bad side effects? Would you recommend this treatment for others? Thanks for taking the time to read this post I'm still learning to cope with having this...I'm really struggling with it and it will really help to have some answers.
Avatar f tn Why wouldnt his doctor pick a more conservative commonly used method over a medication with lots of adverse side effects? Perhaps my ex is lying to me/maybe his derm isnt being honest with him. There are a lot of possibilities here and I simply would like an opinion so I know whether or not I have possibly been exposed to genital warts.
Avatar m tn Other than that I haven't noticed any effects or any type of side effects. Everything I read online says the areas should be very red/inflamed. Has anyone had a positive experience with Imiquimod without showing many effects? Should I just give it some more time or is it apparent that Imiquimod isn't going to work for me? Wondering if Podofilox or the stronger 5% Aldara cream would have been a better choice.
Avatar n tn It can cause few side effects like blisters, itching, open sores, scabs, and severe redness of the skin, scaling or a rash. Surgical treatment may be required if this topical cream doesn’t help. Do consult a dermatologist. I hope it helps. Best wishes and regards!
Avatar n tn Imiquimod is a good option, but it has different side effects. It usually results in some pretty bad redness/peeling of the genital skin. The upside is, it usually doesn't scar. But you do have to apply it more than once, and often the electrocautery will work in one go. So it's really up to you. If it were me, I'd probably try the Imiquimod first.
Avatar n tn While the results of these studies are promising, only a few patients have been studied and the quality of evidence is weak. Common side effects to Aldara involve skin reactions in the area where it was applied. These include redness, swelling, blisters or ulcers, skin thickening, peeling, scabbing and crusting, itching, burning, and discoloration.
5633011 tn?1371337268 Hi, How are you? If you are referring to Imiquimod, an immunomodulator, possible side effects such include blisters, body aches or pain, sore throat itching, and even redness or scaling of the skin. If it persists, it is best that you have this checked by your doctor for proper management. Support groups for vulvar cancer locally or over the net may also help. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn After only about 2 weeks of usage almost all symptoms of the warts were gone however I now have perianal psoriasis in its place. That is one of the side-effects of imiquimod and it mainly strikes people whom are genetically prone to having psoriasis. It is known that an overactive immune system can trigger a site of psoriasis, and imiquimod invokes an immune response to have cytotoxins destroy skin cells. So now....
Avatar m tn 2 Therapy with cytokines is, however, parenteral and is associated with unwanted side-effects. Imiquimod (Aldara, R-837, S-26308) and resiquimod (R-848, S-28463) are members of a new group of low molecular weight compounds, the imidazoquinolinamines3 (Figure). These have been shown to have properties as immune response modifiers in vitro and in vivo, and demonstrate antiviral and anti-tumour activity via endogenous cytokine production.
Avatar m tn She said that the medicine side effects will be felt when the immune system responds to the medicine. She said it will take some time for the immune system to respond.
Avatar f tn If your skin condition reappears you need to talk to your doctor. The most common side effects with Aldara cream are skin reactions at the treatment site including: Redness Swelling A sore, blister, or ulcer Skin that becomes hard or thickened Skin peeling Scabbing and crusting Pain Tenderness Itching Burning Most of these skin reactions are mild to moderate and they disappear when treatment is completed. They may be signs that the product is working.
Avatar m tn Hi anybody using this combo. I wonder if there are side effects. Sim crosses the blood brain barrier and can cause insomnia. So i take it in the morning then i can sleep at night. Does anyone notice side effects from taking both alinia or simvastation. I bought alinia from progressiveRX. Can someone recommend a lab (anywhere in the world) to test the purity.
Avatar m tn But it is not known how these side effects relate to antiviral activity. Hwalih Hanand colleagues from the National Institutes of Health evaluated whether temperature changes after starting interferon reflect responsiveness to pegylated interferon, as assessed by viral kinetics, serum cytokine levels, and treatment response. The study included 60 previously untreated chronic hepatitis C patients who started standard therapy using pegylated interferon plus ribavirin.
Avatar n tn I am experiencing similar side effects as a result of the Imiquimod treatments. I went to the doc complaining of two small warts, since starting the cream, I have several red spots around the base of my penis. I don't know if I am applying it carelessly (it's hard to get it only on the warts) or maybe too often. As far as the duration, the instruction from my Dr and the packaging says to use no longer than 16 weeks. So i would give until then for some changes to happen.
Avatar m tn More tired then normal past two days. Are there side effects with Imiquimod cream? what other things have similar symtoms to HSV?
Avatar f tn However don't ignore and still see your doctor to make sure, they should be able to do a swab and or blood testfor HSV What are the possible side effects of imiquimod topical (Aldara)? Get emergency medical help if you have any of these signs of an allergic reaction: hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.
Avatar m tn sorry used wrong words in english, blurred vision...
Avatar n tn Is it a risky treatment and should I expect any side effects from the cream? And secondly, if it is HPV, I've read conflicting things on it clearing up. Is it true that it will clear up over time? Or should I expect (if it is HPV) that I will have to deal with another wart in the future?
Avatar n tn Did you relapse after treatment? 3. Did you clear hbv sometime after treatment? 4. What about side effects? Anything you have on your personal experience with this treatment combo is wanted. Myself - I on it right now, hbv dna undetectable at 6 months into treatment. Do not know what quantitative HbsAG is since this test is not avail. where I'm at. I'm experiencing severe and nasty side effects - thinking of stopping the Pegasys (got about 1 month left).
Avatar n tn It would be criminal to prescribe a toxic chemotherapeutic agents for a simple keloid scar... Besides the severe side effects, the cost would be tens of thousands of dollars...
Avatar n tn personal_page_id=4797709 Her doctor is attempting to shrink this growth by periodically injecting it with a corticosteriod of some sort. The negative side effects of this treatment have caused my friend to seek an alternative treatment. I suggested that imiquimod (aldara) or retin-A might be effective, but I can't be sure as I don't have any information regarding the physiological nature of this growth.
1306047 tn?1333247191 I remember you from the past on this forum. Aldara can have side effects that you mention and was never something I was going to use. I agree with freezing or burning them off. The sooner they are gone, the better.
Avatar f tn that is why i am asking what if it is already time to stop the steriod... will my hairs be falling again???? and what are the side effects of stopping from steriod????? thank you so much.. I am really worried because I am trying to apply for some work..
Avatar n tn My main questions for you are about Aldara. I've read that some of the side effects can be quite bad, causing serious irritation to the point of ulceration in some cases. What should I expect? Also, the biopsy of one of the lesions was only taken less than a week ago and I'm still healing--the stitch has not even fallen away. So do you think I should wait until the biopsied area has fully healed? Finally, thanks for your advice on this (now dating back several weeks).
Avatar m tn Certainly the motive of FDA and govt are to fetch money by treating and no cure, peg is a noble example being expensive having big side effects low response rate yet approved. Replicor cud try getting approval from other countries apart from us. Anyways don't know much of these policies. Feeling helpless. Thanks for the infos Steff and Stephens.
Avatar n tn , but that doesn't mean it is the only option or that it is necessarily best for you. 2) TCA has no side effects other than the direct irritation of tissues, which is why it works against warts. There is no maximum treatment. But please understand I'm not much of an expert on the stuff: I have never used it! My clinic has always stuck with podophyllin, cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen, and in recent years, prescriptions for podofilox or imiquimod. I hope this helps a bit.