Hysterectomy and bladder prolapse

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135691 tn?1271100723 I had a hysterectomy September 2005 for Ovarian Cancer which included a ressection of my bladder and bowels because of spread of disease. I am 28yrs old and have frequent pain in my bladder, which I have attributed to the uretic stents I have because of a ureter blockage. My question is, how concerned do I have to be about my bladder after a hysterectomy? By removing all those organs, does it leave the bladder with no support? Thank you in advance for your answer.
Avatar f tn How can I prevent a bladder prolapse after hysterectomy surgery???I had an hysterectomy on dec 2011,and latetly I feel a pressure on my bladder.
Avatar f tn I am stuck with having to make an incredibly important decision. Please advise. I am 42 years & have been diagnosed with having both bladder and bowel prolapse. I have had the urodynamics test which shows that my uretha struggles to release and is leaving behind around 200ml of urine each time. I also have 2x7mm lesions in the uterus and apparently a very thick uterine lining. Lastly, I also have cervical eroption.
Avatar f tn I had a hysterectomy in 6/06. About 6 months ago my bladder prolapsed. It has become very painful and I can barely walk around anymore. Does anyone know of anything that to do to help this?
Avatar m tn We talked about my bladder issues. I have stress incontinence and she said that my bladder had dropped 50%. I assume she means that i have a bladder prolapse. I had a LAVH in 2002 but the doctor left my cervix, which my current gyno finds odd especially bc i had a leep procedure done due to pre cancerous cells on my cervix. Anyway, i am scheduled for a surgery consult on Thursday with a Urogynecologist. Im not sure what to expect at the appt.
Avatar f tn I have no pain or symptoms, I have stage 3 prolapsed bladder, uterus and vagina and. He says he'll repair the bladder, along with using sling tape and the rectum.. His success rate is 100% except for the sling which is 93%. He says this should avoid further surgery in a couple years. Am considering a second opinion. I have a call in to my OB/GYN to talk about it.
Avatar f tn I ran across medical literature that described useing a pessary for vaginal vault prolapse after hysterectomy. Keep looking and get a second opinion. Good luck ,I hope you avoid surgery.
Avatar n tn I have'nt been through this myself but I would look at all of your options and really talk with your Dr. A hysterectomy is surgery of course and will last a life time. Ask your Dr if there is a way to keep your uterus and correct this problem. Keep us up to date on how your doing and take care.
Avatar f tn the vagina then supports the bladder and urethra (urine tube) in the front, and pushes back on the rectum in the back. Weakness in the front wall of the vagina leads to a bulging of the front wall out through the vaginal opening, and usually the bladder bulges out with the front wall. That is sometimes called a cystocele. When there is weakness of the back wall of the vagina, the back wall bulges out, and the rectum usually is behind the bulge. That is sometimes called a rectocele.
Avatar f tn i had hysterectomy last august and operation for prolapse bladder two weeks ago.if anyone has this problem,i would say go for the surgury.well worth it..
Avatar f tn I have to have surgery for prolapse bladder and uterus. My GYN is going to do it. He says he will use the mesh sling to hold up the bladder. I ask about the law suits with bladder meshes. He said this kind is different. Worried about having surgery now. I need to have urinary catheter, was wondering how long it needs to stay in?
Avatar f tn I have had surgery twice in the past 3 years for pelvic floor problems (rectocele and cystocele repairs, and hysterectomy, vaginally). The first surgery failed, and I felt that I didn't research the surgeon sufficiently. You are correct to be nervous about the surgery- it can cause nerve damage to the bladder, it can need to be repeated--in which case there is again risk of nerve damage.
Avatar f tn I am an avid runner who will be undergoing a hysterectoy, uterine prolapse and bladder prolapse reconstruction. Will I be able to resume my running after surgery without damaging repairs to my bladder and rectum?
1479088 tn?1287582575 I am a 54 year old female and have been diagnosed with bladder prolaspe,(cystocele). I am experiencing some pressure and some pain.. I had a complete hysterectomy in my early thirties. I believe that I brought on this condition by jumping on my trampoline (rebounder) even though I wasn't on it for more than 5 minutes at a time over a period a few weeks off and on.. It was during my jumping on my trampoline that I felt pressure and pain so I made an apt. with my family Dr.
Avatar m tn Then, it doesn't and it comes out. I don't think that is the solution for me. I have stage 3 bladder prolapse and stage 1 uterus. The plan for the surgery is to take out my uterus, (I have 3 kids, and I'm 48) and do the bovine graft. That seemed like the best option for me for a long-term solution. But like I said, I am nervous and scared. I can't avoid surgery. I feel like everything is falling out. I feel a lot of pressure and daily aching. I am just feeling awful much of time.
Avatar f tn A friend I met after my surgery just had a book published about her experience of her bladder sling and hysterectomy surgery. Some funny parts and a great read. Wish she would have written this before my surgery! She did a great job! Its called Bad Bladders: Taking control and can 'be found on Amazon -great job Lynn!!
Avatar f tn uterus is removed. This can cause bladder and bowel problems including incontinence. I have had bladder and bowel issues since surgery. There is no good support for the vagina either so it can prolapse (mine is certainly falling). Many women report loss of libido and sexual dysfunction. My sex life was destroyed.
Avatar f tn So now the day after Thanksgiving it fell far enough that the same doctor sent me to a Uro/Gyn to have it out......and now there was cystocel and rectocel to go along with prolapse, and vaginal repair. I have had severe back pain since this started.....it is gone. I never for a minute thought that was the cause. Go figure. My ovaries wont help too much as far as bones....since I already have high risk osteoporosis.......I decided not to let that slow me down...........
Avatar f tn I already had a hysterectomy and oopherectomy years ago and if I do need surgery, how long of hospital stay is required and recovery period needed before I can go back to work.
Avatar f tn Plus you would not be left with all the negatives of a hysterectomy - increased risk of heart disease and bone fracture, 40% risk of ovaries shutting down, bladder and bowel issues such as prolapse and incontinence, loss of sexual function, and loss of pelvic skeletal integrity from severing of uterine ligaments (which destroys the figure and causes chronic back, hip, and rib cage pain). And if your ovaries DO fail, there is another whole set of issues.
Avatar n tn Hi, this sounds like exactly what happened to my mom!! Her bladder prolapsed after her hysterectomy and now has the same problem you have with her intestines and the mesh from the bladder sling is coming through her vaginal wall. She's scared to have more surgery and her doctors have no answers. Please contact me if you can. I know it's been awhile since you posted this but I'd like to know how you are doing and if you had the other surgery or not. Thank you!!
Avatar f tn I am scheduled to have a vaginal hysterectomy and bladder sling surgery in the near future. I have two questions that are of concern to me. First, is it absolutely necessary to have a catheter after the bladder surgery? Any other options? I have heard nightmares about it and don't want to go through the agony if there is an option. Second, my doctor is planning to use pigskin to hold back the bladder.
Avatar f tn I had horrible back pain from 2001 when I first noticed prolapse of uterus. I had hysterectomy and repair to bladder and posterior on Feb 5th and guess what....no back pain now. SO I am thrilled!
Avatar f tn I also have a prolapsed rectum, bladder, and uterus. My gyn will only do the surgery if I have a hysterectomy because of my prolapsed uterus. I don't want a hysterectomy at 55. He said it like it was clipping my fingernails. Like it was no big deal. He also gave me premarin vaginal cream and told me to us it. I don't want to use it because my sister died of breast cancer at age 61. I don't know what to do. Is there other ways of dealing with a prolapsed uterus besides a hysterectomy?
Avatar f tn I just found out that I have a triple prolapse.. bladder, bowel and vaginal wall.. I knew it was one but not all three... I tried a pessary once and didn't like it but my gyn wants me to try a different one.. I don't know what I should do I am afraid to use the estrogen cream because of breast cancer in my family.. any suggestions would be appreciated ..also.
Avatar f tn I've been diagnosed with a bladder prolapse and a rectal prolapse. I'm looking for any information that may be of help. Do not want to go through any surgery - what are my options??
Avatar n tn frequency every hour, pain in lower abdomen, incontinence, dribbling after standing and gripping pains in my bowell before and after stools. The diagnosis was vault prolaspe and was sugested surgery or a pessarie.
Avatar m tn I did have a hysterectomy because of severe prolapse and bladder prolapse which they put in that transvaginal mesh. BIG MISTAKE, it eroded throughout my lower pelvic area, but anyways i do believe thats what you are going through, prolapse and YES it is extremely painful to me also and I too am battling my pain doctor trying to get proper relief and she has said the same exact things to me, addiction, duh!, but living with the pain is not easy or fair, quaility of life stinks.