Imiquimod mechanism of action

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Avatar m tn i was checking for trl7 agonists and i found there are already 2 and one marketed already and even generic, they are used on viral infections to activate immune response on HPV, herpes viruses, other viruses and even soem types of skin cancers, they are in form of creams Imiquimod ( Aldara ) The genetic control of airway responsiveness and the effect of resiquimod treatment on allergic asthma
Avatar m tn The manufacturer of imiquimod has done a superb job of skirting FDA regulations and fostering the implication that treatment with their product might reduce the frequency of wart/HPV recurrence compared with other therapies, despite complete absence of data, and without FDA approval to promote such a benefit. The mechanism of action of imiquimod suggests a possibility of reduced recurrence rate, but the clinical experience in fact shows no difference compared with other treatments.
Avatar m tn Other options you could discuss with your derm include laser cautery,podofilox, imiquimod, and others. (In theory, imiquimod's immunologic mechanism of action might be preferable to the others, but I stress "in theory". In fact, it's probably no more effective than other methods.) As for the alternative therapies you mention, there is absolutely no scientific evidence that vitamins, zinc, etc have any effect (and really no theoretical biological reationale why they should).
Avatar m tn since gcmaf therapy and high vit d levels i never had any infection of any type (just herpes during imiquimod but that is not relevant).
Avatar n tn i guess it is better to try Myrcludex in the immune clearance phase at this point after your light in to the darkness of Myrcludex way of action i do prefer replicor drug, the only thing i fear is a different effect on hbeag negative since the hbeag guy on the huma trial had no response, do you have any data about this? i guess hbsag might be produced in different sites on hbeag negative and i guess it is better to combo also on rep9ac to prevent hbsag mutants...
Avatar m tn The was a study that found out that the concentration of 7-Dehydrocholesterol (precoursor of vit D) in hbv infected hepatocytes is abnormally high. It could well be that infected hepatocytes attract 7-DHC from the blood to the liver and less of it is left in the blood to produce Vit D from the sun. So HBVers just can not make enough of vit D from the sun. Therefore the more infected hepatocytes one has the less vit d is in the body. So hbsag and vit d3 levels are negatevely correlated.