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Avatar m tn catalog_no=IMG-2208 Imiquimod and resiquimod as novel immunomodulators
Avatar m tn The manufacturer of imiquimod has done a superb job of skirting FDA regulations and fostering the implication that treatment with their product might reduce the frequency of wart/HPV recurrence compared with other therapies, despite complete absence of data, and without FDA approval to promote such a benefit. The mechanism of action of imiquimod suggests a possibility of reduced recurrence rate, but the clinical experience in fact shows no difference compared with other treatments.
Avatar m tn will imiquimod reactivate dentritic cells will imiquimod improve intf response by using imiquimod+int?
Avatar m tn Your dermatologist has much more experience using imiquimod (Aldara) than I do. We don't use it as the main warts treatment in our STD clinic and I have personally treated very few patients with it. Please confirm my replies with your dermatologist. 1) The research studies with imiquimod applied it only to overt, visible warts. In theory, broader application might eradicate the more widespread HPV infection that usually accompanies warts, but to my knowledge this hasn't been studied.
Avatar m tn Other options you could discuss with your derm include laser cautery,podofilox, imiquimod, and others. (In theory, imiquimod's immunologic mechanism of action might be preferable to the others, but I stress "in theory". In fact, it's probably no more effective than other methods.) As for the alternative therapies you mention, there is absolutely no scientific evidence that vitamins, zinc, etc have any effect (and really no theoretical biological reationale why they should).
Avatar n tn If there are too many warts for freezing, other options are podofilox (trade name Condylox), which is just as effective as imiquimod (Aldara) and, depending on the pharmacy, may be less expensive; or podophyllin, although that requires serial visits to a health care provider. But if you did that at your local health department STD clinic, the cost should be quite low. If you haven't seen a dermatologist, that might be an option for a 2nd opinion.
Avatar m tn i d say no effect from ezetimibe both on bile acid and hbsag for now 16 oct 2012 hbsag 3687iu/ml blip of hbvdna detected 31iu/ml alt 42 etv+tdf+imiquimod suppository, imiquimod suppository stopped jan 8th 2013 when starting ezetimibe jan 01 2013 started 10mg (40mg on some days) of ezetimibe plus etv+tdf jan 10 2013 hbsag 4207iu/ml feb 01 2013, started daily ezetimibe 50mg, alt 31 feb 28 2013, hbsag 3644iu/ml, hbvdna undetactable mar 13 2013, alt 30 mar 25 2013 biliary acid 1.
Avatar m tn please comment on these results, i think that monthly hbsag quant may confirm if we are having a good result from ezetimibe, we have only one thing certain from 2009 to 2012 hbsag stable from 4200 to 7300 no matter what we tried (alinia or imiquimod) would you also add intf to this combo tdf+etv+ezetimibe since imiquimod too failed?
Avatar m tn Conclusions/discussion Weak antiviral B and T cell responses are believed to be responsible for the lack of virus control in chronic HBV patients [5]. The mechanism behind this immunological failure is still not understood.
Avatar f tn Cytolitic mechanism involves killing the infected livers - there are just too many infected liver cells. Non-cytolytic mechanism involves some ways to control/reduce virus replication and/or degrade/reduce cccDNA without killing the liver cells. I myself am trying to understand more about the non-cytolytic mechanism as it is the best way to control/cure HBV. And I guess scientists are working hard in trying to stimulate/wake up/restore this mechanism so as to provide a cure.
Avatar m tn the patient with very high hbsag was on entecavir 3 years only low potency antivirals need many years for response and might not respond the hbsag level may have little importance, potent antivirals rescue immune response by lowering t-regs and other effects, so that pegintf add on works anyway i want to try imiquimod again with a daily suppository schedule of 12,5mg which i tried only 2 times for 7 days because of the high cost.