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12946799 tn?1427898512 I am having a hard time getting older, and keep trying to blame it on pain pills holding me back. I have talked to my doctor and pharmacist about living without Hydrocodone... They both explain "quality of life" w/pain meds vs no pain meds... I went for years believing that every woe I ever had, was attributed from residule effects of being busted up so badly and healing crooked.... I am now in a catagory of Fibromalgia.... It is a broad term used for too many unexplainable things.
Avatar f tn when i had my csection before they gave me morphiene and a epideral.i do have a script but ive been online reading all day about women that had thier script and if the baby had withdrawls theyd take it away.and call cps.im only taking half of what im supposed to be taking but im still worried.
Avatar n tn Got addicted to hydrocodone due to back problem. Been taking about 6 months. What can I do to relieve withdrawal symptoms? especially depression and sweats.
Avatar m tn Been a long time reader but now a first time poster. Long story short...I'm a mid 40's guy with 2 small children and great wife. I had many surgeries mostly back & knees over the last 25 years mostly due to being a collegiate & semi-pro athlete. Over the last 4 yrs I have been taking hydrocodone 10/325 (4-6 a day) & I'm done being a slave to these things. It has slowly degraded my life over them 4 yrs making me less the dad than I should be.
Avatar f tn I looked it up online, and what I gathered was that Texas laws do allow for infants to be tested, I'm not sure if it's random or what, but it says that if you're on state insurance it's automatic. It also says that they do NOT take the baby away from the mother, or charge the mother if she tests positive, they point her on the right path, whether that's an outpatient rehab, etc, because it's not beneficial for anyone for the baby to be taken away.
5204799 tn?1365460384 this is the very first time i have ever posted anything online or even looked into it. thanks so much for the advice. of course...i keep going back and forth on when to do this. i am afraid to talk to my doctor because he will of course stop my medicine and then i will have no choice but to quite. im so nervous about it. it started after bariatric surgery and they gave me the liquid form of hydro whatever to help with pain because pills were hard to handle.
Avatar m tn So I'm finally healed BUT now I still use one 5mg of hydrocodone a day. I have low depression, take Paxil, but have found that one pill, sometimes just half, give me incentive, otherwise I sleep and am sluggish. Had a active lifestyle, working, riding horses, and just before these accidents retired. I guess my question is does anyone have thoughts/ideas if taking one pill a day is harmful? I mean, I know, it's addictive behavior, but it just elevates me enough to get things done.
Avatar n tn Following an injury, I have taken Hydrocodone up to 8 times per day for over 14 months. I am a 53 year old male. I just underwent anterior cervical fusion, C4-5 and C5-6. I am getting very anxious about every three hours, but don't have a lot of pain. When I try to go for four to five hours I nearly go nuts. I understand that there is a detox system of three days using a program of 3 tablets of something the first day, 2 the second and 1 the third. I am very interested in this.
Avatar n tn This includes drugs such as tramadol (Ultracet and Ultram) codeine (Tylenol #3, #4), Darvocet, Hydrocodone (Vicodin, Norco, Lortab and derivatives), Oxycodone (Endocet, Percocet, Oxycontin), Morphine, Demerol. Fentanyl, and Dilaudud. There are many other opiates not listed, so if you don’t see it listed, you can still use these suggestions if it’s an opiate based addiction. None of these apply to benzodiazepine based addictions. These addictions should never be dealt with by going cold turkey.
Avatar n tn We have come so far in one week. I so feel for the newbies as I know how hard it must be for them. I have hopped online when I can and am trying to offer them encouragement and hope. I would read other peoples posts, who had been clean a week and thought that it all seemed so far away, but here I am and I just cant beleive it. Stay strong and stay focused!! No turning back!!! I missed too much stuff already, from being in a daze. I am ready to start living again!!
318382 tn?1193931226 Besides the sickness, it can cost a person their life savings. I thought I was smarter than to beleive I could actually go online and buy hydrocodone without a script, but what did I know!!
Avatar n tn you will get alot of differing views on "how many" hydrocodone are enough. It's tough because if you're an addict one is good, two is better, then pretty soon you're up to a lovely 25/day. If you cannot tolerate the pain without narcs you should set a limit of how many you will take daily......not more than 4,5,6. You will still have withdrawals even from these low numbers, but mixed with antiinflamatories(from your doc.) you should be able to get substantial relief.
Avatar n tn I think that many of you would really benifit from reading about Bach Flower Therapy. Edmund Bach was a contemporary of Samuel Hannahman (homeopathy) you can look this stuff up online or at the library, etc.
Avatar n tn I have been taking hydrocodone for about 2 1/2 years at an increasing rate, ending up with the 7.5 strength and about 18-20 per day. I do have severe arthitis pain and am a 51 year old woman. I have to cut down and recently cut down to 10 a day and have experienced physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms. I have some clonidine and don't know how much to take for withdrawal. What is the recommended dosage.
Avatar n tn for the past 3 months ive been taking about 120mg hydrocodone a day (12 norcos) which is 120mg hydrocodone and 3900mg acetominophen(tylenol) ive been taking this along with 80mg diazepam (8 10mg pills to sleep/get high) and it was getting bad.... i was crushing em up and high 24-7. lately ive been doing what i thought was tapering off, by going from 12 to 11 to 10 etc on a daily basis....just dropping a pill a day.
Avatar n tn I want to withdraw from Hydrocodone. I've been on pain meds steadily for 2 years. A year and a half ago, I came off cold turkey from Percocet which I had been using for 6 weeks. It was the worst experience of my life. Physical symptoms were horrible, but the depression was worst. I have always struggled with depression and take effexor. I have used the drugs to self-medicate. Lately i've been taking Vicodin ES. It no longer gives me that HAPPY feeling just keeps me going.
Avatar f tn I buy my tramadol online. My doctor also prescribes me some but of course, it's not enough. I was wondering if the dr.'s who are on my rx bottle are REAL doctors??? I just couldn't imagine a dr. writing a script for someone he don't even know!!! And the pharmacies are real??? why when I get my script does it come in such a cheap looking bottle with a plain white label on it?? It just all doesn't seem like it's on the up and up???? Anyone have more info. Also, does anyone know...
Avatar m tn I am at least down to about one, maybe two hydrocodone pills a day. I get nervous when I feel a little lightheaded from them. All I can do is imagine when I used to take 2-4 of them and drink a bunch. I've definitely abused them. Never bought them or anything, but used them as often for recreation as I have for pain. I am definitely only taking them for the pain, though I have a high pain tolerance. The thought does pop in my head, "Hey, today is going to be hard...
Avatar n tn It was an online prescription. This is only day 1. I can't stop shaking my legs, I'm super anxious, irritable...I heard something about Thomas' Detox. What is that? Is there some stuff I can get at the local store to help with my current symptoms and what is about to come? Thanks for the advice!
Avatar f tn I've been reading online about hydrocodone withdrawal and googled withdrawing from hydrocodone and todays date. So yes, this is the first time I've posted. Thank you for your reply. It does help to know I'm not alone.
Avatar n tn Hi. I am 14 weeks pregnant. I have been on prescription hydrocodone for about 1 year. I was rear-ended by a UPS truck about 2 years ago and my I have had severe pain in my neck and upper back about 6 months after the accident and I still have the pain. I do not exceed 2 per day. I quit for only 1.5 weeks and couldn't even do my morning activities because my neck pain was so bad. I feel like such a horrible person because I can't seem to stop.
Avatar m tn I lost a good 7 pounds just from the diarrhea. I was prescribed 120 10mg's Hydrocodone a month, and I always ran out early. One night I was laying in bed in pain. Nothing would help. My boyfriend was sound asleep, and I remember feeling so jealous that he was so soundly asleep. He never had headaches and he never needed his pills before we went out. That's when it hit me, I had to stop! I wanted that kind of life. If not just for me, or for him, but for us.
Avatar n tn I have been trying to quit taking Hydrocodone for about the past 2 years. I have started taking Methadone on occasion. This morning I took a 10mg Methadone and this evening I took 3 10mg Hydrocodones. I am experiencing a ton of breathing problems now. Does anybody know if this is a bad mix. I was taking 10-15 10mg vicodin a day. I know it has to be tearing up my liver. Does anyone else have a problem like this?
Avatar n tn Hello, I recently posted and had gone 6 weeks without taking any hydrocodone. I went to the doctor and he perscribed me more (2 a day) and I have been withdrawaling and using again and again throughout this process. Everytime I stop using it gets harder to quit and this time it is extremely hard to bear. I have been off of them for 12 days now, but my perscription will not be ready to be refilled untill 2 weeks more.
Avatar f tn ANY help is GREATLY appreciated. Anyone out there been on physician prescribed Hydrocodone syrup and gotten addicted? I was prescribed Hydrocodone about 6 months ago after a surgery and have taken it since then. I had some complications from surgery and had additional surgeries so they kept prescribing it to me. I've just quit cold turkey (yesterday) and need some support! I couldn't sleep at all last night and I am wondering what to expect. What can I do that will help me.
Avatar f tn I'm 22 years old with my frat great paying job that has made it possible for me to get a new flatscreen tv, a decent used car, and pay bills. I've looked online for easier ways to get clean because I don't Want to tell anybody about my plans and the fact that I am indeed addicted. I've seen it takes at least 3 or 4 days to make some decent progress with cold turkey, which scared me. I don't wanna be at work going through withdrawals. I'm already EXTREMELY irritable and have a short temper.
Avatar n tn I was put on Hydrocodone 2 X 5/500 4 times a day. I would end up taking them 3 times a day or up to 6 times a day... depending on how I felt that day. I was on this medicine and then found out I was pregnant. My OB told me not to see my pain doctor anymore and to wean myself off of the hydrocodone. That I needed to see a rehabilitation place for my pain. I tried to wean but that didnt work.... I couldnt help myself.
1363471 tn?1305403527 Ok, I've never posted on here before but I will give you a little history before I ask my questions. My wife and I are addicted to Norco, Hydrocodone, Lortab, Vicodin (all the same) and "Love" them. We get 90 Norco 10/325's and 120 Blue 10/500 Hydrocodones a month and both prescriptions together last no longer than 5-7 days at most. My normal dose is 2 10's at a time and my wife takes 4 10's a day and we dose many times a day. We love them... As bad as that is to say.
1671720 tn?1304126214 I've been on hydrocodone 10/650 for appox 12yrs. Took my last one on Sunday around 11:00am. I have two reputured disc in my back and thats why I started taking them and they gave me Energy. I started out slow but ended up taking appox 4-6 per day. Can no longer get them so had no choice (and I'm tired of being a slave to them and I'm doing this on my own, FAMILY DOESN'T KNOW). The last three days I only took between 2 and 3 a day. Today is my 2nd day without.