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Avatar m tn catalog_no=IMG-2208 Imiquimod and resiquimod as novel immunomodulators
Avatar f tn I'd head to your local pharmacy and just ask them if they know of this medication being used for skin tags- your pharmacists are usually the biggest help when it comes to uses and interactions of prescriptions. It wouldn't hurt to just go get tested either, it's not abnormal to get a regular panel of STD tests run if you are sexually active as a precaution.
Avatar f tn As the relative concentration of SIM was raised to an excess, the overall favorability of the interactions progressively increased. SIM displayed about equal degrees of synergy with ADV and TDF. The highest degree of synergy was observed at the 300:1 combination of SIM with ETV. Interactions with LMV were the least favorable. The in vitro potential shown here may greatly augment anti-HBV therapy clinically.
Avatar m tn I also remember your use of IMIQUIMOD, orally and suppositories, up to the point of suffering substantial inflammatory side effects. Your gfr is still very good and no cause for concern. I assume you will continue Tdf after stopping peginf and observe the hbsag. I sometimes wonder why the Pisa researchers did not let you use the replicor compound in combo with your interferon therapy. In Italy you should be able to obtain it easily from a DNA synthesizing company.