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Avatar f tn Does anyone know if there is a reliable home drug test that can detect hydrocodone?
Avatar m tn Been a long time reader but now a first time poster. Long story short...I'm a mid 40's guy with 2 small children and great wife. I had many surgeries mostly back & knees over the last 25 years mostly due to being a collegiate & semi-pro athlete. Over the last 4 yrs I have been taking hydrocodone 10/325 (4-6 a day) & I'm done being a slave to these things. It has slowly degraded my life over them 4 yrs making me less the dad than I should be.
Avatar f tn Yes, I use online. Norco 7.5 mg 60 pills for $105.00. If it were'nt for an online supply I would not have this addiction.
1159193 tn?1265479257 I too had that problem when searching for quitting lortab/hydrocodone... I was amazed at the sites that popped up for you to buy the stinking things online.. I mean even the sites I clicked on that said how to quit when I clicked on it all that came up was an online pharmacy add.. I think they want people to stay addicted...
Avatar f tn Youd honestly have to take hydrocodone for your whole pregnancy before your chances of yur baby coming out addicted is a possibility.i was prescribed hydrocodone and i took it as needed, i know some people get addicted but you dont sound like the type anyway. Tylenol is another pain pill you can take...
Avatar n tn but try to be supportive to all.....there will be others online later as it is quite early to answer your question...know that even though I am not recovering I am here to talk to you anytime you need to talk...
12946799 tn?1427894912 I am having a hard time getting older, and keep trying to blame it on pain pills holding me back. I have talked to my doctor and pharmacist about living without Hydrocodone... They both explain "quality of life" w/pain meds vs no pain meds... I went for years believing that every woe I ever had, was attributed from residule effects of being busted up so badly and healing crooked.... I am now in a catagory of Fibromalgia.... It is a broad term used for too many unexplainable things.
Avatar m tn If a person has been taking hydrocodone for over 5 years and specifically 6 500/50 hydrocodone/apap per day for at least the last 7 months, will there always be withdrawal symptoms? There was no tapering, only a brief two week change to Nuerontin (low dose) for two weeks and then that was increased for another two weeks. After the nuerontin for a total of a month it was cold turkey.
Avatar f tn I looked it up online, and what I gathered was that Texas laws do allow for infants to be tested, I'm not sure if it's random or what, but it says that if you're on state insurance it's automatic. It also says that they do NOT take the baby away from the mother, or charge the mother if she tests positive, they point her on the right path, whether that's an outpatient rehab, etc, because it's not beneficial for anyone for the baby to be taken away.
Avatar f tn s currently taking about as much medication as my elderly parent including enalapril, vetmedin, spironolactone, hydrocodone (to control the bad coughing that caused her to produce seizure like symptoms and eventually faint several times) and theophylline as a bronchodialator.
Avatar m tn Does anyone know if online testing company's are legitimate. I tested with same day testing .com. They sent me to labcorp for my test. Seems leg but just want others opinions.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure why you are taking them, but at the very least you should switch to ones with less apap. Are you an addict?
Avatar n tn I am feeling really isolated in my opiate/benzo addiction-I would like info on online support!!! Help!! Thanks!
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with H pylori and have been on triple antibiotics- Amoxicillan, omeprazole, metronidazole. I am also on Sucralfate for acid control, promethazine for vomit control and Hydrocodone for pain control. Does this really sound like H. Pylori or is there a possibility that something else is going on?
Avatar m tn m finally healed BUT now I still use one 5mg of hydrocodone a day. I have low depression, take Paxil, but have found that one pill, sometimes just half, give me incentive, otherwise I sleep and am sluggish. Had a active lifestyle, working, riding horses, and just before these accidents retired. I guess my question is does anyone have thoughts/ideas if taking one pill a day is harmful? I mean, I know, it's addictive behavior, but it just elevates me enough to get things done.
Avatar f tn hi. as stated above, online pharmaceuticals such as hydrocodone can not be sold legally without a prescription, and could get you legal problems or even contaminated meds. also as stated above, you should do yourself a favor and honestly look at your present situation. and yes, soma is a heavily abused med.
Avatar f tn I cannot find one piece of literature to support this use of fioricet, online. Have been looking for hours. She is already on an antidepressant. This drug scares me. E.R. Docs gave her hydrocodone, and she took 17 in just two days! I got tvto surgery one week ago and was prescribed the same, hydrocodone. I still have 16 left. Daughter has no history of drug abuse. Her condition is as bad as it gets. Hands look like shiny balloons and doctor will not acknowledge carpal tunnel.
Avatar f tn ve been reading online about hydrocodone withdrawal and googled withdrawing from hydrocodone and todays date. So yes, this is the first time I've posted. Thank you for your reply. It does help to know I'm not alone.
5204799 tn?1365456784 wow....this is the very first time i have ever posted anything online or even looked into it. thanks so much for the advice. of course...i keep going back and forth on when to do this. i am afraid to talk to my doctor because he will of course stop my medicine and then i will have no choice but to quite. im so nervous about it. it started after bariatric surgery and they gave me the liquid form of hydro whatever to help with pain because pills were hard to handle.
Avatar m tn Hello. I was recently diagnosed with inactive/latent tuberculosis and was given Isoniazid 300 mg to take for 6 months. At the clinic, they warned me that isoniazid is processed mainly by the liver and that drinking alcohol could cause liver damage in combination and should be avoided. I have no problem not drinking, but I take norco on a regular basis for chronic pain and I'm concerned that the acetaminophen in the norco's will combine with the isoniazid and cause severe liver damage.
Avatar f tn I just had knee surgery on July 24th, so I have been on Hydrocodone (5-325) for about a month now. Saturday was my last day on them and I am feeling the effects. They are not as bad as coming off of Tramadol, thank god! All day yesterday I was hot and cold and feeling sluggish. I went to bed fine but woke up at 2am this morning wide awake. I have never had withdrawals from Hydrocodone before. What are some things that will help get this out of my system sooner?
Avatar f tn I buy my tramadol online. My doctor also prescribes me some but of course, it's not enough. I was wondering if the dr.'s who are on my rx bottle are REAL doctors??? I just couldn't imagine a dr. writing a script for someone he don't even know!!! And the pharmacies are real??? why when I get my script does it come in such a cheap looking bottle with a plain white label on it?? It just all doesn't seem like it's on the up and up???? Anyone have more info.
Avatar f tn The letter states that they found Hydrocodone. In the past , I have been given Percocet and vicodin and as soon as it hits my stomach it comes back up and I'm violently ill, so I have always listed it as an allergy. I believe that hydrocodone is the component that is in those 2 medicines and Norco. What made my test show positive for hydrocodone? How do I prove my innocence? Now because of this.
Avatar n tn If the medication is strictly for cough from collapsing trachea, or kennel cough than any cough suppressant should be effective. Prescription cough suppressants are usually human preparations that contain codeine or hydrocodone. Many of these are available in combination with an anti-histamine in a cough syrup and some are in tablet form. Your vet can give you a prescription of one that is appropriate for your dog's condition and the medication can be filled at a human pharmacy.