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Avatar f tn If I have a hysterectomy, seeing how I had my tubes cut and they remove my uterus will I still have monthly periods? Also, we are going on a cruise in Oct, will I be complete healed by then? Thanks for your time.
Avatar n tn I am facing a hysterectomy. It cannot be done vaginally and will be a total hysterectomy. Has anyone had a total hyst. and what is the recovery time, hospital stay,What about HRT? I appreciate any info.
Avatar f tn I am schedule to have a hysterectomy in a couple weeks, and my concern is will my stomach go back to normal? Will I gain weight? Should I diet during recovery. Can't afford to buy new clothing right now... Will my sex life remain exciting?
Avatar m tn its been a week since I had a laprascopic total hysterectomy I feel pain from my bladder too.. tonight I have a major headache... can't wait to feel better!
Avatar n tn I had a partial hysterectomy in March with a bladder tack, rectocele and interocele. Eventough I had more than 1 surgery, I was only hospitalized 2 days. I then had the ovaries removed on 9-20 and I feel great but still have minor pain and still very tired. Take it real slow. Get alot of help around the house. You will think your doing good and then the lack of energy will hit. It takes weeks for you to get back to where you were before.
Avatar m tn I have heard that the ureters can get damaged during a hysterectomy ( the tube coming down from the kidneys to the bladder) and wonder if it also possible for other areas to be affected. Did you have any form of supportive stitches etc to the top of your vagina as well? I would advise you to go back to your Urogynecologist asap to discuss all areas of the operation you have had with regard to your present symptoms.
Avatar f tn How long will I have to stay in the hospital? How long will I have to have a catheder? How long will I bleed? How much pain will I have and what type of medication will they give me? Is it true that most women gain weight after this surgery?
Avatar f tn So has anyone had this done with the bladder tac, how long in the hospital, recovery, I dont want to be out of work more than 3 weeks. How is the pain?
Avatar f tn i had hysterectomy last august and operation for prolapse bladder two weeks ago.if anyone has this problem,i would say go for the surgury.well worth it..
Avatar f tn The uterus and cervix will be removed, ovaries, if needed, and then the bladder and the rectum will be repaired as needed. Mesh will be used to sling the bladder up where it is supposed to be. I will also be have a little bit of plastic surgery down there. My surgeon does this all. The plastic surgery will be to ensure that things stay in place and hopefully to make sex more intense for both of us...
222282 tn?1210168539 It also guarantees drainage of urine from the renal pelvis directly to the urinary bladder. It also can work as a gentle dilator since it moves slightly in an up-and-down motion, associated with breathing, as the kidney unit moves. The use of the stent is thought to minimize the rate of obstruction of a ureteral stricture in the injured area. Alternatively, a ureterotomy may be made along the length of the injured or strictured section of ureter before placement of a stent.
308998 tn?1233708502 I had the option of them just taking my ovaries and tubes or doing a total hysterectomy. One of the Dr's. recommended the total hysterectomy as I have several fibroids. The main Dr. (this is a teaching hospital - I've never had so many people in the room!) said it will extend the surgery by an hour and she didn't really offer an opinion other than to say if it is cancer they will take everything and do staging etc.
Avatar n tn I had a vaginal prolapse and had surgery in '03, had ovaries removed in '05 and my partial hysterectomy '83. Has anyone had this surgery what is the recovery. My doctor said I should be able to return to work in a week. Please help me out with your advise.
1710146 tn?1313017045 I've had repair for 3 types of POP but mine was bladder, rectum, and intestines rather than bladder, rectum, and uterus. The hysterectomy/sacrocolpopexy is one procedure, removal of uterus and creating support to the area. A repair is the bladder, P is rectum so it sounds like you are having 3 types of POP fixed. This will be a rough surgery but my guess is you are having lots of symptoms so this will get you back to an even keel. Typically the hospital stay is short (it is for everything now..
Avatar n tn So I had actually two surgeries in one---vaginally and via a large incision. I had a complete hysterectomy and bladder and rectal pouch repair on January 31. It has been 3 1/2 months since surgery and the swelling-type abdominal distention is still the same size that I noticed the day following surgery. There is still lots of soreness, also. When I sit for a couple hours in one position (as at a concert or in the car) I suffer much discomfort for the next two days.
Avatar f tn it was actually 2 gynocologists, my regular doctor did the hysterectomy, and the other who specializes in bladder sling surgery did the bladder.. and the doctor who did the bladder sling part says that the reason that it is taking me longer to heal is because the Wed.
Avatar n tn your doctor is wrong many women have a hysterectomy with adhesions my doctor had to peeel my bladder off of scar tissue and the peel my ovary off my bowle he sound slike he dont want to do te=he surgerie ...is he a very old doctor....perhaps not up on laproscopic hysterectomies?// thats the route you want to go faster recovery less invasinve...as for scaring you by saying he may ruptre bladder thats rotten and a ruptured bladder can be repaIRED.
Avatar n tn I had a hysterectomy on 9/11 of this year and about a week ago I started having severe abdominal pain. I went to the doctor for my post-op visit and I found out I had a bladder infection. I took Cipro for 7 days along with Ibuprofen 600 and I'm still having pressure at the end of urinating. The pain is controllable with the Ibuprofen. This abdominal pain was the reason I had the surgery. Is this pain normal at this time in recovery or should I be concerned that it may be something else?
Avatar m tn If I still need to do some that it will be a laparoscopic hysterectomy recovery time is 2 weeks versus abdominal hysterectomy 8-10 weeks recovery time. God Bless you both and anyone else that's going through this!
Avatar f tn Hi Jen, You need to ask your doctor. If you are embarassed, just say...can I do other things except for intercourse? Will an orgasm hurt me? I had a bladder sling last summer and couldn't have sex for a month. After the 2 week checkup, I was doing so well, my doctor said I could other sexual activity but NO penetration. You've had a major operation and your body needs lots of rest. Let me repeat...LOTS OF REST. Do not push yourself. There is a bunch of internal healing going on.
1100598 tn?1413131026 He said that a full hysterectomy is not as necessary. But down the road, there is a chance of getting uterine or cervical cancer. I don't really want to have either surgery, but I refuse to go through chemo again. So now I don't know which surgery to have. The full hysterectomy or have just the tubes and ovaries removed? I have done some research and there are schools of thought leaning in both directions.
Avatar f tn Hi - I will have a total hysterectomy anterior/posterior; rectocele and cystocele in less than ten days. What does all this mean, how long will I be in the hospital, and how long will recovery take, approximately? I know we're all different and circumstances will dictate the exact amounts, but if you have had these three procedures will you please share your story? What was it like before, and after? Tips and suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Thanks for sharing!
Avatar n tn I had a partial hysterectomy,bladder repair and fibrous remove. I thought I was doing well till my husband and I had sex (after 6 wks) Very painful and he can not penetrate all the way. It feels like he is hitting a wall and it is very painful. What is wrong?
Avatar m tn I have read how many ladies have had problems after their ablation with pain and abdominal swelling and had to get hysterectomies to find relief. My question is, for anyone that has had a hysterectomy after ablation, did it help? Did your pain and cramps subside/stop? Do you feel like your life is back to normal now with the hysterectomy? Please, I look forward to any comments or suggestions on this. I am at the end of my rope.
Avatar n tn I'm still trying to come up with the right dosage and while I'm waiting, I'm dealing with mood swings, weight gain, hot flashes, bladder weakness - the list goes on and on. Opting for a hysterectomy also puts you at an increased risk for osteoperosis (among many other things) - it is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Have you talked to your doctor about this?
Avatar n tn If there is hyperplasia (sp?), he will recommend a hysterectomy due to its size, etc. If not, he can't remove it-a specialist will have to. He says it is so big that if he tries I could bleed out. But, even with the specialist, they may decide it isn't worth it to save the uterus, since I am done having kids. Has anyone had large polyps? Was the outcome hysterectomy? I appreciate ANY responses....Thank you!
Avatar n tn Hello everyone, I had a partial hysterectomy about 8 years ago. I noticed everytime I have sex with my boyfriend, my vagina smells different. I douche and I take warm baths. I douche maybe once or twice a month. I am wondering if I am having this odor because I don't have a menustration anymore. Before I had the partial hysterctomy I never had a problem with having a vaginal odor. I went to the doctor my pap test are fine. Do I need to douche more? Please Help! Thank You!