Imiquimod drug interactions

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Avatar m tn Gileads drug. which is NOT imiquimod, but also a TLR7 agonist and possibly chemically quite similar ( they are totally secretive about this!) to imiquimod given orally has shown dramatic results in woodchucks only, patient trials will hopefully start soon.
Avatar f tn Combination drug treatments were performed in the HepG2.2.15 cell line. Compound combinations were centered on a mixture designed to deliver approximately equipotent (not necessarily equimolar) concentrations of each agent, based on the ninety percent viral inhibition monotherapy values. SIM interacted favorably with all four licensed anti-HBV nucleos(t)ide analogues, especially at molar ratios that approximate combinations likely to be used clinically.
Avatar m tn I also remember your use of IMIQUIMOD, orally and suppositories, up to the point of suffering substantial inflammatory side effects. Your gfr is still very good and no cause for concern. I assume you will continue Tdf after stopping peginf and observe the hbsag. I sometimes wonder why the Pisa researchers did not let you use the replicor compound in combo with your interferon therapy. In Italy you should be able to obtain it easily from a DNA synthesizing company.