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Avatar m tn ec_id=NCOMMS-20130305 Aldara is a cream used for topical treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer, and is thought to act through stimulation of anti-tumour immunity. The active ingredient, imiquimod, has been shown to stimulate toll-like receptor 7. Aldara also induces psoriasis-like lesions when applied to naive murine skin, and as such is used as a mouse model for psoriasis. Here we find that in naive murine skin, Aldara induces inflammation largely independently of toll-like receptor 7.
Avatar n tn After only about 2 weeks of usage almost all symptoms of the warts were gone however I now have perianal psoriasis in its place. That is one of the side-effects of imiquimod and it mainly strikes people whom are genetically prone to having psoriasis. It is known that an overactive immune system can trigger a site of psoriasis, and imiquimod invokes an immune response to have cytotoxins destroy skin cells. So now....
Avatar n tn It cracks open and bleeds, has spread to my feet, arms, back the other leg and torso. It doesnt fit exactly eczema or psoriasis. I also have Crohns disease and they tend to flare together. I get psoriasis when I flare but that birthmark, the original part never goes away. I try everything but it still gets so still and painful, especially in the winter. Im not sure what to do, since even with the MTX I am on, its still there.
556286 tn?1215557480 This is a rash my love is suffering with, which started out on the backs of both thighs and was diagnosed as psoriasis about two years ago. With topical steriodal creams the rashes went away, but came back with a vengance. Now the rash is all over. It itches so badly that scratching for relief causes bleeding and deep gouges in the skin. Our bed sheets are covered in spots of his blood from this rash. It is now affecting his testicles with redness and itching.
Avatar m tn In this whole story I want to mention that I am quite vulnerable to psoriasis - whether these things have relation to each other ? Could you advise me what treatment to take or some advice? I have no experience and idea of ​​homeopathy , but it begins to rotate around my head .. Thanks in advance and I hope you give me some advice, guidance or recommendation.
Avatar n tn This was about the time that I first started having skin rashes (the doctors diagnosed as psoriasis). I believe the bumps to be dyshidrotic eczema, but I can't be for certain. Anyways, about 2-3 months ago one appeared on the middle knuckle of my pointer finger. Previous experience with them has shown me not to pop them as if they were a pimple or blister and that they will go away on their own if left alone, so that is what I did. However, over time it never went away, it only grew.
Avatar m tn I am wondering if the is test I can get to determine what this is? Can a biopsy of the lesion tell me if it HPV or not? The derm doc gave me imiquimod cream and told to follow up in a month to see results. I'm not sure I want to us that because I feel that it is a cyst. The reason I seen so many doctors is because of my job.
Avatar f tn If you have redness with blisters that ooze you definitely have eczema, but if it never gets a blister and just flakes it is more likely psoriasis then eczema. either way if it last more then a few days GO SEE A DOCTOR, over the counter medications/creams are sold to rip you off, they DO NOT WORK!!!
Avatar m tn now we must start trying calcipotriol (a drug already approved by the FDA for the treatment of psoriasis) instead of cholecalciferol vit d