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Avatar n tn This can make you have a fever and turn bright red for hours, an ibuprofen will take care of that, it can cause insomnia a few days too
1253197 tn?1331212710 I did gain weight immediately in the face and perhaps other areas but my face is where I noticed it...And the steroids made me shake so badly...Ultimately they did not do what they were intended to do and that is to reduce the inflammation of my optic nerve... Sarah, I too have pain that gabapentin does not work on...Ibuprofen can do wonders for me but may not work in your case, but it is worth a try...Tell your neurologist your in pain and have him or her prescribe you something....
365850 tn?1207700206 I have chronic pain and have previously used medications like morphine, oxycontin, vicodin, valium, steroids and about 2 dozen less known pain/spasm/seizure meds and of all of them; I can't take the ibuprofen. Ibuprofen, like all NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs... Naproxen (aleve), as well as prescriptions like ketorolac (toradol)) can cause many gastrointestinal effects like stomach pain and bleeding ulcers.
Business man2 The ibuprofen seems to adequately control my knee pain. MY 3 QUESTIONS ARE ... 1) At my age 69.5 and a daily dosage of 4 ibuprofen OR 3 naproxen, do I have to worry about kidney disease resulting from a "total lifetime dose" of ibuprofen/naproxen ?? 2) At recommended dosage and over a lifetime, does acetaminaphen have less potential to harm me than either ibuprofen or napproxen? 3) Is there a "total lifetime dose" concern for acetaminaphen?
Avatar f tn I told her my daughter was good on the steroids so it must be swelling and she agreed. She had to get in touch with our surgeon and when she did he wiped himself clean of the headaches and said they have nothing to do with the surgery and referred us to a neurologist. They did put her back on a lower dose of the same steroid. She's doing great now, but I'm so nervous for her to come off the steroid again.
Avatar m tn Although I am far from cured, I seem to be making progress on my current treatment, which includes topical vitamin, occasional Aquaphor, Ibuprofen before bed, and saline solution soaks. To take advantage of the progress that I've made, I am thinking about taking systemic (internal) steroids in conjunction with another topical medication (such as steroids or tacrolimus).
Avatar n tn After a few hours it abated to just a rash, same thing happened the next day, however the hives were much worse, and even after two days of steroids and just taking benadryl, they kept getting worse. His lip was a tiny bit swollen and he said he felt dizzy. I took him to the er and by the time we saw the doc. it was starting to receed and was more of a flat rash. They said it was maybe 'viral' even though he has not been sick at all. No other symptoms.
Avatar f tn They gave me an IV during the birth that helped quite a bit, and I took two rounds of oral steroids at 4 weeks and 6 weeks after. I haven't flared yet, but I'm still breastfeeding. We'll see what happens!
483733 tn?1326802046 I'm on plaquenil and ibuprofen and am taking Tylenol 3's to help with the pain. It's not helping this time. Any ideas for helping the pain or sleep issues? I've been trying to sleep with benadryl's and muscle relaxants but no dice. Should I try Melatonin? I feel like a whiny child and just want to cry. Impossible to work! Help!
Avatar n tn I'm in the middle of being tested for thyroid problems, after having some sore areas in the front of my neck and being diagnosed in the ER with "anterior neck phlegmon" and treated with antibiotics and steroids. After two days, they were "puzzled" because the cat scan showed inflammation, but the thyroid ultrasound showed normal looking nodules nothing more.
Avatar n tn For the same drink plenty of water, avoid being in the sun for some days, take anti inflammatory medicines like Ibuprofen and take some antihistaminic like Benadryl or Claritin. You may also need oral steroids if the swelling persists. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
483733 tn?1326802046 It has taken quite a long time and a lot of pain and fatigue but I finally got results of all my testing and appointment with the Rheumatologist Specialist in Toronto. He says my blood work is still progressing but that it and my symptoms are leading him to feel I have Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. He has started me on Plaquenil (an anti-malarial) that should hopefully start working on my inflammation, pain and fatigue within a few weeks and hopefully by the time I start my new job.
Avatar n tn I can't take my medicine while pregnant either so my symptoms are worse than ever. During my first pregnancy with my son I was on steroids and pain medication nearly the whole time. Im just trying so hard to avoid medication this time. I feel so lost.
Avatar n tn 2 mg colchicine and 1600 mg ibuprofen medications. All the tests they ran on the fluid and his blood were negative, so the cause is assumed to be an undetected virus or idiopathic. His EC and EKG after 8 days seemed fine (fluid mostly gone), so the ibuprofen was reduced to 800 mg/day. He was also allowed to resume exercise (moderate walking on a treadmill). After only five days, his symptoms--fever and shoulder pain--returned and the next EC showed that the fluid had increased.
Avatar f tn There is evidence that treating shingles with antiviral agents can reduce the duration and occurrence of postherpetic neuralgia. Steroids and antiviral drugs can help prevent long-term pain after shingles(post herpetic neuralgia) if they are started within the first two days of the appearance of the rash. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn A clinical examination is important for correct diagnosis and management. I hope it helps. Best wishes and regards!
Avatar m tn You can also OTC antihistaminics like benadryl or zyrtec for some days and see if they provide relief or not. Some chronic cases may need oral steroids or steroid nasal sprays and antibiotics. These can be taken only after prescription. Allergic rhinitis may need immunotherapy in chronic cases. Hope I have provided you with sufficient information. In case, you need any more you are most welcome to ask. Take care and God bless.
Avatar f tn He started me on Plaquenil and ibuprofen and told me to see him back in three months. After getting home and thinking of some questions, I called back and was told it would be a month to see me. I waited a month and now have a diagnosis of polymyalgic rheumatica. Is Plaquenil an appropriate drug for this diagnosis? Everything that I can find says steroids. I have been on Plaquenil for six weeks and no real improvement. Is it too soon? Am I being impatient?
Avatar n tn I don't get the normal sneezing and runny nose, but I do have a stuffy head (feel like I'm walking around in a fog) and get post nasal drip and headache. I start suffering from nausea and what I believe is heartburn. This is really affecting my every day life during this time. I usually start feeling better around July and then it starts all over for a few months in the fall. I have been to the gastrologist and had an endoscopy done twice.
477912 tn?1207978040 my dad age 57 has been to about ever dr there is and speicalist all of his joints have severe pain feels like shattered GLASS when joints move,his hand swell esp under finger by palm and fingers lock up and after tryin 2 work his hands will become swollen and have streaks of red and itll bleed if he keeps tryin to use them his hands will get like a cats Paw ,fatigue,any activity he trys the next few days he suffers by being tired and hurting cant move etc well any advice id appreate it !
Avatar n tn In July this year I reinjured it and have not been able to recover from the pain. I had been taking 800mg ibuprofen 3x/day, seeing an oseopathic therapist, an acupuncturist, and trying homeopathic medicine. Last week my family physician decided to put me on a course of steroids to see if that would help with the pain. The pain has significantly lessened, but I have nerve symptoms again down my left leg: numbness, burning and tingling.
605458 tn?1265086851 again, 2nd day of period, cramping on steroids, in pelvis, rectum, lower back, ended up in ER via ambulance - was at gas station; calling dr in am
Avatar n tn If the symptoms still do not improve then pls consider showing yourself to an immunologist as steroid sprays or oral steroids may be needed and they are available on prescription. Immunotherapy can also be considered. Hope it helped. Take care and regards.
Avatar m tn First they said it was a Sinus infection and they gave me steroids for it. Still no change. Then I went to the hospital, they gave me a CT scan. Nothing came up and they said everything was fine but they put me on Amoxicillin, Ibuprofen, and Vicodin. No change. Then went to a new doctor. He said that it was a tension headache and put me on baclofen and diclofenac. Still no change. I'm not sure what to do now. It's been a month that I've had these headaches.
Avatar n tn I have also thought of the gallbladder thing because of and on with our without steroids I've had this type of pain, but it generally didn't last as long as this seems to be lasting.
Avatar f tn Since I am travelling and surrounded with work people and responsibilities I can't express this and I feel quite uptight. No room or time to shed a tear for helen or wallow in self pity about this cold that is coming on and my worry about this upcoming CA125. I really want a break, to stop the world and get off for just a bit to rest and be oblivious for a bit!
Avatar f tn They had started to dry and crust over and heal. And I was happy. Fast forward to now, almost two months later, and I have what seems to be a recurrence of the same symptoms in the exact same areas. I "caught" this case of shingles early, having experienced what the beginning of shingles was like for me. However, when I was to see another different doctor due to being out of town...he and the PA said I was probably misdiagnosed for having shingles.
1684282 tn?1505701570 I am becoming somewhat frustrated with the way a lot of my colleagues practice medicine. Disenchanted, angry would be the other words that could be used. We all get ostensibly that same training and all of us are supposedly in it to help our patients. So, how come have I been getting so many letters lately on my addiction forum from desperate people unable to quit taking the tramadol pills that their own kind doctors have so freely prescribed for them?
Avatar n tn I couldn't afford the MRI at the time so he treated it with oral steroids. I felt better the next day and within 5 days the pain was completely gone. Flash forward another two years and the same thing happened, received the same treatment, and it cleared up again. Just two weeks ago it started up again including some off and on lower leg numbness. I called the Doctor I had been seeing and he says he doesn't want do that treatment option again as it's just a "band-aid" cure.
Avatar f tn So lab draws every 2 days, he is complaining of stomach pain and bad joint pain. Week 4 hits....fever stays at 104.5 ....even on tylenol and ibuprofen!! One sunday Morning in 5/2011 i wake up to my son crying hysterically( 6:30 am ) , i ask what is wrong, he tells me....I have to go potty...but my legs wont work, So i pick him up and we race to the ER....where he is promptly admitted into the pediatric ward of the hosp!